Glove Story

I have been spending the past few weeks honing my creative therapy skills by helping my clients dive into their emotional landscapes via music, visual arts, and writing.  This is not particularly new. I have used these modalities many times in my work as a therapist. But as a therapist who is now an active writer, this endeavor has taken some new turns.

The more I delve into my clients’ lives, the more I question my own. The mirroring that I observe is both miraculous and ordinary. If you visit here often, you know that the miraculous and ordinary usually represent the same experience for me. For example, I have a new client who I was told can be difficult to connect with. I have not seen her through that lens. We engaged in some small talk initially, which led to her revelation about art. She repeatedly said that she is not good at art, but she loves viewing it and learning about it. ”  I don’t know why I love art, I just do!” We have connected so easily because of our shared love of art. I quickly noticed that I say the same thing to others: that I am not good at art, but am a huge fan of the craft. I realize that repeating that statement undermines my delight in making art and enjoying my process. Note to Self: Halt the judgement.

I use these creative modalities in order to help others access their emotional worlds and enhance their communication skills. This emphasis on self-expression has led me to analyze further my own unique process. What is driving me? Why do I need to write? Am I incomplete in some way until I release my essence on the written page? Reading Michael’s excellent offering yesterday inspired me further to conjure up a little something for you today. The Universe never fails in complementing my inner musings with outer evidence.

So let me share a small Glove Story with you:

I used to lose my wallet repeatedly or have it stolen. This happened in both dreamtime and while awake. I figured this had to do with a weak identity. When my wallet stopped being stolen or lost, I decided the identity misgivings were resolved. I also have lost many keys in both realms, tying this into mastery and autonomy. This association works for me. Earrings also go missing, leaving me with several solo earrings in my jewelry box. This seems less symbolic and more aerodynamic. Earrings fall off or get caught on things and slip away to earringland.

But then there’s the gloves….


I bought these oh-so-sweet gloves a few months ago. They dazzle with so many of my favorite colors, purple, gray, maroon, etc. They work so week with my plum jacket and black shawl. They are soft and warm and cozy. I have lost one glove at least three times since I first wore them. And every time I was able to retrace my steps and find the stray – until now. Tuesday night I discovered that one of the gloves was not in my jacket pocket. I was at a diner and began to search half of the entire diner, then my car, my office the next day ….  Nada.

Then I begin combing the office parking lot and the cafeteria where I ate on Tuesday. I also scaled the campus between said parking lot and cafeteria by car and foot. I discovered other sole ( soul)  gloves, but not mine. I even went back to the bathroom stall in aforementioned cafeteria. I later returned to the diner on Wednesday, again asking the same questions and receiving the same answers. Today I went back yet again to the lost and found. I even searched online to see if I could buy a new pair. They are all sold out. I called the store where I bought it and contacted the manufacturer. I also prayed for guidance.

I want my glove back. I do not know why I am so obsessed. I have other gloves that are nice. But they are not enough somehow. I told myself in a few weeks it will be much warmer ( heck it’s spring-like now!) and I will not need to wear gloves. I realize this is a frivolous, high-class problem. But something deeper lurks. Something is stirring within that leaves me sad and unsettled.

Maybe it would be different if I had made peace with my father before he died, or if I could have caught Dexter’s heart problem before it took his life, or if I remained in one neighborhood and school for my entire childhood, or if I was taught that I was always enough simply because IAM. But I wasn’t taught and it is not different.

This Glove Story has no ending. In fact, it has only begun to brew, like a fresh teabag covered in tepid water.


A Simple Tale

Brief update: Happy to report my laptop is back home after a harrowing four days at Best Buy’s Geek Squad. All sorts of confusion and ridiculousness ensued and I am hoping at least some of it can be attributed to the Uranus station yesterday. I like Windows 10 and it is simpler in design than Window’s 8. I cannot get Cortana to talk to me, but maybe she isn’t one of my guides 🙂


Two days ago I had a quick tale to tell. Now I have a simple tale about miracles and perspective. I am sharing this not only to inspire you , but to remind myself that all is well, somehow…



I had the notion that the deadline to install Windows 10 for free on my laptop was fast approaching. I am not certain  I want the upgrade because of the privacy issues associated with the new operating system. Still, I wanted to learn more about it. My laptop may be incompatible with Windows 10 because of its age. So I did some research and was left more baffled than before. I decided to call the Geek Squad that is affiliated with the store where I purchased my PC. I was connected to a man with a strong southern drawl. His name was …… DEXTER.

