Musings – 4-11-13: Post Aries New Moon Frenzy, Pre Eclipse Madness and More


Iris’s in Monet’s Garden ~ piscean stew

Just a quick post to acknowledge some significant happenings: First of all, Exactly 3 months ago, on the auspiciously selected date 1-11-13, I posted my first blog entry. It was right after the official start of the traditional Western New Year. Today 4-11-13 marks the 3 month anniversary, which forms the square and symbolizes the beginning of the Astrological New Year. I want to check in with folks to see how they are experiencing this energy. We went from a recent sumptuous Pisces stew to a potent rambunctious passionate creative Aries blaze of glory. I personally am aware of an electric impulsive frenetic expressive wave of flames interspersed with the ethereal poetic Piscean residue. How about you? aries ~ blaze of glory

You throw the coming eclipses into the mix and what do you get ….

While we figure this out collectively, I just have to say how grateful I am for all the love I have found in this creative process. Ironic ( or not?), I get chosen for a blog award on the heels of the approaching new moon! I promise to blog on this very soon, but want to take some time now to say what  first started out to be a somewhat loose , spiritually developmental  odyssey has blossomed into a glorious cornucopia of wildly ascending souls engaged in perspective bending, consciousness building , and mass enlightenment;  A celebration of luminous beings grooving in dialogue, artistry, and kinship. Its analogous to the seasonal shift from the stark cardinal Winter environment  transitioning to the fertile cardinal Spring landscape inviting rebirth, engagement and renewal.

I said this would be brief, but you are  getting to know me by now and realize, my beautiful readers, that brevity for me is relative!

Please grace me with your impressions below, let me know how you are finding these very interesting times !

monet image via, public domain
fire image by

4 thoughts on “Musings – 4-11-13: Post Aries New Moon Frenzy, Pre Eclipse Madness and More

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    1. thank you for sharing how you are dealing with the frenzy

      it can be the most intense for those with planets in aries, cancer, libra, and capricorn.

      plus the first eclipse in the series that occurs on thursday will be shining its spotlight on taurus, scorpio,aquarius, and leo folks

      stay tuned and stay grounded!


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