Thankfully about an Intuitive Reading Given by Linda

Read about the love reading I did for my Scorpio sister Deelia at Soul Fields, complete with the artistry of Marc Chagall. Thank you Deelia for this lovely post!



Marc Chagall: The Lovers in the Moonlight, 1938

My blogging friend Linda at litebeing chronicles gave me an intuitive reading concerning my love life. It was so spot on as for what has already been going on in the area and what I have seen for myself clairvoyantly as well. In the reading sent by email she shared a couple of images she had received having first gone within and focused on me. She had also picked a couple of Sacred Path cards describing what I need to release and the new energies coming in. I´m very delighted by the accuracy of the reading!

Linda is also a very skillful astrologer and dream interpreter. Click the links to read more about her services  and the testimonials.

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12 thoughts on “Thankfully about an Intuitive Reading Given by Linda

  1. So, here we go, co creating the world we love to live in, supporting each others. It was/is a lovely gift and affirmation to be supported by your reading. I also wanted to mention that I love your expanded services. The plate is simply delicious! May you have a full table of diners ~~~~~~


    1. Hey Deelia,
      I agree that what we are doing here is creating more of the world we would like to enjoy, one of collaboration, support, unity, positivity and light.

      thank you for all you have given me and your endorsement of my gifts. It is funny that you used the words” full table,” because for years now I keep getting the phrase ” Your table is ready!” I see this as an excellent sign 🙂

      xxx Linda


  2. Fran Wilcox

    after reading your posts… I have reflected that as a fellow Scorpio… I have to go back to basics and keep my fears and resentments from clogging up my source of energy and insight. Astrology has always been a great source of inner light for me. and still is, I just need to look at the ” road map” more often and work with what I have and stop mourning what I don’t have… Love you linda!!


    1. Yes Fran, it is about making the tastiest lemonade from the lemons we are handed and also truly appreciating and working with our unique blessings and gifts. When I notice that I am comparing myself to someone else, I catch myself and remember that to trade places means giving up your Self and accepting the totality of someone else’s life. I do not want to be anyone else 🙂

      Thank you for your presence on my blog and your friendship Fran!

      xx Linda


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