What is your legacy?

Thank you Sue at Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary for sharing the WordPress Family Award with me. While I have not known Sue long in 3D time, I feel like we have begun to build a lovely rapport that exudes compassion, understanding, and familiarity. Please spend some time at Sue’s sanctuary and you will be better for the experience!

Shaun at Prayingforoneday created this award as part of his legacy. I have copied his sentiments in red to perpetuate his vision forward:

“This is an award for everyone who is part of the “Word Press Family” I start this award on the basis that the Word Press family has taken me in, and showed me love and a caring side only Word Press can. The way people take a second to be nice, to answer a question and not make things a competition amazes me here. I know I have been given many awards, but I wanted to leave my own legacy on here by creating my own award, as many have done before. This represents “Family” we never meet, but are there for us as family. It is my honour to start this award.”

WordPress Family Award

Shaun’s Rules:
1. Ping back to the person who gave you the Award 
2. Display the Award
3. Display the text in Red as I want people to know why I made it.
4. Nominate 10 people you look to as almost Family here on Word Press”

By now you know that I like breaking or tweaking rules to suit my values or preferences. In this case I only want to make one adjustment. Shaun says to nominate people you look to as almost family. I wonder, ” Why not include those that are family?” Having spent yesterday with family of blood and legality, I can assure you that true family transcends these limitations. Family for me is a network of support, trust , and genuine affection. Where and how one cultivates this group is up to you. I have been blessed to discover some family members right here in the blogosphere. While I have not shared turkey with any of them, we have feasted together heartily on dishes of truth, healing, empathy, ideas, shared values, adventures, laughter, generosity, self-expression, tolerance and the most genuine affection. We are kin in the truest sense of the word.

litebeing chronicles 2013
litebeing chronicles 2013

Family is similar to a strong tree, providing strength, shade, and shelter regardless of season, weather, or adversity. A true family endures and matures over time …

Shaun mentions this award being part of his legacy. While spending time yesterday with a family that is multigenerational, I pondered about the continuity of life and what forms it may take. I do not know how my writing will stand up after I pass on. I do not even know if it will still be here. But the connections I forge contain that precious Divine spark. That spark is powerful enough to ignite a flame that can never be extinguished. You may ask how I can say this with certainty. Love spreads from one form of consciousness to another, carrying with it traces of all that we loved before. As I type these words I realize that they did not originate with me. I take that as a sign that all is well.

To my WordPress family of bloggers, followers, and readers: I cannot list everyone who has graced these pages with your presence simply because I do not know all of you by name. Nevertheless, you are all welcome to take an award. You are part of my family.

I will formally invite a few folks to take this award and honor Shaun’s vision. Some of you do not accept awards. Some of you say you do and forget to display the award. I figure that even if you do not participate literally, that you will be okay with being listed here, because that’s how families roll at litebeing chronicles. We make allowances for difference and still respect each other’s boundaries. Isn’t it nice to know at the end of the day that someone really has your back?












These women will offer kindness along with the truth. They are independent yet kind, talented yet humble, curious about the what lies within and what lies ahead. They are spiritual warriors.

Thank you Sue for including me and allowing me to find sanctuary in your heart.

What will be your legacy?

Is it important for you to create one?

How do you define family?

For my American friends: got any leftover pie to share?

28 thoughts on “What is your legacy?

    1. Hey Ka,
      How did you find this somewhat old post? As I get older, i think more about my legacy, but honestly with all the Scorpio stuff, I have always been obsessed about death!

      Not sure what my next post will be, but hopefully something around the Solstice.

      BIG HUG BACK ❤



      1. “What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.”

        Pericles, (495 BC – 429 BC)

        This quote made me think of your blog.


