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This morning I noticed something new. I watched several multicolored leaves falling from the sky ( from the roof?) and they were sparkling.    Since I was unable to photograph this foliage folly for you, I posted a picture I had taken a few weeks back that I found intriguing. As I watched the radiant harbingers of autumn dance by the window, I saw how they illustrate my mood. A midst the darkness and decay, a glimmer of wonder makes some impact. I have really been feeling the void and it has been awkward. Perhaps I have come down from the burst of activity of last week and succumbed to the land of fear and dread.

Isn’t there always decay and shimmer, waste and feathers, moonlight and fog, Pluto and Venus, congestion and solace, new patterns in deadening gridlock, retrograde and freedom to glide forward ? ….

Some of this is my inner reactions to the eclipse energy , while part of it is most likely attributed to Venus square Pluto in the sky. I have this natally, well almost, a couple of degrees shy. But with  Pluto conjunct the North Node in the 7th, I think I qualify. While that whole shebang will be discussed in a separate post, I did want to share why I am feeling so empty. The muck is being dredged up again and a poor night’s sleep sure doesn’t help either. But when I saw the sparkling leaves, I understood that I have not seen everything yet and there are more miracles in store. When you consider that we take in only an infinitesimal amount of the stimuli before us at any given moment, I really haven’t seen anything yet! We process so very little of what takes place before us. It really is astonishing, when you consider it.

So let me show you more for your eyes to contemplate:

While none of these three paintings display falling leaves aglow ( well, actually, one of them does, let me know if you found it) , they evoked in me a place of refuge and delight. Here is a side of Gauguin I failed to appreciate until today. I only knew of his Tahitian work until now. So much art, so little time..



Paul Gaugain public domain wikiart

I have a tale to tell about By the Stream, Autumn above. While I was uploading it, I had Facebook open. While uploading I switched to my Facebook feed and this very painting appeared right before my eyes! I was so excited by this serendipity that I shared it on the litebeing chronicles FB page.

I have plenty to sort out as I get closer to yet another solar return. What have I accomplished, what have I lost, who am I now? Much has yet to be revealed, but this current astrological weather is well suited for such soul excavation and discovery.

To learn more about these works and other Gauguin masterpieces:

16 comments on “Sparkling Leaves in Flight

  1. Dewin Nefol says:

    Hey Linda,

    Leafing through your rain/reign of sparkling leaves, three small sepals formed around buds of thought in my mind…

    Firstly, the Gauguin paintings. I find he paints only the bright extremes in nature’s colour, the maximum intensity reflected within nature, sumptuous, gregarious and rich. His paintings reflect the suddenness and impact of a single moment when the eye is first flooded by the light of seeing the vision for the first time. It is this sense of amazement and ‘shock’ that is found in the vibrancy of his painted colours and which persists in all his work that is so deeply satisfying and warming to the soul. It makes me think of the moment a beaming smile reaches its zenith on a child’s face on Christmas morning when eyes open to see a stocking stuffed with parcels laying at the foot of the bed…sleep suddenly evaporates into a halo of shimmering brilliance and tear flowing flushed cheeks.

    Secondly, Pluto, Plutus, Venus and sparkle. Even as despondent Venus shuffles through the darkly halls of Aides with the ghost of Persephone clipping her heals and Demeter’s call whispering in the rock, does she not also see Plutus in the naked seams of flowing gold buried in the walls, or is her down-turned gaze still focused on the pomegranate in her hand and the leaves that may have already fallen? Could the sparkle on the leaves perhaps be reminiscent of the beauty and happiness that lingers in the buried heart of our painfully loving memories, and which allows every experience to become absorbed into the treasure that we may admire? In essence, isn’t that the golden lustre in the shine of autumn’s fate?

    Thirdly, I also considered the role of Mercury at this time, as he ponders turning back into Libra after a lengthy period in Scorpio, and indeed how he associates so freely with the dark Lord Pluto. As an aside…if Mercury is the fundamental mechanism that solidifies God-consciousness into form, then it is he who gave instruction to the wind that pulled the predisposed leaves that fell for you, and in that action solidified in form a message of wisdom and meaning. The connection between Pluto and Mercury is primarily one centred on knowledge; either in the acquisition, communication, passage and travel of knowledge, or in inscribing and retrieving it (Akashic Record), or perhaps even in the evolution of knowledge…Pluto will after all only open a door to successful rebirth if the returning ‘body’, in whatever form, inspires both the inner and outer world. In addition, there may also be found in Pluto a deep sense of connection to the ‘spirit’ of Mercury in the ‘scientific’ and ‘intuitive’ mechanisms that seek to explore an understanding of the human mind, of consciousness (small ‘c’) itself…one thinks of advances in psychoanalytic practice (Freud’s theories developed as Pluto was discovered) and the rapid advancement in communications as broadening and accelerating the influence of Pluto’s free-flowing form as an influencing factor within the creative force of human kind. Of interest…it is also quite fascinating to then consider further the number of prominent journalist, authors, dramatists, novelists, and other fascinating people of literature are blessed with Pluto prominently placed in their horoscopes as well…one wonders what drives them?

    I was led in my reading to a book called Sacred Astrology by Joan Hodgson, which accepts Pluto as the octave ruler of Scorpio, sign of generation, regeneration and of mystery and secrets. Her suggestion is that Pluto’s prominence in a chart brings an urge to search for that which is hidden, to unravel mysteries and break new ground, and even to enter forbidden territory. This must be tremendously energising and (to summarise Joan H) provide drive, ‘en-courage-ment’ and ‘independent thinking’ to ‘self-expression, adventure and fresh enterprise’. I’d imagine such energy to be evident in the ‘progressed horoscope at time of major change [….] but always such experiences will be deep and far-reaching in terms of soul experience and unfoldment. Pluto’s power is likely to be most keenly felt in the lives of those destined to influence groups, or those revealing further pathways towards higher initiation. To these Pluto can bring extraordinary experiences [….] permitting the opening of the door between worlds, and the release of the solar force to give the soul strength to carry out its destined task’.

    Lastly, briefly, in returning to Venus’s woes as she waits and wilts in wistful melancholy for the love of Spring, one recalls it was Mercury whom Zeus instructed to bargain with Pluto for the life of Persephone, the outcome of which permitted Persephone return to life for 9 months of the year whilst Hades held claim to her ghost for the other 3 months. Mercury is one of the few who find a way to return from the Underworld without wrathful fires and Cerberus’s doggy drawl causing unpleasant delay. Indeed, in Mercury’s later guise as Hermes, he became the psycho-pomp of the soul, leading it into the underworld and remaining there whilst it was weighed to record the verdict. No doubt in the wake of Hermes/Mercury’s return to the light, there lingered a feint deathly trace of Hades which took a while to fall away before balance was restored in Libra.

    Anyway, enough of my ramblings. Good luck with ‘I have plenty to sort out as I get closer to yet another solar return. What have I accomplished, what have I lost, who am I now?’ And yes I agree, ‘much has yet to be revealed, but this current astrological weather is well suited for such soul excavation and discovery’. And so, happy digging in the autumn garden whilst you savour the exotic flavours of an aromatic Indian summer.


    DN – 11/10/2014


    1. litebeing says:

      Hey Dewin,
      Sometimes it worries me that you may have attributed more thought to my work than I have, but I prefer to take your amazing musings as a complement 🙂

      I really enjoyed this gem:

      Could the sparkle on the leaves perhaps be reminiscent of the beauty and happiness that lingers in the buried heart of our painfully loving memories, and which allows every experience to become absorbed into the treasure that we may admire? In essence, isn’t that the golden lustre in the shine of autumn’s fate?

      This is so wonderfully poetic, thank you for sharing it here!

      As I have written before, the dance between Venus and Pluto and Mercury ( or Gemini) and Pluto should never be underestimated or minimized in any way. Sometimes the trickster or the love catalyst can wield power like a seasoned Plutocrat 🙂



  2. alohaleya says:

    wow that is some serendipity! i love autumn…and gaugin too! 🙂 there are certainly more miracles to come… ❤ aleya

    Liked by 1 person

    1. litebeing says:

      Hi Aleya,

      I am still amazed that this happened. Clearly Spirit wanted to get my attention 🙂

      Gauguin and autumn, perfect together..

      Here’s to plenty of miracles for all ❤ Linda


  3. Wonderful post Linda.. loved your art choices.. they bring the glow of Autumn … I am also certain you will sort out all you need to Linda just at the right time for you..
    Love and Blessings..
    Sue xox


    1. litebeing says:

      Thanks Sue for being such a good friend to me.

      love to you,

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Enjoy your weekend Linda… Big Hugs back.. xox


  4. Beautiful art! I’ve been getting some interesting sparkles too. 🙂


    1. litebeing says:

      thanks! Life s better with sparkles 🙂


  5. I can relate to a funky ugh feeling. The paintings are just beautiful.


    1. litebeing says:

      glad someone does !

      check out wikiart, you’ll love it 🙂

      xx Linda

      Liked by 1 person

      1. litebeing says:

        paradise for art lovers!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thanks sister! I will check it out!


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