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Tag Award

Tazein of  transcendingbordersblog has nominated me for the Tag  Award! Thank you, Tazein! Please visit her lovely blog and get to know her work and her sweet spirit.

tag-image65 (1)

Tag Award


1-Post a picture of the award on your blog.

2-Tag back the person who tagged you to let them know you have accepted the award.

3- State 11 facts about yourself.

4- Answer the 11 questions I have asked you.

5-Tag the same amount of people as there are letters in your name.

6-Ask your OWN QUESTIONS -11 of them, to the people you have tagged.

7-Contact the people you have tagged to let them know they have been tagged.

11 facts about myself:

1- My left hand is dominant but I can iron with my right hand.

2- I won a prize for playing pinball.

3- At my cousin’s wedding I was a bridesmaid and Jerry Seinfeld was the usher who  walked down the aisle with me!

4- I kept almost all of my old concert tickets

5- I really enjoy reading cookbooks – mostly for the pictures.

6- Spring and Autumn are my favorite seasons.

7- I became lactose intolerant a few years back.

8- My new favorite prayer is ” Use me God ” .

9- The Mister Softee ice cream truck song brings joy to my being and will literally stop me in my tracks.

Watch this video for your  immediate indoctrination into the Mister Softee club

10- I have been watching The Young and the Restless almost since it began airing.

11- I can pick up small objects with my toes.


1-What is your dream goal in life?
 One of those dreams would be to have Oprah interview me on Super Soul Sunday.

2-Do you believe in God?
  I am part of God, we are all one.

3-Have you already published, or thinking of publishing your book?
 One book idea is to explore individual and collective mystical experiences and how they are accepted by the predominant cultures of various countries throughout the world.

4-What do you do to relax and unwind?
  Mellow music, walks in nature, a good book

5-Do you have children?
  Dexter is my baby



6-Where do you look for happiness?

7-What is your favorite color?
  Look at the text !

8-Who is your favorite author?
  I don’t have a favorite, I am an avid reader and my favorite is whoever I am reading now!

9-What motivates you to blog?
  My desire to become more of my real self and inspire others to do the same

10-Do you believe in love at first sight?

11–Are you doing a full time job?
  I am a part-time mystic ( see my blog title) soon hoping to be promoted to full-time status

1- What is your favorite cartoon character?

2- Do you speak any languages other than your native language?

3- What dishes would be served for your favorite meal?

4- Why did you start blogging?

5- Beatles or Rolling Stones?

6- What is your dream travel destination?

7- Do you prefer writing or typing?

8- How has WordPress changed your life?

9- Can you whistle?

10-If you could choose an alter-ego, who would you become?

11- Do you prefer life before or after the invention of cellphones?



Here are my awardees, please check out them out – great people, great blogs, great storytellers:

James Fielden

Karen Kubicko




14 comments on “Tag Award

  1. JERRY?? Seriously? You lucky girl! I have seen Seinfeld a few times and I know a lot of it by heart.


    1. it is really true, before he was on seinfeld. did not know the show was a hit in Europe

      love how you refer to him as Jerry 🙂


      1. Actually it was not such a hit in Europe but it was always a huge hit with me. 🙂


      2. maybe you are part American then : )


      3. Not ethnically but I love Americans and almost everything about America.


  2. Linda….OMG… lol we are so much alike, I want to answer the questions ask of you too. lol Stones or Beatles? That just ain’t right! lol


    1. wonderful, on behalf of our beloved blog community, we want to know more about you so answer away!


  3. hi linda!
    congrats on your award and on your work. we thank you for the nod and put together a thank you post that we just published. your post does great justice to the tag award. we look forward to blogging with you for many moons and suns to come.
    namaste from o and OM


    1. love my rum drinking / lime meringue pie eating pirate twins,
      your post is also tag-worthy 🙂
      let the games continue ……………

      love and light, litebeing


      1. oh the games shall 🙂 glad youre on board.


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