Dexter was not able to answer my questions to my satisfaction and the remote viewing process disabled my security software. This freaked me out so I was leery of continuing further. However, I asked him if his name was Dexter and he answered in the affirmative. I wanted to be certain I had heard him correctly.

In my 55 years of living on Earth, I believe this is the first time I spoke to a human named Dexter. The fact that this happened 4 days after the anniversary of his passing was not lost on me. I sense that this urgent need to learn about the windows upgrade was communicated to me. I cannot be certain of this, but I was considering checking out cats tomorrow at the animal shelter. I do not know if this is a sign I should proceed, or more likely confirmation of my intense focus on my Dexter.

After this encounter, I watched the film Miracles From Heaven. It is about a young girl who undergoes a transformation that tests the faith of her family. I like Jennifer Garner and am attracted to these types of stories. I was quickly drawn into the story because the protagonist has a mysterious digestive disorder requiring numerous tests and hospital visits. If I had known this beforehand, I may have not watched the film. Her stomach becomes quite bloated and she is in constant excruciating pain. She endures an endoscopy and meets with several GI specialists. This was hitting too close to home.

Then the song Collide begins to play and my heart bursts wide open. That song is my jam. This song links me to my mystical encounter that happened eleven years ago on July 21st 2005. Today is July 16th, hmmmm.

The song was used to illustrate a strong connection between this ordinary, traditional church-going  family and the power of Source. I was quite tickled by this because Collide was written as a romantic love song. I intuited it to be about a higher love and it appears that the producers did so as well.

I will not give the story away because this film is relatively new. What I will say is that interwoven into the main storyline are several subtle miracles in action. I noticed a few of them immediately, but later on they are highlighted to convey the significance of faith.

I came away from today feeling mixed emotions. I am experiencing the extreme sadness and anguish that often accompanies pain, suffering, and powerlessness. At the same time, I am also warmed by the electric vitality of bold synchronicities that cannot be explained away.

I still am undecided about getting Windows 10 and adopting a new cat. But I feel less disconnected and more enchanted. Jennifer Garner’s character quotes Einstein at a pivotal point in the plot:

There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle.

Which way do you choose?


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On Living and Dying Day 17 by litebeing

Please check out my guest post on Sreejit’s year-long series On Living and Dying. This exploration was cathartic and quite timely. There is still time to contribute, so email Sreejit if you are interested.

The Seeker's Dungeon

All Is Not What It Seems

by litebeing of litebeing chronicles

Death is not my thing. I clearly remember being about 7 years old lying in bed instead of sleeping. I decided that we shall live to be 100 years old. I subtracted 7 from 100 to conclude I only had 93 years to live. Some would say I was precocious or an old soul, but c’mon! Why was I lamenting on my remaining 93 years at such a tender age? I had not experienced any major losses yet. I was not surrounded by serious illness or injury. Why was I so morose? All is not what it seems.

When my sister’s friend’s father was terminal, I was in my teens. I took this incredibly hard. My mother sensed that I don’t handle death well. I just could not fathom life without this kind man who was needed as a…

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Guest post by litebeing of “litebeing chronicles”

Thank you Shannon for having me guest post for your wonderful blog on surviving grief. I hope my experiences will inspire and offer comfort to others who are in the throes of grief.

Surviving Grief

Litebeing delights in assisting others in self-discovery as a blogger, astrologer, teacher, artist, mentor, writer, therapist, dreamer, intuitive guide, light worker and mystic. She has been blogging at litebeing chronicles for three years.

The theme of litebeing chronicles is a glimpse into my everyday life, showing how the light shines through on a moment- to- moment basis. The light may vary from a tiny flicker to a strong ray to a magnificent rainbow to a blinding shaft of white light. The blog also chronicles my reactions to the cosmic weather. The cosmic weather varies and leaves us with joy, elation, inner peace, sadness, doubts, questions, hope, and resignation. I have experienced tremendous miracles, devastating grief and loss, and everything in between. I hope to inspire others as I record my reactions as I continue to heal, regroup, and advance on my path. The reactions may be in the form of…

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Coming out of the Dark: Saturn’s Voyage and So Much More

Now it can be told. Saturn in Scorpio teaches us how to survive what is impossible to survive, after which we end up one way or another on the other side of life. We learn how to heal ourselves as it teaches us healing power by revealing hidden metaphysical truths we need our courage to accept.

