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Here is Glorialana’s post on receiving her 1000th Commenter Award from Litebeing Chronicles. thank you dear!

Glorialana Magazine

Hello God!

Thank You for this luck to live providing to all of us. You know not only we but the whole Universe is created by pure luck. Stephen Hawking in his book “The Grand Design” writes: “Spontaneous creation is the reason there is something rather than nothing, why the universe exists, why we exist.”

Professor continues “That makes the coincidences of our planetary conditions – the single Sun, the lucky combination of Earth-Sun distance and solar mass.” So we all are lucky to live.

I am awarded for the 1000th comment in my friend’s Linda blog. It was a pure luck and lucky combination of myriad of factors in this time and space continuum. I call myself a Good Luck Charm for Linda and sincerely believe it works. I am accepting the award with great gratitude and joy. Thank you Linda for your lite being in my life.

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With the Sun just entering Virgo ( and approaching my Sun / Moon midpoint) , it is time for me to get a bit organized. So here goes:

Award Design Contest Update: The Best Comment Award  Contest is in full swing.  While the entries I have received thus far are wonderful, I am hoping more people will get involved! With so many artists, photographers,  and computer geniuses among us in the blogosphere, the creative potential is staggering!!!

I am extending the contest deadline until September 15th, so that there is more time for all to join in, and to also include those who have been vacationing.

For all the contest details: And the 1000th comment is from

Thanks to those who have already contributed!  You rock!!  Please spread the word to those who enjoy a fun chance to compete and ” strut your stuff!”

Also, let’s give a big shout out to Shree for advertising the contest on her glorious blog The Heartsongs Blog.  While you are there, please check out her mandalas, so gorgeous!!

hydrangea 2013, by © litebeing chronicles

Milestones: I am very excited as litebeing chronicles approaches 200 followers – a huge Namaste to everyone who has paid me a visit!  It is an honor to tell my stories to you and genuinely share my journey as I continue to find my way HOME….

Re-posts: I plan to re-post some articles that you may have missed over the summer, as well as some ” Golden oldies ” for newer readers. I find that sometimes when I reread a book or listen again to an old song, I get the message in a new way. Perhaps that is also true for you. Let me know if this resonates , you know how I love your comments and questions!!

Reiki with Heidi: I recently received a remote Reiki healing from blogger pal Heidi of The Eagle and the Serpent. I can be a tough customer at times and a bit of a skeptic, but this woman is quite powerful and gifted!! Once the dust settles, I plan to blog about my experience. If I were you, I would contact her ASAP for an appointment before she is fully booked for the remainder of the year!!! It does not matter if you are local or not, this powerful energy transmission is boundless and perfectly suited to what is needed.  Stay tuned for the full story coming soon……

white orchid, longwood gardens 2013 by litebeing chronicles
white orchid, Longwood gardens 2013 by © litebeing chronicles

While I feel some sadness as the Summer begins to wane, I have learned so much this season, and have enjoyed myself beyond measure. I eagerly anticipate the Autumn, with the promise of crisp air, vivid hues contained throughout each cascading leaf, and continuous expression here in our evolving community!

and the 1000 th comment is from ………….

Drum roll please :  The 1000 th comment on litebeing chronicles was made by Glorialana of  Glorialana’s Blog .  Thank you Glorialana for participating in this experiment I like to call blogging. I value everyone’s participation. It is so exciting to get people’s reactions, questions, observations, musings, and then observe the “cross-pollination effect”.  I have borrowed this phrase to describe what happens when one commenter replies to another commenter and then these comments make it to other blogs or Facebook, twitter, etc.. It is a metaphysical snowball effect that can even occur during the dog days of August!

Can I say Oh Happy Day!!

Now for the surprise! I decided that participation should be rewarded. For some time I toyed with the idea of creating my own award for commenters. I also kicked around some prototypes. What I discovered is that I do not possess the graphic design gene.  So now what ?   Do I abandon my dream?  Forsake the beloved comments and smiley faces? No way loyal readers!  Don’t worry ’cause I got this.

This is where you, my amazing readers come in:

Welcome to the First ever Litebeing Chronicles Commenter Award Design Contest. I am looking for a catchy eye-popping design that is WordPress worthy.


Have fun!

Use a global or international theme

Include litebeing chronicles and the word commenter in your design

Have fun! ( in case you missed it the first time)

You can submit as many designs as you want. Deadline is  9-1-13  .

 Email your submissions to me at .

The winner will be featured in a special post and will have their award prominently displayed on my blog. I will also award it to Glorialana. In addition the winner will be able to use this award on their blog  and distribute as they wish.

