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With the Sun just entering Virgo ( and approaching my Sun / Moon midpoint) , it is time for me to get a bit organized. So here goes:

Award Design Contest Update: The Best Comment Award  Contest is in full swing.  While the entries I have received thus far are wonderful, I am hoping more people will get involved! With so many artists, photographers,  and computer geniuses among us in the blogosphere, the creative potential is staggering!!!

I am extending the contest deadline until September 15th, so that there is more time for all to join in, and to also include those who have been vacationing.

For all the contest details: And the 1000th comment is from

Thanks to those who have already contributed!  You rock!!  Please spread the word to those who enjoy a fun chance to compete and ” strut your stuff!”

Also, let’s give a big shout out to Shree for advertising the contest on her glorious blog The Heartsongs Blog.  While you are there, please check out her mandalas, so gorgeous!!


hydrangea 2013, by © litebeing chronicles

Milestones: I am very excited as litebeing chronicles approaches 200 followers – a huge Namaste to everyone who has paid me a visit!  It is an honor to tell my stories to you and genuinely share my journey as I continue to find my way HOME….

Re-posts: I plan to re-post some articles that you may have missed over the summer, as well as some ” Golden oldies ” for newer readers. I find that sometimes when I reread a book or listen again to an old song, I get the message in a new way. Perhaps that is also true for you. Let me know if this resonates , you know how I love your comments and questions!!

Reiki with Heidi: I recently received a remote Reiki healing from blogger pal Heidi of The Eagle and the Serpent. I can be a tough customer at times and a bit of a skeptic, but this woman is quite powerful and gifted!! Once the dust settles, I plan to blog about my experience. If I were you, I would contact her ASAP for an appointment before she is fully booked for the remainder of the year!!! It does not matter if you are local or not, this powerful energy transmission is boundless and perfectly suited to what is needed.  Stay tuned for the full story coming soon……

white orchid, longwood gardens 2013 by litebeing chronicles

white orchid, Longwood gardens 2013 by © litebeing chronicles

While I feel some sadness as the Summer begins to wane, I have learned so much this season, and have enjoyed myself beyond measure. I eagerly anticipate the Autumn, with the promise of crisp air, vivid hues contained throughout each cascading leaf, and continuous expression here in our evolving community!

13 comments on “Announcements

  1. Ajaytao2010 says:

    I Nominate you for a Super Bunch of Awards – 30 Nominations
    please choose any 3 awards out of the 30
    accept it and oblige

    there are no linkbacks for this award


    1. wow! thank you so much Ajay!


      1. Ajaytao2010 says:

        Oh dear Linda just enjoy and share love

        thank you so much


  2. shreejacob says:

    Ooo thank you for the shout out!
    I can’t wait to see all the submissions 😀 *does the contained excited dance*
    Reading and / or watching things again after a long break does tend to give me either new insights or I seem to be able to read stuff that I initially found tough, easier to understand! Now though, when a book doesn’t resonate with me, I keep it aside and then reach out for it at a later time…and voila! It makes more sense 😉
    Looking forward for the post on your Reiki healing experience. Haven’t had one done before…


    1. Hi Shree,
      One of the advantages of buying books versus borrowing them , is that there is no time limit and you can go back and forth at your pace. It is all about the ” timing “.

      thank you for all the support 🙂


    2. reikiheidi says:

      Firstly, thanks to linda for posting about this, & I too can’t wait to hear read about how it has impacted/affected Linda.
      Shreejacob, if you want to know more, you can vsit my website on I have written a piece specifically on how Distant Healing works 🙂
      (Linda I hope you don’t mind me putting my website here!)

      Light & Blessings xx


      1. shreejacob says:

        Hi Heidi! Thank you for that.
        I shall take a trip to your website to have a look 🙂


      2. Hi Heidi!

        I plan to create the post soon, still processing…
        And don’t worry about plugging your website here, I am glad to support your business 🙂


  3. Lol and maybe because I do not live in a cold place but I do not like summer and I am so glad that it is coming to a close. Re-post are good but I want fresh material. I am looking forward to reading your reiki with Heidi post. 😀

    Yeah Fall! Usually Scorpio’s like us like the Fall the best!!!!

    Sindy Sue


    1. Hi to my biggest fan and biggest critic!! The East coast is all about the seasonal shifts. I adore the Fall, but feel sad to watch the laid back Summer vibe fade.

      You will get fresh material I promise. Do me a favor and let your peeps know about the contest!

      love ya, Sindy Sue


    2. reikiheidi says:

      Snap! I’m Scorpio too & love autumn (or ‘fall’).
      Maybe we could start a Scorpio club…? 😀 xx


      1. Scorpio Sisterhood! My sister is also a Scorpio.


      2. reikiheidi says:

        Lol, so is my mum 😀 Scorpios everywhere!
        Interestingly, my daughter is a TRIPLE Aries! I can see trouble ahead….!


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