Caffeine and Collisions: Thoughts are Things by Litebeing

There is no moment that cannot be be savored with coffee.
Here is my latest offering on Spirit Post Magazine.

The   Spirit   Post

We interrupt this current cycle of chaotic, melancholic, existential angst to bring you a new segment of the Collision series.  Yesterday’s adventure …

Caffeine and Collisions1 - reduced sizeCaffeine and Collisions2 - reduced sizeCaffeine and Collisions3 - reduced sizeCaffeine and Collisions4 - reduced sizeCaffeine and Collisions5 - reduced sizeLinks found in article:


here (Symbols)


coconut milk

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image credits:, public domain

Litebeing’s website is … Past blogs are available on her website.  She appreciates comments and can be contacted on her website.  Also, Litebeing can be reached by email –

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