I cannot wait to see what you all come up with!!

header image by litebeing chronicles © 2013

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Welcome to this special 111 GLOBAL PARTY!!

Please join me now and pick up a glass and to toast to my followers, readers, fellow bloggers, and friends of litebeing chronicles. Make yourselves at home: grab some food, play some tunes, visit some posts and pages – I have made some revisions ( gotta see my story ) so you might like to check out what you may have missed. There’s an open bar and sit down meal featuring some international favorites. Please dance to some global and old school beats or chill and hang out. Don’t forget the special giveaways at the end of the party….

 Cheers to good friends, creativity, WordPress, and the joy of blogging!


champagne or sparkling cider ( to toast)

Appetizer Buffet

guacamole, salsa, hummus, tzatziki, baba ganoush

 crudites and tortilla chips

organic salad  and fruit bar

assorted sushi and sashimi

lobster rolls – connecticut style

vietnamese  shrimp summer rolls

 sriracha and assorted dipping sauces

mini peking duck rolls

tamales with red and green chile – vegan

mini pizzas with assorted toppings

assorted satay with peanut sauce

garlic naan with chutney and raita

veggie samosas – vegetarian

jamaican meat and veggie patties

jerk chicken wings /  rice and peas with plantains


chu chee duck curry

thai green seafood curry

beef redang

asian ginger veggie stir-fry – vegan

enchiladas verde – choice of cheese or chicken

burger sliders – choice of beef, salmon, or veggie

 ( pommes frites and dipping sauces)

doro wat with injera

wiener schnitzel with spaetzle, red cabbage and gravy

home-made cheese tortellini

(choice of  fresh pesto or marinara sauce – vegetarian)

lamb tagine with couscous

feijoada with collard greens , toasted manioc meal,

(hot sauce, and orange wedges )

palak paneer – vegetarian

lamb rogan josh

chicken madras

chef’s combo – choose a sampling of your favorite entrees

Dessert/ Drink Menu

open bar ( non alcoholic and alcoholic beverages)

german chocolate cake

assorted gelato and fresh fruit sorbet

organic strawberry rhubarb pie


coffee, espresso

assorted caffeinated and herbal teas

Party Favors

I was given these two gorgeous awards created by the Talented TamrahJo of The Good, Bad And Ludicrous. Recipients were instructed to distribute them as they see fit, as long as they don’t pretend they are their own. So if you are one of my readers ( if you are reading this now you qualify!), feel free to take these home and pass on to others as the mood strikes. Let’s make a toast to TamrahJo!




Make sure that you take some party favors and read the end of the post for the surprise giveaways!! before you leave.




Now it’s time for my surprise announcement! I am giving away  3  free astrology sessions to the first 3 followers who sign up.  111 adds up to three, which also rhymes with free, so it all comes together organically! The sessions include a natal chart interpretation and forecast for the year ahead. I use western astrology and incorporate my intuitive abilities into the readings.  Logistical arrangements, phone, Skype, etc, will be made between myself and the individual participants once the selections are made.

To sign up,  you must be a current follower and request a reading in the guest book/comments section. That’s all, just be a follower and post a reply!  I am very excited to share this with you and hope that those who have been wanting a reading will now be able to enjoy this offering.

 Namaste and in light, litebeing

Don’t forget to grab a party favor and sign the guest book !

header image courtesy of

“You’re like, Epically Awesome man ” – The Award

Thanks to Tamrah Jo of  The Good, Bad and Ludicrous for nominating me and writing the following about my blog:

“While there’s always a story to go with, the pictures here just lift my spirit, all by themselves, AND then I get to be inspired by the words!”

She neatly summarized my spiritual mission statement. I am grateful that someone understands what I want to achieve by blogging and hope I can continue to fulfill my mission.  Please read her creative blog filled with hilarious anecdotes and plenty of heart.


So here’s the 2, ” To-Do’s”  in order to display Epic Awesomeness

1. Tell 10 Epic/Awesome tales about yourself.

Ten Epic/ Awesome Tales:

1- When I was a teenager, my family went to LA and my great-cousin worked at one of the studios. He got us tickets to the Johnny Carson show. Johnny was off that evening, but we were shown on TV in the audience.

2- The second time I took the MBTI test, I scored the highest possible score for Intuition!

3- I ate at the Llanerch Diner featured in Silver Linings Playbook.

4- Some of my thoughts about Quaker practices were referenced in a very popular Quaker pamphlet.

5- I toured Resorts International, the first Casino in Atlantic City , before it opened to the public.

