Simple Things


Whenever I would journal or recite my daily gratitude practice, I always included Dexter. Whenever I prayed, Dexter was always a prominent part of the proceedings. Truth be told, Dexter really gave me a reason to breathe, live, exist, especially during the dark times. And there have been some dark times. 

So how do I go on without a strong compelling reason?

I’ll tell you how.

By looking for and appreciating the simple things and maintaining some semblance of routine.

Lofty aspirations do not apply. Neither do high expectations.

So let’s roll. Here’s some simple things that keep me incarnated:

Chocolate covered waffles at Whole Foods ( where have you been all my life?)

Meeting new bloggers like Rara and Wolfie who are full of vitality, passion, and humanity in the best way.

“Random” people who seem to be in the right place and time, like the cool lady at Target who searched for me all around the store after finding one denim jacket she thought I might like. I did like it and it fit like a glove.

After I was sad about the ending of the Nurse Jackie series, I decided to binge watch back to the very first episode. New motto: After the ending, revisit the beginning. I am currently at Season 3. Noticing nuances I have missed the first time. Kinda like cable series reincarnation. Or Edie Falco shows reincarnation. I like to revisit the Sopranos too. I miss James Gandolfini. He is dead and so is my dad. He reminded me of my dad. No, my dad was not in the mafia. But he was an actor ( amateur) and he liked my mom’s baked ziti. And he was also a complex character.

We will leave it there.

Thanks to the cable guy who gave me Showtime for free so I can binge watch Nurse Jackie.

Free Netflix trial so I can learn why orange is the new black and other cool stuff.

More foods I can eat again; say hello to tomatoes, raita, salad, beans, cabbage, and strawberry preserves. Welcome back!


The radiant August sun, both relentless and nurturing as it showers me with warmth. I love my Leo gals as well. Here’s a shout out to Deb, Renate, Ka, Julie, and Tamrah Jo.

Deepak and Oprah’s Meditation series on Grace. It is over now and I missed a few, but I relished the chance to reflect on Grace.


Afterall, without Grace, how else would have Dexter found me?

As like most scenarios, we have come full circle. I am grateful to have come full circle. I take comfort in this fact.  I appreciate circles too. Why?

They are simple things…

circular header image:, US public domain
pink hydrangea: litebeing chronicles © summer 2015
cabbage: public domain

22 thoughts on “Simple Things

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  3. Sometimes I’ve felt like this also after difficult times, Linda. Suddenly a cup of coffee is a wonder, something to savor rather than mindlessly swill it down. This is how we are opened I think, to the wonders all around us. I’m enjoying hearing of the handholds and footholds you’re finding in the journey up the slopes… Sending love…


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  4. renatembell

    Ah yes, the simple things. And re-runs! 🙂 I’ve been caught in a temporal distortion-time anomaly watching and re-watching episodes of the entire Star Trek franchise thanks to Netflix! I’ve also discovered a few series that I hadn’t heard of previously. Yes! Yes to Netflix and ice cream, or your choice of chocolate-covered waffles (sounds yummy). ❤ There's room on my couch!
    Thank you for the shout out. Sending love and light~

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  5. Hey Sis sounds like when I found fish tacos made me less sad. Those are some pretty good things in that list. Netflix is SO awesome!!! Orange is the New Black was the first thing me and sis watched together. Next we started on “Once Upon a Time.” “Bobs Burgers” is hysterical if you like animated humor, and there some cool spiritual stuff or fringe documentaries. All the Star Treks of every flavor. I LOVE Netflix.

    Just keep finding those things worth living for like these chocolate covered waffles that I will check out, who can afford Whole Foods, but they do sound good.

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    1. I have not had fish tacos in ages! I probably will only keep Netflix for the trial period, but will make the most of it.Thanks for the suggestions and reblog. I do Whole Foods sometimes to get healthier foods ( like chocolate covered waffles). They are in the cookie section. I bet they would be great heated up though.

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  6. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    I love simple things. They are the reason my gratitude and joy are with me every day. Grace is so good. It helps with grief a lot. Don’t you think? Simple things heal big things.

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