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Intense Scorpio and flippant Gemini are so antithetical that they might as well be from two different planets, if not two different dimensions altogether. They do,  however, have one thing in common. Both signs possess excellent situational awareness.

Matt Savinar ~ Watching the Watchers – The Cryptic Charts of the NSA and Edward Snowden, The Mountain Astrologer Magazine



US free domain


I find my Sun/ Moon combo to be elusive. I have my Sun in Scorpio with the Moon in Gemini in a biquintile aspect. The biquintile is 144 degrees and is defined as a double quintile ( 72 degrees) A quintile takes the 360 degree wheel and divides it by five so the biquintile takes up 2/5ths of the wheel. The quintile family is purported to be the aspect of gifts and talents. Perhaps it is so. The biquintile probably functions most of the time in my life like an inconjunct ( 150 degrees) which is like 2 ships passing in the night and never meeting. Or a square peg in a round hole. Just not quite there. I have made adjustments over the years to accommodate both influences.

What is it about these energies that intrigue me so? Both Mercury and Pluto are forever in motion and catalyzing change. They operate differently and at opposite speed, but are the Magicians and Alchemists of the Zodiac. Don’t be fooled by the charm, wit, or flirtatiousness, there is much more happening behind the mystique.

Yet one of my astrology teachers stressed the similarities between Gemini and Scorpio, particularly curiosity. I do see this passion to uncover mysteries mundane and esoteric to be a lifelong theme in my journey. Then The Mountain Astrologer did a fascinating piece on Edward Snowden and the  NSA. Check out his Gemini Sun and Ascendant paired with a Scorpio Moon. The NSA has a Scorpio Sun and a Gemini Moon. Don’t worry about me though, my computer skills are quite rudimentary!

Some notable Sun Scorpio, Moon Gemini individuals: Bonnie Raitt,  Goldie Hawn, Roseanne Barr, Grace Slick, Christopher Noth ( Mr. Big on Sex and the City), Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Auguste Rodin, Lamar Odom, ( we share a birthday) John Keats

Gemini Sun, Scorpio Moon: Edward Snowden, Elizabeth Hurley, Leah Remini, Alanis Morrisette, Isadora Duncan, Priscilla Presley, John Wayne, Miles Davis, Ron Wood, Mark Wahlberg, Diego Velazquez

While I continue to operate in Dark Moon Virgo, Pluto Stationing, Pre-Equinox mode, I clear out gunk from my home and mind, replay the sadness and grief when it gets triggered by the outside environment, read my dreams, and reboot my meditation practice. I also find time to re-examine aspects of myself that require a fresh perspective.

The passing of  comedy icon Joan Rivers has been a catalyst in my examination of Scorpionic and Mercurial forces. Stay with me, this may take a while! I really grieved the loss of Joan Rivers. For the entire week before her death, I kept checking the internet to get updates on her status. I was keeping vigil at my laptop, paralyzed with uncertainty.  I began watching clips of her performances on TV and online. When she finally passed I cried deeply. What is my connection to this woman?

Answering this question led me to the delicate dance between Gemini and Scorpio. Joan’s life really accentuates the relationship between The phoenix and the twins.

Personal anecdote: I remember sighting Joan and her daughter Melissa as a child. I was vacationing in Miami for Christmas, which was a family ritual. We spent time with my mom’s family who had relocated to Florida years ago. I don’t know how I knew of Joan at that young age, but she and her young daughter were hanging out in the shopping area of the Deauville Hotel ( or perhaps the Carillon) on Collins Ave. I wanted to walk up to them, but did not have the nerve. They seemed so normal. They are both from Brooklyn and so am I. My mom still speaks with a Brooklyn accent. They seemed so close and I longed for that type of bond. Yet we moved away and so did Joan and Melissa. I remained interested in them ever since.

If you are not familiar with Joan Rivers, visit her site.

Note: If you are wondering how or why I occasionally attract celebrities into my orbit ( Jerry Seinfeld walked me down the aisle), it has to be Pluto in the 7th. I do plan to blog about this placement in the near future so stay tuned.