Everyone on Earth has been touched. It’s as if some creature has come along and slashed you with a big knife, and as it casually walks away, it casually tosses over its shoulder, “Grow up!”

How to live with that and go on? When it first happens, you find yourself crushed under a vast mountain of inconsolable pain. You are paralyzed under the weight of it. You despair of ever being able to move again. One day you wiggle your toes. After a while an inch by inch you crawl out from under the mountain of unbearable pain. Eventually (and it is inevitable) you set up a new life, away from the Mountain of Unbearable Pain, but not too far from it.

Close enough to feel twinges now and then, but mercifully far enough away so that the Mountain doesn’t block the light.

It’s inevitable.

This is where we are.

Michael Lutin  at

There is way too much going on energetically for me to catch up, event by event. Astrology is very organic and intuitive for me. And experiential. My astrological wisdom grows leaps and bounds via client work and the life experiences of myself and my inner circle. Popular culture  also strongly informs my understanding , as many followers of this blog know well by now. So I am presenting tonight a fusion of Saturn’s travels, the recent Solar Eclipse in Virgo, Mercury retrograde in Libra, and today’s equinox ( Fall in the Northern Hemisphere, Spring in the Southern Hemisphere).

Let’s start with Saturn who happens to also be my Traditional Chart Ruler ( much to my dismay, efforts to deny it are futile!) Michael Lutin’s interpretation of Saturn in Scorpio was  posted on September 11th. I see his contribution to be especially significant for this most recent re-entry into Scorpio and eventual forward movement back into Sagittarius. When I first read it, I got chills. I strongly relate to the mountain of pain and the surprising ability to end up on the other side of unbearable grief. This particular leg of the Saturn transit coincided with transiting Pluto conjunct my natal Saturn. Imagine Pluto Saturn squared.  This transit exacerbated illness , extreme physical pain, and grief compared with the last one about 29 years ago. The extra Pluto Saturn punch affected me profoundly in ways that I was not prepared for. Dexter passed away shortly after Saturn marched back into Scorpio and the losses keep coming. I just learned today that a family member tragically passed away. This happened about a week ago with Saturn still in the tail end of Scorpio. Thinking about how many lives have been affected blows me away. A little boy will grow up without his mother and my heart breaks for those who were closely connected to this young woman. I am on the other side of the mountain now, but still very close. I can see it across from me and occasionally I find myself back there.

But here’s the thing: I have no clue how I survived. Was I guided? Was I carried? I just don’t recall how I got here. Maybe this is what is meant by the phrase ” God comforts you while you are in pain.” Spirit does not lift it from you. But maybe Spirit simply allows you to make your way safely through.


I pulled this card from the Goddess Tarot for the New Virgo moon /Solar Eclipse and it is perfect for me:

Three cups have tipped over, spilling their magical water. But not all is lost—two cups are
still full.
Meanings: Disappointment with intimate relationships, disillusionment, sadness.
Concentrating on problems instead of assets. Desire to move on.

I truly believe that there were at least 2 cups filled throughout the recent past and they remain filled today. The woman in the card is still surrounded by sadness and disillusionment, but abundance is evident. I do have a desire to move on and I have taken steps to do so. It does seem like a push-pull phenomenon, yet it is better than moving backward  or staying stuck in quicksand. I still have some work to do regarding shifting my attention away from problems, but the word momentum has started showing up recently and I see that as a sign.

Before we can fully move on collectively, the retrograde requires our attention ( not to mention, but I will anyway, the Pluto station). Currently I am integrating the Libra energies currently strong with Mercury, today’s Equinox, and the upcoming Full Blood Moon/ Lunar Eclipse.

LIBRA = liberty, peace, justice, harmony, balance, negotiation, diplomacy, relating to self/other, liberation, beauty, romance, symmetry, grace, refinement.

I think I have the library concept down already, but the others deserve contemplation. Libra rules my 8th house and this is a house of mystery.   It keeps revealing more of itself to me as I move through time. Or time moves through me! I see Liberty, Justice, and Balance being played out on the world stage as well. The US presidential campaign, the Pope’s Cuba and US tour, the Syrian refugee crisis, and the transgender movement are just a few of the issues  and events that can benefit from the higher nature of Libra. Time will tell how conflicts are mediated and human rights are recognized.

