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Summer 2013 by © litebeing chronicles

Please check out my interview at Spotlight by the fabulous Ky Grabowski. Thanks to Amber Skye Forbes  for giving me this opportunity. Thank you all for supporting me.

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Ky Grabowski


Here’s what Spotlight is about; it’s an interview that promotes you! It will feature questions that are formatted to your needs. Questions will be focused on your work, upcoming work and some personal [butnotintrusive] questions for your fans to get to know you more!

Today features


dexter52413 (1)

1.   Tell us about yourself

My name is Linda and I go by lindalitebeing, creator of litebeing chronicles. I grew up along the East coast and have lived in the Philadelphia area since college. I am a licensed Social Worker and have worked in Child Welfare and Mental Health for most of my career. Currently I work as a psychotherapist in private practice.  I have been fascinated by astrology since age 7 or 8 and was already giving astrological advice to my friends in sixth grade! Astrology and helping others has been a constant thread throughout my…

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19 thoughts on “Spotlight; Litebeing

  1. Ah Linda~ That was such a delightful insight into my dearest dove of a litebeing friend. You are truly enchanting, a little miracle. I am so excited you are blooming into your astrologer self. The world will be more blessed as a result!


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