Back to Basics


I reblogged this powerful poem from Ben at  The Sacred Art of Language

When I read it, I felt myself beginning to re-member more of what my higher self already knows.

I just had to share it with my readers as it is simply a treasure.  Enjoy!


The Sacred Art of Language


Empty your boat, bhikku!

Forget your history,

Forget all you’ve learned and studied –

Do you think you can reach the mountaintop

With that library strapped to your back?

There is nothing that you need to carry –

You are being carried.

You can never grasp the Dharma

With all your reason and cleverness.

The cosmic laws are written

So that a child could understand.

Quit trying so hard.

Go back to basics.

Be simple. Be silent.

Be empty.

Embrace each moment from your inner stillness.

Lay down your plans and expectations

And remove the mind from the equation.

Feel these currents of energy

Shifting and surging;

Just flow with it.

Dance with Tao.

Ride the razor’s edge of Now 

You are already home.

~ Ben

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8 thoughts on “Back to Basics

  1. Dear Linda, thank you for sharing it. I have flu and I am in bed reading that blog, feeling quite miserable actually, but I find his words very healing. What a soul.
    The poem that you reblogged is important for me because I do tend to get overly bookish. But I sense now that it is also changing and I speak more from the heart than before.
    With gratitude,


  2. How ironic! What a wonderful poem! I read this just as I am right now this afternoon in the middle of purging my bookshelves of all those “new age” books. What a startling and synchronistic confirmation! Thank you for resharing this! I am going to print it out and hang it up as a reminder. –Susie


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