Joan and Johnny: a tale of humor and betrayal 

One theme that repeatedly emerged after scouring hours of footage is the impact of Joan’s relationship with Johnny Carson. She repeatedly discussed their break-up after his refusal to accept that she took a job as host for a competing late night talk show on the Fox network. While she was trashing his treatment of her, in the very next breath she would praise him for giving her a start and making her a star. Very Gemini- like indeed! He apparently never forgave her and it broke her heart. While watching images of her and Johnny together, I noticed a strong connection and a symmetry. Could there have been a secret romance? Or was I just witnessing their mutual Gemini Scorpio essences at play?


Joan has the Sun, Mercury and Venus placed in Gemini in the 3rd house. Her catchphrase was ” Can we talk? ” Priceless! She was a skilled communicator who exhibited a mulit-faceted personality. Her moon in Sag in the 9th propelled her to speak the truth and do it with fierceness, vulgarity, and brutal honesty. She made us laugh and she made us think. Aries rising was quite prominent in her chart.  The chart ruler Mars was part of a Mars Jupiter Neptune stellium in the 6th house of work. health, service. She was devoted to her charity work in addition to maintaining her non-stop career. This stellium opposed Saturn in Aquarius in the 11th and squared her Sun in the 3rd. Fear of losing the crowd was a constant threat as was her fear of being different. With Uranus in the first, I think she just wanted to fit in and kept augmenting her physical appearance to be accepted by the masses. Pluto squared Uranus and it is interesting that she passes during the current Pluto square Uranus cycle. While she lacks Scorpio planets, Mars is the traditional ruler of Scorpio and it dominates her chart. Her chart Mars rules her 8th house and 8th house matters seemed to predominate her life. Death and sex and shared assets seemed to be areas of initial vulnerability and eventual mastery over the course of her 81 years.


The ever – charming yet elusive talk show legend Johnny Carson also embodies the Scorpio /Gemini dynamic. Sun and Ascendant in Scorpio with Mercury conjunct  Saturn on the Ascendant, this comedian used his dry sense of humor to both charm and disarm the masses for decades. He often played a magician in many of his late night skits. Interesting that Mercury rules his 8th house as well. Pluto opposes his Moon Jupiter in Capricorn in the 3rd house. There were several marriages and problems with alcohol, in addition to the tragic loss of his son. I suspect there was plenty of loneliness and pain behind the veil, just like with Joan.

They share a Moon ( 17 degrees) Venus ( 13 degrees) conjunction in Sagittarius. His love of spontaneity and excitement( Venus in Sag) allowed her to feel comfortable and at ease ( Moon in Sag) and as a result, her essence really shined through. This aspect often shows up in the synastry of long-term marriages and romances, so even if nothing romantic ever happened between them, they did share a deep affection for many years.

Joan the shapeshifter/ survivor : a master class in resilience

Joan rebelled against her parents’ wishes and pursued becoming an entertainer. One appearance on the Johnny Carson show changed her life. Her first marriage was annulled and she married her second husband after just knowing him a short time. Edgar Rosenberg managed her career and was a loving husband and father to their one child Melissa. He committed suicide shortly after he and Joan were let go from Joan’s late night talk show on Fox. He chose to do this in Philadelphia where Melissa was in college. Clearly his actions and the aftermath devastated Joan.  Her marriage was gone and her career was floundering. Yet she pulled herself together and reinvented herself. She continued to do so for the remainder of her life. She sold jewelry and fashion on QVC, had a daytime talk show, performed as an actress in film ( with Burt Lancaster) and in theater.  She was a best-selling author and was the subject of a well-received documentary. She eventually began interviewing celebrities on the red carpet at awards shows and this venture combined fashion and entertainment in a novel way. She was recently appearing on 2 reality shows ( tv and online) and starred on Fashion Police. She was incredibly resilient and her moon in Sag helped her appreciate the pleasures of life.