This post is rather lengthy ~ 1111 words!, so I am going to wrap things up. I recently heard an old song on one of the TV music channels that gave me pause. I had not heard it in years and frankly forgot how meaningful it was to me at one time. Music never seems to fail me.

The song is Coming Out of the Dark by Gloria Estefan and it describes her experience of surviving and recovering from a major bus accident. It is an appropriate ending for this discussion on transformation and recovery.

I have faith that I am coming out of the dark ever so slowly. While there are still mountains to climb ( Saturn is always somewhere), I have a sense that there is a powerful shift coming.

Blessings on this Equinox to all and may we all shift towards global peace and harmony together.

Please listen to this uplifting song of healing:

PS : Come join my blogging challenge!

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Simple Things


Whenever I would journal or recite my daily gratitude practice, I always included Dexter. Whenever I prayed, Dexter was always a prominent part of the proceedings. Truth be told, Dexter really gave me a reason to breathe, live, exist, especially during the dark times. And there have been some dark times. 

So how do I go on without a strong compelling reason?

I’ll tell you how.

By looking for and appreciating the simple things and maintaining some semblance of routine.

Lofty aspirations do not apply. Neither do high expectations.

So let’s roll. Here’s some simple things that keep me incarnated:

Chocolate covered waffles at Whole Foods ( where have you been all my life?)

Meeting new bloggers like Rara and Wolfie who are full of vitality, passion, and humanity in the best way.

“Random” people who seem to be in the right place and time, like the cool lady at Target who searched for me all around the store after finding one denim jacket she thought I might like. I did like it and it fit like a glove.

After I was sad about the ending of the Nurse Jackie series, I decided to binge watch back to the very first episode. New motto: After the ending, revisit the beginning. I am currently at Season 3. Noticing nuances I have missed the first time. Kinda like cable series reincarnation. Or Edie Falco shows reincarnation. I like to revisit the Sopranos too. I miss James Gandolfini. He is dead and so is my dad. He reminded me of my dad. No, my dad was not in the mafia. But he was an actor ( amateur) and he liked my mom’s baked ziti. And he was also a complex character.

We will leave it there.

Thanks to the cable guy who gave me Showtime for free so I can binge watch Nurse Jackie.

Free Netflix trial so I can learn why orange is the new black and other cool stuff.

More foods I can eat again; say hello to tomatoes, raita, salad, beans, cabbage, and strawberry preserves. Welcome back!


The radiant August sun, both relentless and nurturing as it showers me with warmth. I love my Leo gals as well. Here’s a shout out to Deb, Renate, Ka, Julie, and Tamrah Jo.

Deepak and Oprah’s Meditation series on Grace. It is over now and I missed a few, but I relished the chance to reflect on Grace.


Afterall, without Grace, how else would have Dexter found me?

As like most scenarios, we have come full circle. I am grateful to have come full circle. I take comfort in this fact.  I appreciate circles too. Why?

They are simple things…

circular header image:, US public domain
pink hydrangea: litebeing chronicles © summer 2015
cabbage: public domain

East Africa in West Philly ~ Traversing Time and Space

I had a very important meeting today in my old college neighborhood. It is called University City because Drexel University and The University of Pennsylvania are located there. I moved away many years ago, but still have so many fond memories. Sometimes work or a social event will bring me back, but I have not visited in a few years. The last time I was there it was a very sad occasion. I went with a coworker to visit a former client of ours who was receiving hospice care. She died a few days later.  She was not much older than I, but was dying of uterine cancer that was diagnosed way too late. She had schizophrenia and this contributed to her death. Her caretaker did not believe her when she told her she was bleeding. I did all I could to advocate for her, but it was not enough. Her paranoia interfered with her willingness to receive tests and accept care. She was my favorite client and she had an outrageous sense of humor. And what a smile, unforgettable. She also shared my grandmother’s name. She was both delusional and telepathic. Her family said she had the gift of prophecy and she did indeed. She passed about 3 years ago, but her essence is still very much alive.

The meeting I attended was to discuss a research opportunity to work with people who are newly diagnosed as psychotic. This early intervention initiative started in Australia and Europe.  Later on a study was created on the West coast. Now start-ups are developing in Philadelphia and a few other cities in the Eastern United States. This is just the first step. I told the interviewer that I wanted to work with people where there is promise and hope.  She seemed to get it. Now I go on with my life and wait to see what happens.

