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Best Moment Award

I have been nominated by  Tazein at transcendingbordersblog   for the Best Moment Award!

Thank you Tazein for bestowing this honor upon me.. Tazein exemplifies courage, faith, and transcendence in action.  Please check out her lovingly inspirational blog!!!

3 Best Moment Awards

” Awarding the people who live in the moment, The noble who write and capture the best in life, The bold who reminded us what really mattered – savoring the experience of quality time. “


Winners re-post this completely with their acceptance speech. That could be written down or video recorded.

Winners have the privilege of awarding the next  awardees! The re-post should include a NEW list of people, blogs worthy of the award, and winners notify them the great news.


What makes a good acceptance speech?

Gratitude-.Thank the people who helped you along the way.

Humor-Keep us entertained and smiling.

Inspiration-Make your story touch our lives.

Get an idea from the great acceptance speech, compiled in

Display the award’s badge on your blog/website, downloadable in


First, I’d like to thank the Academy…….. Hey, the rules say to inject humor and this has always been a fantasy of mine! No seriously I am incredibly humbled by being nominated for this award. In addition to Tazein, I want to thank 2 bloggers who immediately took me under their wings and guided me through the WordPress terrain, Karen Kubicko and Sindy of bluebutterfliesandme . These two incredible women befriended me and introduced me to nifty blogging tricks and even more wonderful fellow bloggers.

Writing has always been in my blood, perhaps even before Astrology. Around 1st or 2nd grade I was given an assignment to create sentences and a story using our new spelling words. I will never forget the way I felt when my teacher said I was really good at story writing. Combine this with my gift for spelling and fertile imagination and I was metaphorically off to the races! ( My spelling is not quite as sharp these days.)  But that early memory of being noticed ignited that introverted little girl’s passion for writing and story-telling. I tell stories and listen to stories as a therapist. I help interpret stories as an astrologer. I voraciously read , listen to, visualize, and watch stories as a self-proclaimed book addict, music fan, art connoisseur  and film lover. For the astrologers, I have a moon in Gemini with Venus  ruling my 3rd house. My Venus in Sag sits in the 10th house sextiling my Aquarius Ascendant and trining my chart ruler Uranus. What helped trigger the blogging was my last Solar Return chart. In the Solar Return chart Mercury sits on the third house cusp, Mars is also in the third (both in Sag) and they both oppose Jupiter in Gemini in the 9th!

I have always journalled and took writing courses in high school. I was torn between majoring in creative writing and psychology in college and eventually went with psychology. Apart from academics and work-related stuff, public writing was basically abandoned. Until NOW, and the joy blogging brings me is too enormous to be limited by any adjective in any language. It is the gift that truly keeps on giving.

What I never contemplated was that exercising my creative gift would lead me to a whole new network of like-minded universal souls like you! It is no small feat to meet up with esoteric minded, spiritually centered folks from across the planet who love astrology, arts, shamanism, mindfulness, photography, energy healing, sacred geometry, nature, poetry,  travel, symbols, international cuisine, indie cinema, cats and reincarnation. Add to that, the INFJs, lucid dreamers, and lightworkers. I am still seeking fellow left-handed people so let me know if you are part of my tribe. I could list even more unusual alliances, but I think you get the picture.

Let me close by saying that winning an award for living in the moment is more than ironic since I am very adept at living in my head. However, my recent reintroduction to daily meditation has certainly assisted me in achieving more stillness and becoming more present. This presence has certainly been enhanced by all the light I have received reflected in the glow of this magnificent community.


Here are my awardees: I have chosen the following bloggers that inspire me daily with precious moments that shine and sparkle like an acre of diamonds.  I want to showcase blogs that are fairly new and/or lesser known and deserve recognition for their authenticity, creativity, passion for their craft, sheer brilliance, and generosity of spirit.  Please seek them out and add them to your global family.

1- Dear Miracle


3-Soul Magnitude

4- Eat!

∆ Three Corners ∆

6- The Eagle and The Serpent




10- aMusing Spirit

11-Crow & Valentine

Thank you again for this award and sharing my joy of creative expression.

Here is the incomparable Whitney Houston’s  One Moment in Time, clearly channeled from the angelic realm:

image by

15 comments on “Best Moment Award

  1. I have nominated you for The Tag Award! Congratulations! Please visit this


    1. thank you my dear Tazein ! I joyously accept and will be blogging about this shortly : )


  2. annesquared says:

    Congratulations. 🙂


  3. Congratulations, Linda!


  4. Awe Linda~ Thank you Girl! You know it is my honor & my pleasure to help you in any way I can. I too was surprised by the awesome bloggers here at Word Press. Here I have made REAL friends, even though I only have about 300 followers her compared to 2000 friends on FB, the quality of communication and interaction are far superior here than FB or other social networking sites.

    You and I are soul sisters!


    1. love the Awe, very clever and fitting since I am in awe of all that is transpiring here. you have been like a angelic spirit guide to me, full of joy and good humor!

      love, Linda


      1. You know I love ya Girl~ I meant awe and not ah 🙂


  5. Congratulations !!! Thank You for nominating me !!! *Cynthia


    1. Thank you Cynthia, my local blogger friend! Your blog is lovely so enjoy your award!

      peace, Linda


  6. Wonderful acceptance speech!


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