For goddesses everywhere – updated

With Spring upon us and the sun’s new foray into Taurus, my mind is looking to grounding and communion. What better way to do that than with a celebration of sisters! True connection with my women friends provides me with the nurturing and grounding my restless soul desires. I spent many years regarding more of my male friends as true like-minded companions. It was most often in those alliances that I found people who loved to discuss complex ideas, go on wild adventures, and treat me with respect, loyalty, and affection. They knew the real me and had my back, like a fun yet protective older brother. I noticed much more competition and superficiality among my female peers. It seemed that true sisterhood was a rare treasure among plastic imitations. It was later in life that I was able to find more of those qualities in the women I met. As you know, anything of true value is worth waiting for. With my sisterhood, this is also the case. I am incredibly blessed to  now have so many honorable, kind, bright, creative women in my life. Let’s call them the Earth Goddesses. Many of them are blogettes and four of them bestowed this award on me in 2013:

1 Sisterhood Award

Thanks to the four lovely ladies who have included me in their “hood”, Sue Julianne, Shree, and Glorialana. I am so lucky to have developed real bonds with these awesome ladies on and off the grid and I can tell you I have yet to know kinder, grander, wiser, or sweeter spirits than these four. And did I mention these chicks are talented,creative healers and artists? If I were you, I would buy their wares, use their services, view their art and photography, hear their music and relish their stories.


1. Provide a link and thank the blogger who nominated you for this award.

2. Answer ten questions.

3. Nominated 10-12  blogs that you find a joy to read. ( * I improvised a little)

4. Provide links to these nominated blogs and kindly let the recipients know they have been nominated. ( this may take a while )

5. Include the award logo within your blog post.

10 Questions

1. Your favorite color …. Can you guess ?

2. Your favorite animal … 

” Why, cats are the coolest”, Dexter ( my trusty sidekick) chimed in immediately.

3. Your favorite non-alcoholic drink …. iced tea closely followed by iced coffee and water

4.  Facebook or Twitter ….. Facebook but I prefer WordPress hands down 🙂

5. Your favorite pattern …..  

by Chris 73 via

6. Do you prefer getting or giving presents? both!

7. Your favorite number …   6, 7, and 9

learn more here:

8. Your favorite day of the week …  Sunday

9. Your favorite flower ….   I adore all flowers but especially sunflowers, orchids, tulips and :

wikimedia free domain

10. What is your passion? ….  living life fully and authentically with love, wonder, gratitude, and awe. Blogging, astrology, and nature take me there.

So who are these goddesses that dwell on Earth?

us public domain wikimedia commons

  Earth Goddesses

Here are my nominees. These are some very cool chicks!  I will call them Earth Goddesses. I want to acknowledge all the women in my circle for showing me the true meaning of sisterhood. Next I want to showcase some newer connections I have made here on the blogosphere. They write and create art, espouse on astrology, travel and the inner journey with honesty, skill, and passion. Thank you for being a part of my life. If you are awards-free, do not fret. Please allow me to simply say Namaste publicly. Nothing more is required. However, for those who are led to pass these on to your sisters, do so with love and honor.


Fiesta Estrella

Kim Harding


Gneissmoonastrology (just added)

for a great read on goddesses ~ Goddesses-Everywoman 

shell image by Chris 73 via

images of rose photograph and vestal painting are courtesy of US public domain via

30 thoughts on “For goddesses everywhere – updated

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  2. Linda, it sounds fantastic. A moment later I published the post about Goddess, than I see yours now!!! The theme is the same, you have inspired me by thought-transference! The connection is obvious and amazing. Thank you, thank you very much, Linda. Love and hug!


    1. Hi Glorialana,
      Don’t you love when that happens? We are sisters on the yellow brick road towards the Emerald City of our dreams.
      Please tell me your reaction to my post on Eastern Europe. Just like this one where you awarded me the sisterhood, my dream of my heritage includes your personal gift of inspiration.

      hugs and roses,


      1. Linda, I love it, of course! I am reading your post about Western Europe and I will react tomorrow, OK?
        It is late, I have to go singing a lullaby to my daughter :-). Good night and happy and sweet dreams!


    1. Dear Odie,

      this is the thing
      just when I thought I knew my fellow blogettes:

      I have avoided nominating those who have expressed either directly or indirectly that they do not want awards anymore.

      Yet a few that I planned on nominating otherwise have indicated they in fact, do want in.

      What is a litebeing to do?? 🙂

      It is possible that she will be nominated by someone soon within this cycle or…
      I am thinking of making this a regular event, in which case OM would certainly be included. I hope that she would in turn pass it on to more of our divine goddesses..

      Sigh, you live and learn, but we females ( myself included) can certainly be unpredictable.

      Odie, you are a loyal son and momma loves you sooooooooooo much!

      And I love you both and Dex is crazy about both of you and is just squealing with glee ( or indigestion?)

      peace and harmony and plenty of catnip,

      linda and the dex


      1. It will be odd, I guarantee, not the normal Q & A
        I took a pic to slip in another ? since I inadvertently answered one ? on twitter a couple days ago.
        Tonight, I chill though…just loaded new mower etc in the rain. thanks again : )


  3. Heeeey this was all your idea 🙂 Luved being invited to join by Ka Malana @ fiestaestrella!
    Even if I don’t do the awards who wouldn’t like being initiated into the Earth goddesses sisterhood on Her day! That was the best Happy Earth Day message I got xox


    1. I would have invited you personally but knew you didn’t like the awards process. Many of my longtime goddesses have grown tired of my nominations 🙂

      Maybe I can periodically do more initiations! Hope you are enjoying your trip and your dance with Gaia.

      xxxx Linda


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  5. Hi Linda,
    Thank you so much for nominating dreamrly! I have been guest blogging there for several months now and I am delighted you chose to recognize us dreamers! I think we are “awards-free” but I will double check with our founder Kayla. I admire your use of powerful images, you are quite talented at taking us readers on an aesthetic journey. Lots of love and light to you Linda….Amanda


    1. HI Amanda,
      You are so welcome. I am a lifelong dreamer and really am happy I recently found your blog. It is important that we find each other and share our gifts and visions.

      Even if you are awards-free, I am happy to be connected with your blog and look forward to your future material.



  6. thank you linda, for this nomination and for your support and presence in my life. i’m always in awe of the amazing connections that technology – esp blogging – has enabled. sisters are finding each other all over the world!
    and ya…i’m one of those, my blog is awards-free hehe 🙂 …but i am honoured that you thought of me. i look forward to all us bloggettes connecting in the physical sometime next year. much love ❤ aleya


    1. thank you Aleya and I cannot say often enough how grateful and amazed I am by the portal that is WordPress and the power of blogging!

      Maybe we can form a band and call ourselves the Blogettes!

      xx Linda


  7. Linda, you so deserve the sisterhood award.. and its so good that you have shared some new blogging friends.. I know I still have several pending… you jog me along to get cracking to pass some of them along too.. I know I have several I have misplaced.. as people left on various posts… .. Thank you for sharing your 10 things and Loved your number 10.. Keep that passion alive Linda…. you matter a great deal in our sisterhood’s circle… Love Sue xox


    1. I noticed that we had some of the same answers which does not surprise me! I still have more awards to share , but lately I have to take more time with this process. Thanks to you for nominating me and to whoever created this award and posed the questions. They were fun to answer!

      xx Linda


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