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Trudging Through The Revolution

According to Webster’s dictionary, Revolution is the action by a celestial body of going round in an orbit or elliptical course,  completion of a course (as of years), a sudden, radical, or complete change, and a fundamental change in the way of thinking about or visualizing something a change of paradigm.

I like how all the different meanings coalesce and vibe off each other. Time and movement can inform change in action and in philosophy. The times we live in now show us how history impacts the present and how different perspectives inform the shifting of our future.

It is not an accident that a Lunar Eclipse is occurring this year on America’s birthday. While the entire planet is in major transition, so many look to the US for answers. The US or ” us ” is a hot mess right now, but has been for many decades. It just takes humans awhile to collectively take notice.

I must say I am fortunate to be born here. I realize that my ancestors may have all perished if this country was not open to them. My incarnation into my present family may not have happened without the colonization of the Americas. Yet, this process was brutal, barbaric, and we still live with its wounds today. The slaughter and cheating of indigenous people to take their land, the cruel enslavement of Africans to work the fields, so much damage has been done here.

I live in Philadelphia and went to college here.  I worked for the City of Philadelphia for close to 20 years. I have lived here most of my life. I am very much intertwined with this experiment in democracy. 

There is a magic in Olde City, the original US Capitol. The energy is still palpable. The people who came together were all flawed, but they wanted to build something enduring that was a step up the evolutionary ladder. My time in Baltimore last summer ( which I still have yet to write about) led me to a newfound interest in the Revolutionary era and my mini-vacation this March led me to new epiphanies about this time period.

I am taking advantage of my time at home by watching Hamilton on Disney+ and reading Return of the Revolutionaries: The Case for Reincarnation and Soul Groups Reunited. Both the film and book are lengthy but definitely interesting. I wanted to see Hamilton for some time, but the expense was out of reach and I have lost my enthusiasm for theater. When I heard I could see the film at home for $6.00, I knew that this was within my price range! I have watched about half the film so far and it is energetic, highly original, and diverse in music and cast. I know little about Alexander Hamilton and will do some research if I enjoy the film at its conclusion. I was hoping it would teach me more about the founding fathers, but mostly I am noticing the wonderful songs and choreography.

The Return of the Revolutionaries is a book that describes the links between current personalities with those living here during the American Revolution. According to the author Semkiw, many are influential entertainers, thought leaders, and politicians. Semkiw claims to be the reincarnated John Adams and has a theory on how souls look very similar over lifetimes in terms of facial symmetry. The photographs provided are numerous, with many pointing to marked similarities in appearance. While it cannot be proven, it is fascinating to consider the soul group coming back now to live again and make a difference in shaping current society. I wonder if many of my soul group are part of the WordPress family?

While I have not had any visions or dreams to suggest to confirm my theory, I think it was likely that I also lived during the American Revolution right here in Philadephia. Many of the founders were astrologers and I do resonate so much with this city with distinct flavor and energy. I do not think I was anyone of note, just another soul walking the Earth during those unsettling, critical times. I have several friends and some family I could visualize in colonial days. My interest in Quakerism also speaks to this linkage. I lived in Reading PA as a child and felt at home there. I chose to return to this area to go to college and remained after graduation. It is just a feeling that has been building inside of me. I know it does not really matter now, because future, past, and present are just constructs we use to make sense of linear time.

I do see my country as a microcosm of Gaia in that is a place created as an experiment of sorts that attracted in so many diverse souls of various frequencies and ways of being. I pray for my city, country, and planet that I call home for now. May she not just revolve around the time and space, but may she live up to the intention of a more perfect union, one of unity, freedom, equality, and peace,

With plenty of love

Check this out: I just found this video from Marianne Williamson with her Fourth of July Message. In it she speaks about the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and why they matter so much today. According to Semkiw, Marianne is the reincarnation of Abigail Adams, the wife of John Adams. The video is very compelling in light of this connection:

Sparkling Leaves in Flight

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This morning I noticed something new. I watched several multicolored leaves falling from the sky ( from the roof?) and they were sparkling.    Since I was unable to photograph this foliage folly for you, I posted a picture I had taken a few weeks back that I found intriguing. As I watched the radiant harbingers of autumn dance by the window, I saw how they illustrate my mood. A midst the darkness and decay, a glimmer of wonder makes some impact. I have really been feeling the void and it has been awkward. Perhaps I have come down from the burst of activity of last week and succumbed to the land of fear and dread.

Isn’t there always decay and shimmer, waste and feathers, moonlight and fog, Pluto and Venus, congestion and solace, new patterns in deadening gridlock, retrograde and freedom to glide forward ? ….

Some of this is my inner reactions to the eclipse energy , while part of it is most likely attributed to Venus square Pluto in the sky. I have this natally, well almost, a couple of degrees shy. But with  Pluto conjunct the North Node in the 7th, I think I qualify. While that whole shebang will be discussed in a separate post, I did want to share why I am feeling so empty. The muck is being dredged up again and a poor night’s sleep sure doesn’t help either. But when I saw the sparkling leaves, I understood that I have not seen everything yet and there are more miracles in store. When you consider that we take in only an infinitesimal amount of the stimuli before us at any given moment, I really haven’t seen anything yet! We process so very little of what takes place before us. It really is astonishing, when you consider it.

So let me show you more for your eyes to contemplate:

While none of these three paintings display falling leaves aglow ( well, actually, one of them does, let me know if you found it) , they evoked in me a place of refuge and delight. Here is a side of Gauguin I failed to appreciate until today. I only knew of his Tahitian work until now. So much art, so little time..



Paul Gaugain public domain wikiart

I have a tale to tell about By the Stream, Autumn above. While I was uploading it, I had Facebook open. While uploading I switched to my Facebook feed and this very painting appeared right before my eyes! I was so excited by this serendipity that I shared it on the litebeing chronicles FB page.

I have plenty to sort out as I get closer to yet another solar return. What have I accomplished, what have I lost, who am I now? Much has yet to be revealed, but this current astrological weather is well suited for such soul excavation and discovery.

To learn more about these works and other Gauguin masterpieces: