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Collisions and Mortadella

By jeffreyw ( [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Here’s another precious little gem about synchronicity and trusting your gut. Yesterday I am driving up to Willow Grove to run errands. This all started because on Wednesday I order mortadella at the deli counter at my local supermarket. Mortadella is bologna on steroids, a rich garlicky meat studded with pistachios. I first tried it in Italy and have been enamored with it ever since.

The deli guy says ” We don’t sell it anymore , we end up throwing it away.” I reply ” I came here just for the mortadella.” An elderly lady loudly declares ” You must go to Sam’s Italian Market.” She said it’s somewhere in Willow Grove. Later while shopping she finds me again and tells me to watch my purse in the shopping cart! I thanked her and I knew from previous experience to listen to “strangers” offering sage advice.

So I google Sam’s Italian Market and discover it is near Barnes and Noble. ( Regular readers know about me and bookstores!!) So I am deciding how to best arrange my errands. I have several places to go and I want to be mindful of the mileage and the impending snowfall. I am really aware of the traffic delays while on the road. I have noticed this the past few days: it may be due to Saturn stationing ( Saturn which often represents delays and time itself, is preparing to go into retrograde mode and slowing down to a temporary but powerful halt, which is called a station.)

So I am beginning to get a bit anxious about completing my errands as quickly as possible. I am really struggling about whether to go to the bookstore first or the market. And on top of it all, I have to use the bathroom. Eventually I conclude that I will go to the bookstore. Finding a parking space is really contentious, seems to be the theme of this week for me. So I head into Barnes and Noble and see a woman coming out of the doorway. I remember what Marianne Williamson, author, activist, and teacher of The Course In Miracles says, ( paraphrase) ” Wherever you go, wherever you are, blast the place and people with love!” So I immediately made eye contact and smiled at this woman. She beamed a big smile back and approached me. ” Don’t I know you?” She is a former co-worker who was thought to have left the country permanently to return back to South Africa. We embraced , spoke briefly, and wished each other well. I thought to myself ” What is it with me and Barnes and Noble lately??”

I tell this tale because it reinforces that everything does happen for a reason and timing IS everything. I listened to the old lady at the counter. I listened to my intuition about going to the bookstore first, despite the fact that I was driving a bit out-of-the-way on my route. What matters is that the woman was leaving Barnes and Nobles and if I had found a parking spot quickly or more conveniently located, I probably would have missed this encounter. I am beginning to find that there is even more to consider than the beauty of these ” chance” encounters. My sense is that they come into your life to jar you into remembering who you really are. We are all interconnected. I have had this happen to me hundreds of times but I am sharing these tales because it is important to be awake!


Please share your stories of synchronicity with me! I am close to 400 views. This is beyond awesome. Let me take this moment to thank all of my views, likes, and follows. When I hit 400, who knows, perhaps a party is in store. In the meantime, remember to blast love everywhere and be kinder while driving. And think of me when I sit down to enjoy the ultimate mortadella hoagie!

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mortadella sandwich image by jeffreyw ( [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

spiral by

20 comments on “Collisions and Mortadella

  1. I’m trying to get past that first picture. I just ate lunch and you have me wanting mordatella! I’d never heard of it before. And I have no excuse. I live 20 minute from the Italian Market if I wanted some.

    I love hearing your stories. And I do think they are important. They happen frequently to me and I like it because it keeps me wondering and falling down that rabbit hole.


    1. litebeing says:

      I have never visited the Italian market, so what’s my excuse? I have driven by but never walked around, lol!
      Mortadella is a very decadent Italian cold cut and my love for Italian food exploded after I traveled to Italy. I am glad my stories speak to you.I hope they help people pay more attention to the every day aspects of living. How is it down there ? 🙂


      1. The Italian Market is wonderful! It’s a world unto itself. They have tea and spice stores too. (And a wonderful Chinese herbalist and healer tucked away in there who I’ve seen when I had to balance my yin/yang.)

        Liked by 1 person

      2. litebeing says:

        Wow, kinda like Marrakesh in South Phila. So much happens under our noses and we often overlook the woo!
        Clearly this is a wonderful place, so much more than rival cheese steak wars 🙂


  2. shreejacob says:

    Nice story again about synchronicity. You know Linda, reading this story is making me realize that sometimes synchronicity is not about the “big” stuff but also the little stuff, which I too often love to disregard because it’s not really that awesome as some of the stories I hear from others!! BUT reading this and seeing how easily you gratefully accept even the chance encounter with an ex colleague is something for me to think about!!

    So thank you 🙂


    1. Hi Shree,

      thanks for your comment as it is making me think even deeper about the mechanics of synchronicity. I see that with this story it had plenty to do with making choices about listening to others and to myself. I really didn’t want to talk with the lady, I was being polite. But later my perspective changed. I also worked on listening more intently to my inner voice, especially under pressure. So seeing the ex colleague was a spiritual ” reward” for making choices with an open heart and mind!


  3. annesquared says:

    I am enjoying your blog. It is so nice to know that someone has the same type of stuff happen in their life. I was raised with it, so I thought it was normal… well, obviously it isn’t. So it is always nice to find people that have a similar point of view, or connection. 🙂


    1. Hi Anne,
      I am glad you are enjoying my blog. How wonderful that you were raised with it. And by the way, it IS normal, its’ just that people often tune out their awareness as they go through childhood. One of the many benefits of blogging is making connections! peace, linda


  4. Rachel says:

    I also have instances of meeting people from my past-sometimes after several years & completely unexpected-I too think there is a reason for this. I’ve enjoyed reading this blog-please keep it going! Oh & I wanted to thank you for the very kind & sweet note you had written me around the Holidays-I still have it =)


    1. thank you Rachel! It is so great to hear from you!

      peace, Linda


  5. Chef Randall says:

    Great journalism. Love how you tell your story. I seen you like a recipe over at Fiery Ginger. Actually your avatar caught my eye. Nice bird!!

    I am glad I clicked over. You have a nice blog here. I would like ti invite you to view my blog, Savor the Food.

    Thanks for sharing your blog with Us!! 🙂

    Chef Randall


    1. thank you for the kind words!


      1. Chef Randall says:

        Your welcome!! 🙂


  6. Linda Weeks says:

    I know just how you feel about synchronicity, It is amazing, when you see why you went the way you did, there must have been a purpose!


    1. Linda,
      It certainly makes life much more interesting!! 🙂


  7. Ok, now I desperately want mordatella for dinner!!! 😀


    1. Add some sopressatta and cappicola and you are good to go!
      Thanks for the comment and the visit. I also checked out your blog as well. peace, Linda


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