The Zodiac by M.K. Ciurlionis

too beautiful and ethereal not to share

Astrology and Art

M.K. Ciurlionis-zodiac-09-sagittarius-Zodiakas.SaulysThe painting of Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis enriched Lithuanian fine arts giving a special authority to it. The universality and new plastic discoveries of his works surpassed his contemporaries and merged with the sphere of world’s art. Not only did Ciurlionis attract everybodies attention with his unique individuality, but he was also one of those who proclaimed the concept of Lithuanian national art of the twentieth century.

M.K. Ciurlionis-zodiac-12-pisces-Zodiakas.ZuvysM.K. Ciurlionis-zodiac-11-aquarius-Zodiakas.VandenisM.K. Ciurlionis-zodiac-10-capricornus-Zodiakas.OzysM.K. Ciurlionis-zodiac-08-scorpio-Zodiakas.KurklysM.K. Ciurlionis-zodiac-07-libra-Zodiakas.SvarstyklesM.K. Ciurlionis-zodiac-05-leo-Zodiakas.LiutasM.K. Ciurlionis-zodiac-06-virgo-Zodiakas.MergeleM.K. Ciurlionis-zodiac-04-cancer-Zodiakas.VezysM.K. Ciurlionis-zodiac-03-gemini-Zodiakas.DvyniaiM.K. Ciurlionis-zodiac-02-taurus-Zodiakas.JautisM.K. Ciurlionis-zodiac-01-aries-Zodiakas.Avinas

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