and the 1000 th comment is from ………….

Drum roll please :  The 1000 th comment on litebeing chronicles was made by Glorialana of  Glorialana’s Blog .  Thank you Glorialana for participating in this experiment I like to call blogging. I value everyone’s participation. It is so exciting to get people’s reactions, questions, observations, musings, and then observe the “cross-pollination effect”.  I have borrowed this phrase to describe what happens when one commenter replies to another commenter and then these comments make it to other blogs or Facebook, twitter, etc.. It is a metaphysical snowball effect that can even occur during the dog days of August!

Can I say Oh Happy Day!!

Now for the surprise! I decided that participation should be rewarded. For some time I toyed with the idea of creating my own award for commenters. I also kicked around some prototypes. What I discovered is that I do not possess the graphic design gene.  So now what ?   Do I abandon my dream?  Forsake the beloved comments and smiley faces? No way loyal readers!  Don’t worry ’cause I got this.

This is where you, my amazing readers come in:

Welcome to the First ever Litebeing Chronicles Commenter Award Design Contest. I am looking for a catchy eye-popping design that is WordPress worthy.


Have fun!

Use a global or international theme

Include litebeing chronicles and the word commenter in your design

Have fun! ( in case you missed it the first time)

You can submit as many designs as you want. Deadline is  9-1-13  .

 Email your submissions to me at .

The winner will be featured in a special post and will have their award prominently displayed on my blog. I will also award it to Glorialana. In addition the winner will be able to use this award on their blog  and distribute as they wish.

I cannot wait to see what you all come up with!!

header image by litebeing chronicles © 2013

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19 thoughts on “and the 1000 th comment is from ………….

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  8. I´m cross-pollinating from another comment I made that I recalled this little synchronicity with you using the concept “cross-pollination effect”. Cross-pollinating is one of my favorite words, and I had been thinking about it a lot just recently (relating to societal issues this time). It was fun to see you using the word not that often seen anywhere.

    Congrats for the 1000 comments!


    1. maybe you are my good luck charm! Your bright lively personality certainly is contagious.

      Congratulations on making the one thousandth comment. I have launched a contest to design an award. The winning award will be given to you so keep visiting.

      love, Linda


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