Alchemy of 2020

Please enjoy Tania’s contribution to My Change Challenge. Such a great way to kick off the festivities! Tania is a brave, sensitive creative faerie goddess who has a heart bursting with authentic loving energy. There is still time to join the fun, just add a comment to Challenge post of fill out the contact form on my blog.
Namaste dear Tania ❤

Tania Marie

I chose this photo of me for this post, as I feel it reflects the essence of growth and change 2020 has been for me – a bunny leap into a role I was born for.

Today’s post is inspired by my sweet friend Linda of Litebeing Chronicles. I embraced the invitation to share my story of evolution during what is sure to be a year we will not forget, as part of Litebeing’s Change Challenge. While each of our journeys within 2020’s historical web will vary greatly, that is exactly why I feel that sharing how we’ve navigated an unprecedented time period can be valuable, as we continue to expand our perspectives.

I think it will also be interesting to look back on this year and so by sitting down to write this, it invites deeper reflection and acknowledgment of what feels like light years of growth…

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