6- I earned two Master’s degrees and tuition for one of them ( the more expensive one) was paid for by scholarship.

7-  Ramtha hugged me when I went to his workshop.

8- I have in my possession most of my original vinyl records.

9- Even after waking up and getting out of bed, I have been able to re-enter some of my dreams.

And Drum roll please……

10- Did you know I blog at WordPress? ( the most awesome tale)

2. Nominate 10 Epic/Awesome bloggers and let them know how Awesome they are.

While I know way more than 10 awesome bloggers, I am going to nominate 3 today. It has been a very hectic award season ( Now I know how Meryl Streep must feel!) so I want to narrow my focus.  I have chosen people who I am just beginning to get to know. All three individuals are heroic in their own way. While they live in different regions of the world and belong to various generations, what they do share is resilience and grace. In my book, that is spelled AWESOME ( like epically!)



Amber is an old soul in a young college student’s body who dances, writes, struggles, and shines. Amber’s lovely starry blog sparkles with brutal honesty about the creative process in the life of a woman with bipolar disorder. Triple please, get to know her and see if you aren’t moved by her words.

Ajaytao 2010

Ajay is a beacon of light and we litebeings love this about him and his blog. His inspirational quotes and mind-blowing photography will help you transcend the day-to-day stresses and bring back your smile! He is a kind, giving man who doesn’t let his physical health issues limit his impact on the planet. If you haven’t seen his pictures, you  are in for quite a treat.

The Good, Bad and Ludicrous

Now I know its unorthodox to re-gift an award, but… who am I kidding? Orthodoxy is not in my nature, and I just had to nominate  Tamrah Jo.  She came on the scene with a vengeance with her quirky tales and feisty spirit. She has suffered setbacks and grief , yet she fills the blogosphere with humor, passion, and unique wisdom. Visit her blog often, there is always something fresh and vibrant to savor.

Final thoughts:

I had previously thought the word awesome was something for ” those kids today” to repeat relentlessly, until it became obligatory , and eventually extinct. I want to take awesome back to its original meaning with this award and these nominees : the inspiration of awe….

image by

Tag Award

Tazein of  transcendingbordersblog has nominated me for the Tag  Award! Thank you, Tazein! Please visit her lovely blog and get to know her work and her sweet spirit.

tag-image65 (1)
Tag Award


1-Post a picture of the award on your blog.

2-Tag back the person who tagged you to let them know you have accepted the award.

3- State 11 facts about yourself.

4- Answer the 11 questions I have asked you.

5-Tag the same amount of people as there are letters in your name.

6-Ask your OWN QUESTIONS -11 of them, to the people you have tagged.

7-Contact the people you have tagged to let them know they have been tagged.

11 facts about myself:

1- My left hand is dominant but I can iron with my right hand.

2- I won a prize for playing pinball.

3- At my cousin’s wedding I was a bridesmaid and Jerry Seinfeld was the usher who  walked down the aisle with me!

4- I kept almost all of my old concert tickets

5- I really enjoy reading cookbooks – mostly for the pictures.

6- Spring and Autumn are my favorite seasons.

7- I became lactose intolerant a few years back.

8- My new favorite prayer is ” Use me God ” .

9- The Mister Softee ice cream truck song brings joy to my being and will literally stop me in my tracks.

Watch this video for your  immediate indoctrination into the Mister Softee club

10- I have been watching The Young and the Restless almost since it began airing.

11- I can pick up small objects with my toes.


1-What is your dream goal in life?
 One of those dreams would be to have Oprah interview me on Super Soul Sunday.

2-Do you believe in God?
  I am part of God, we are all one.

3-Have you already published, or thinking of publishing your book?
 One book idea is to explore individual and collective mystical experiences and how they are accepted by the predominant cultures of various countries throughout the world.

4-What do you do to relax and unwind?
  Mellow music, walks in nature, a good book

5-Do you have children?
  Dexter is my baby


6-Where do you look for happiness?

7-What is your favorite color?
  Look at the text !

8-Who is your favorite author?
  I don’t have a favorite, I am an avid reader and my favorite is whoever I am reading now!

9-What motivates you to blog?
  My desire to become more of my real self and inspire others to do the same

10-Do you believe in love at first sight?

11–Are you doing a full time job?
  I am a part-time mystic ( see my blog title) soon hoping to be promoted to full-time status

1- What is your favorite cartoon character?

2- Do you speak any languages other than your native language?

3- What dishes would be served for your favorite meal?

4- Why did you start blogging?

5- Beatles or Rolling Stones?