I could not help but think of my beloved client on the ride home. But I was not going home quite yet. There was a pinball arcade to check out ( only 2 machines). Then I cruised by all the buildings where I once lived. The area has changed, but not really. There are new layers of activity superimposed on the old. I was in need of a lift. Plus I was really hungry. So I went to the Red Sea.

Now it’s called Abyssinia, but to me it will always be the Red Sea. It was about 3 blocks from my very first apartment and I got hooked on their food right away. The website does not show a photo of the food so I will provide one:




This is a mandala of culinary bliss! The beige bread that lines the plate is called injera, a spongy pancake- like creation that is sour and tangy. It soaks up all the flavors and is just incredibly yummy. For more about injera, check out Ka’s post here.  I had a combo which included several meat and veggie dishes with some salad layered on top. It is served with extra injera on the side. You eat your meal with your hands by taking a piece of injera and using it to scoop up the food. I also ordered a Kenyan beer to go with my meal. Ethiopian food is very spicy and the beer helps keep the heat in check.

This is my absolute favorite cuisine. I had my go-to dish ~ doro wat – tender chicken in berbere sauce with a hard-boiled egg. It is truly the circle of life! I also had crunchy collard greens that tasted so fresh, a beef dish, a lamb( goat) curry, a split pea stew and a lentil dish. The veggies are smooth in texture and mild in flavor. The meal is reminiscent of a paint palette and you concoct unique tastes and colors and textures with every bite. The beer I selected seemed unpleasant at first, but after a little while it married with the food and all the flavors cooperated. Salty, bitter, peppery, tangy,dense, clean, complex,creamy, crunchy, fermented, earthy, smooth, acidic, chewy, etc. I was so at ease with this meal. We were one. No other way to explain it.

I gazed around the dining room and remembered my various dinner partners from the past. I could only find a few folks who would try this food with me. One of my most romantic evenings ever was spent here with my ‘soulmate’ on a whim. We drove from my new neighborhood back here just to eat at this restaurant. We fell in love in West Philly, so I guess it was only fitting. I am not sure why this night was so special, but it was. We liked trying new things and reading evocative books and discussing ideas that were nontraditional. We liked adventure and were forever curious.

I wonder why I feel more comfortable with foreign cultures than my own. As I scooped up the stews with my injera, I wondered if I was once Ethiopian. When I was watching Top Model, of all things ,Tyra Banks gave the contestants DNA kits. They will be used to determine everyone’s ethnicity. It amazes me that for $100 you can send your saliva to a lab and in return you can unlock the mysteries of your origins.  I have been wanting to do this for years. It might answer some unresolved questions like why oh why do so many strangers ask me if I am Native American? I would be honored to discover that I have some indigenous blood running through my veins. The test would not determine past lives, but I hope it would help me understand more of my identity, including my foreign food preferences. Mars is in Sagittarius now and it is a fine time to explore what is exotic and unusual.

I hope this post is not too circuitous to understand. Today was an important day for so many reasons, some I have yet to discover. But I wanted to describe my meal while the spices still lingered in my mouth, before the flavors left me. I also wanted to honor the thousands of people who die before their time due to chronic mental illness. Perhaps most of all I wanted to stress that it is never the wrong time to treat your Self to a great meal, a relaxing drive, or a glimpse of an old love.


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image “Plat de cuisine éthiopienne au énélik” via Wikimedia Commons

Dream ~ Skating On Thin Ice

wikimedia free domain

Yesterday morning right before awakening I had a very brief but powerful dream. I could not find a parking spot so I walked out of my car onto a cold quiet lot. I encountered patches of ice. I am afraid of ice because I tend to fall frequently with painful consequences. In the dream I stepped onto some ice and I glided. I glided and ” skated ” onto the next icy stretch. After I crossed over onto the dry pavement, I noticed an empty parking space emerge out of nowhere. I was quite surprised. I decided to get back into my car to move into the vacant spot.

Then I woke up.

I did a ” mini-analysis.” and concluded that when I face my fears and learn to glide on the ice, solutions and possibilities can manifest for me.