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  2. The wonderful thing we are all always being… is affecting everything and everyone around us in each moment… and one heart at a time we are awakening just how magnificent we are… Wonderful post as always Linda and I know that IAM a part of your word press family and I will continue contributing my ‘inner self’… hugs, Barbara x


      1. Who’s reminding who… you stated ‘your divine spark ignites flames in all that you are and connect with’… this is your legacy… I was just putting it into different words… Barbara x


  3. Such a beautiful post Linda, I had to come by in person after reading in my phone email… As I was not going to come on line today.. Loved all the comments here, 🙂 and was so interested in reading them all after your beautifully put together post..
    I think we DO come back in different bodies and I do believe we get to meet those we met before all be it perhaps aeons or generations apart… I often come across those I meet either face to face or in cyber space whose connection I recognise at a soul level .. I have met several right here on WP, and you are among them…
    We are now pulling the web our our connections ever tighter as our memory of being a Warrior of Light comes to the fore of our lives.. We are each of us creating a legacy of sorts in that our thoughts and actions spiral out into the consciousness of the world… Where by even if we are not aware of it.. We spread out with our vibration the ripple effect of Love, Gratitude, caring, compassion, healing and Kindness…. These are our legacies Linda, and I thank you for spreading yours for you are a light-being come to do a job and we are all of us held within the Family of Light and Love… We are One..

    Love and Blessings as I now disappear into my own realms of thought once again…
    ~Sue~ xxx


    1. Thank you for that magnificent comment Sue. It rendered me speechless, almost 🙂
      Thanks also for setting such a fine example by leading the way and giving me this award that inspired my post.

      much love,


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  5. Thank you so much for a radiant and heart warming post. I too am honored to be your family member and part of the WordPress family. Just yesterday I was again thinking gratefully how a small word it is with the Internet in general. Mmmmmm. :))


    in Oneness



  6. Thank you so much Linda! I am honoured to be part of your family 🙂
    I will answer your questions when I post this award… which I will do as soon as my time & energy allows, along with the beautiful award from Sue, which is still waiting 🙂
    Light & Blessings to you & our WordPress family x x


  7. Oh..nicely done post Linda! Thank you for considering me part of your larger family! That’s totally awesome! (ahem….I remember that I have to reply your email..please be patient with me..I’m still in lazy mode..hehe)

    I’ve already done the award post…BUT I will accept it with gratitude knowing that my capacity for making friends..and ones that I connect to easily…to become part of family is still there, not jaded with the part of me which craves solitude! (I’ve been told that I’ve had more lifetimes spent in solitude compared to not AND being told I’ve taken my own life in about THREE lives because of relationships…yea..sorta makes sense…LOL)

    The thing about the internet is that it’s SO vast…invisible energy grids..which can expand and expand…well…I think it can not too sure about stuff like this…that your writing will definitely survive 🙂

    I scrolled up to check your first question again…first thing that popped into my mind even when the other part of me shouted out “I don’t know” was Mandala. That would be something I would like to be my legacy. So would my writing on my blog…like you, that would be an awesome feeling 🙂

    I don’t think it is as important for me to create one as it would feel good that I do. Wouldn’t it be amazing to come back in a different body…but same soul and to come across something we have left behind…and have this sense of complete familiarity with it?!? freaky awesome in fact 😀 For me the most important would be to know that I am evolving..that I am meeting with the lessons I, as a soul wanted to experience and learn in this life time…that for me at this moment is more important.

    Hmm..definition of family…I honestly don’t know. I actually prefer friends…..hmmmm….

    Can I have some pie too??!


    1. Hi Shree,
      I do not think we get to decide our legacies, but we can do our best to make a positive contribution while we are alive, I do not understand what you meant exactly with the energy grids, but I do hope my stories leave positive ripples.

      I don’t think it is as important for me to create one as it would feel good that I do. Wouldn’t it be amazing to come back in a different body…but same soul and to come across something we have left behind…and have this sense of complete familiarity with it?!? freaky awesome in fact 😀 For me the most important would be to know that I am evolving..that I am meeting with the lessons I, as a soul wanted to experience and learn in this life time…that for me at this moment is more important. – My response to this is – WOW, and what if we find as writers that we were writers before and uncover some of our former writing now???

      As a doctor, you will never know how many lives you saved and how that impacts your patients and their people, etc, …

      No more pie, I finished mine ( french apple and pumpkin 🙂

      You are so profound and wise at times and have endured so much, A true Spiritual seeker AND warrior of the highest order ( if their is an order lol)

      xx Linda


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