6- What is your dream travel destination?

7- Do you prefer writing or typing?

8- How has WordPress changed your life?

9- Can you whistle?

10-If you could choose an alter-ego, who would you become?

11- Do you prefer life before or after the invention of cellphones?



Here are my awardees, please check out them out – great people, great blogs, great storytellers:

James Fielden

Karen Kubicko




Best Moment Award

I have been nominated by  Tazein at transcendingbordersblog   for the Best Moment Award!

Thank you Tazein for bestowing this honor upon me.. Tazein exemplifies courage, faith, and transcendence in action.  Please check out her lovingly inspirational blog!!!

3 Best Moment Awards

” Awarding the people who live in the moment, The noble who write and capture the best in life, The bold who reminded us what really mattered – savoring the experience of quality time. “


Winners re-post this completely with their acceptance speech. That could be written down or video recorded.

Winners have the privilege of awarding the next  awardees! The re-post should include a NEW list of people, blogs worthy of the award, and winners notify them the great news.


What makes a good acceptance speech?

Gratitude-.Thank the people who helped you along the way.

Humor-Keep us entertained and smiling.

Inspiration-Make your story touch our lives.

Get an idea from the great acceptance speech, compiled in

Display the award’s badge on your blog/website, downloadable in


First, I’d like to thank the Academy…….. Hey, the rules say to inject humor and this has always been a fantasy of mine! No seriously I am incredibly humbled by being nominated for this award. In addition to Tazein, I want to thank 2 bloggers who immediately took me under their wings and guided me through the WordPress terrain, Karen Kubicko and Sindy of bluebutterfliesandme . These two incredible women befriended me and introduced me to nifty blogging tricks and even more wonderful fellow bloggers.

Writing has always been in my blood, perhaps even before Astrology. Around 1st or 2nd grade I was given an assignment to create sentences and a story using our new spelling words. I will never forget the way I felt when my teacher said I was really good at story writing. Combine this with my gift for spelling and fertile imagination and I was metaphorically off to the races! ( My spelling is not quite as sharp these days.)  But that early memory of being noticed ignited that introverted little girl’s passion for writing and story-telling. I tell stories and listen to stories as a therapist. I help interpret stories as an astrologer. I voraciously read , listen to, visualize, and watch stories as a self-proclaimed book addict, music fan, art connoisseur  and film lover. For the astrologers, I have a moon in Gemini with Venus  ruling my 3rd house. My Venus in Sag sits in the 10th house sextiling my Aquarius Ascendant and trining my chart ruler Uranus. What helped trigger the blogging was my last Solar Return chart. In the Solar Return chart Mercury sits on the third house cusp, Mars is also in the third (both in Sag) and they both oppose Jupiter in Gemini in the 9th!

I have always journalled and took writing courses in high school. I was torn between majoring in creative writing and psychology in college and eventually went with psychology. Apart from academics and work-related stuff, public writing was basically abandoned. Until NOW, and the joy blogging brings me is too enormous to be limited by any adjective in any language. It is the gift that truly keeps on giving.

What I never contemplated was that exercising my creative gift would lead me to a whole new network of like-minded universal souls like you! It is no small feat to meet up with esoteric minded, spiritually centered folks from across the planet who love astrology, arts, shamanism, mindfulness, photography, energy healing, sacred geometry, nature, poetry,  travel, symbols, international cuisine, indie cinema, cats and reincarnation. Add to that, the INFJs, lucid dreamers, and lightworkers. I am still seeking fellow left-handed people so let me know if you are part of my tribe. I could list even more unusual alliances, but I think you get the picture.

Let me close by saying that winning an award for living in the moment is more than ironic since I am very adept at living in my head. However, my recent reintroduction to daily meditation has certainly assisted me in achieving more stillness and becoming more present. This presence has certainly been enhanced by all the light I have received reflected in the glow of this magnificent community.


Here are my awardees: I have chosen the following bloggers that inspire me daily with precious moments that shine and sparkle like an acre of diamonds.  I want to showcase blogs that are fairly new and/or lesser known and deserve recognition for their authenticity, creativity, passion for their craft, sheer brilliance, and generosity of spirit.  Please seek them out and add them to your global family.

1- Dear Miracle


3-Soul Magnitude

4- Eat!

∆ Three Corners ∆

6- The Eagle and The Serpent




10- aMusing Spirit

11-Crow & Valentine

Thank you again for this award and sharing my joy of creative expression.

Here is the incomparable Whitney Houston’s  One Moment in Time, clearly channeled from the angelic realm:

image by