Well today in the wake of a relentlessly punitive Full Moon square Saturn that hit my Ascendent/Descendant axis and Scorpio planets, I left my job. I was there for 3 months, which equals a square in Astrology. A square is typically a dynamic aspect that activates movement.  This lunation took the lives of 2 legendary performers and Ajay. And it is what it is.

I loved the chance I had to teach and mentor people, especially those who were excited about their calling to help facilitate growth and healing in others. I was damned good at it and I will miss it dearly.  I detested the politics, manipulation, and sheer cruelty that often predominates in toxic work environments. I am not surprised that my heart began to harden and my light began to diminish. I have been here before.

I keep reflecting on Aleya’s recent posts, particularly this one.

I am kinda stunned I am blogging on this icky life event, but I am a writer. At my new job, I told everyone ” I am a writer.” Never did that before. But it is a fact.

Maybe that is why I can blog while feeling so much pain and regret.

Thanks for giving me a forum where I can be brutally authentic and unapologetically me. I have absolutely no idea what comes next. As an INFJ, this can be frightening.

Guess I will have to learn to skate on thin ice until I see my way clear to my next available parking space.

image credit ~ public domain

If you are in the mood for an apropos tune from a fellow Uranian:

PS: Jupiter and Venus transiting one’s 6th house does not always translate to harmony and fortune in the workplace. Just sayin’

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Dexter on parade

Within the past few days I have heard of 2 friends losing their beloved animal companions. Then I had a heartfelt conversation with OM about cats and blogging. While this topic is somewhat off theme, it seems fitting to prepare a simple post about my beloved Dexter.


I adopted Dexter back in 2008, a few months after I lost my first cat Jasmine. I renamed him Dexter after careful thought and consideration. It was not because he reminds me of a serial killer. It just suited him better than his original name Sylvester did.

After 16 years ( she was about 8 weeks when I brought her home) , Jasmine succumbed to kidney disease. Watching her decline and deciding when to let her go was among the most agonizingly painful, gut- wrenching times in my entire life. The sadness and pain were almost too much to bear. Jazz died in April 2008, so the anniversary of her passing is quite fresh. Raising this sweet cat from infancy was the closest I have come to motherhood and as we know, children are supposed to outlive their parents. But this is not always the case.

get-attachment (15)

I was heartbroken for so long after I lost Jazz. This grief was deadening and isolating. I was practicing outpatient therapy full-time and so many of my clients spoke about their pets. Several had cats and these daily sessions were grueling. Eventually I found them healing in a cathartic manner. We do attract what we need, generally speaking. When I felt ready, I began to visit shelters to seek a new cat, not as a replacement, but as an extension of love. Dexter was much older than the kitten I initially desired, and he had been sent to the shelter more than once. It remains a mystery why this adorable soul was rejected not once, but twice!  I would like to believe that it was so I would eventually find him. Within a few short weeks, he settled in and showed me his true nature. I am amazed by his capacity for affection, verbal activity ( he talks more than I do!) and openness. Dex’s personality is the opposite of reserved Diva Jasmine who was more like Greta Garbo. Dex craves attention and human touch and is so delighted to meet * everyone who crosses his path (* squirrels and birds need not apply!)

 get-attachment (14)

What this boisterous ball of joy has taught me about the healing effects of love is boundless. There are no words that can accurately describe his ability to soothe my spirit with his perpetual demonstration of unconditional love.

I love you Dex.


cool Dexter facts ~

he is left-pawed, just like me 🙂
he enjoys crossing his paws ( dainty indeed)
rolling over and inviting you to rub his belly IS his default position ( boy does he love belly rubs, don’t believe that old wive’s tale to never rub a cat’s belly!)


if you love all things warm and fuzzy ( including Sindy’s non- mammalian fish), you gotta visit this page: odyssians

Guest Post

I have a guest post today over at the blog of Amber Skye Forbes. The title is: The Road to Resilience. I did something a bit different – I write about my views  on grief, loss and how to thrive through a psycho-spiritual lens.  I draw from both my experiences as a therapist and the philosophy of the Mental Health Recovery movement. Please drop by and leave a comment if you’d like.

pink orchid , longwood gardens 2013 by © litebeing chronicles
orchid, longwood gardens 2013 by © litebeing chronicles

On another note, I am extremely close to 111 followers. Check the countdown at the right to keep apprised of my progress. The party preparation has begun , so stay tuned for the date of the actual event.  Fun and surprises ensue.  Thank you all for your support!