Joan the lightworker: healing through laughter, wisdom through pain

I was able to conclude that comedians are among the most unhappy and troubled individuals on the planet. But what an amazing array of gifts do they bring to the collective table. Joan Rivers sparkled and rattled the cages of safety and inertia by challenging us to defy obstacles and release sorrow through laughter. Scientific studies show again and again the healing potential of laughter and Joan was among the best healers out there. She was an incredibly intelligent woman who was a trailblazer and ” Joan Ranger”, who blazed a trail for ambitious woman everywhere. Behind the jester’s mask was a loving, determined, loyal, tenacious spirit who lived life with gusto. She utilized her profound capacity for situational awareness with such aplomb. Hermes, Mercury, Mars, and Pluto all are applauding with approval I am certain.

When all is said and done, she gave much more back to us than she received. I am making her an honorary litebeing because she devoted her time here to orchestrating the magic of joy and transforming tragedy and loss into a vibrant source of healing. She was an alchemist for our times.

If you are interested in receiving an astrological consultation, please contact me here.

zodiac art courtesy of US public domain

23 comments on “Joan Rivers – Gemini and Scorpio together

  1. Theanne aka magnoliamoonpie says:

    My ex was a Scorpio and my Don was a Gemini…I’ve had many of both signs in my life along with Pisces. Ms. Rivers always reminded me a bit of Don Rickles…that sharp tongue could impale you in a flash. But over the years a somewhat softer side of their personalities emerged. I liked Johnny Carson but rarely stayed up late enough to watch him.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. litebeing says:

      Seems like you could write your own article with all of your experience. Sometimes the best entertainment is less convenient, but these days we have YouTube.


  2. litebeing says:

    Reblogged this on litebeing chronicles and commented:

    Today is Joan Rivers’ birthday so I am reblogging this in her honor. It also ties in nicely with my piece on Edward Snowden. Happy birthday to all those born today 🙂 June 8 is a great mix of Mercury/ June, Venus /6, and Pluto/ 8.

    Happy Transits, Linda


  3. I was saddened to hear of Joan Rivers passing.. Many here in the UK whom I spoke to did not like her mainly I think because she was outspoken and to the point.. But I was so pleased you wrote this about Joan.. ” Joan the lightworker: healing through laughter, wisdom through pain” So True!….She took the pain as you say and turned it into laughter..She turned energy around. And often would turn it on herself.. ..
    I found your indepth readings and post a delight to read Linda… Many thank for posting.. I really enjoyed this post.. 🙂 Thank you


    1. litebeing says:

      Yes Joan was certainly not for everybody and could be plain hateful But she was human and I think did more good works than damage.


      1. I agree..And she made me laugh.:-)


  4. alohaleya says:

    this is a wonderful tribute to joan rivers, linda! i learned so much about her and your connection is clear. ❤ i was/am also tickled to read about your jerry seinfeld connection – what a fun factoid! you're full of surprises! lol. xo aleya

    Liked by 1 person

    1. alohaleya says:

      and the pinball thing is pretty cool too 😉


      1. litebeing says:

        Love me some pinball. If I could make into a fulltime career, I would 🙂


    2. litebeing says:

      Hey Aleya/college goddess,
      Thank you for kindness. Joan was abrasive, but underneath there was so much more. Aries rising ya know 🙂 Yeah me and Jerry go waaaay back. He was not very cool but it makes a great conversation starter.

      xx Linda


  5. Yay, Linda, I loved your astrological post! ❤ With a natal Mercury/Pluto aspect, I can feel some of those energies with the Gemini/Scorpio. I am so delighted by this post: excellent!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. litebeing says:

      thanks Ka. Your Mercury Pluto definitely qualifies bigtime. I also have Mercury and Pluto in mutual reception ( and sextile) with Mercury in Scorpio and Pluto in Virgo. I am humbled by your kindness and appreciation.

      xx Linda


      1. Hi Linda,
        You rock,


    2. Soul Fields says:

      Aah, sensing your warmth and smiling at the synchs concerning our astrologies. And that picture would be so wonderful, if you decide to include it!

      By the way – I wonder, if having Venus in the 11 th house (I was often representing a group in the media), and sextile my Ascendant have had also something to do with being a little media magnet. I´ve been much more withdrawn and introverted than I use to be for several years already, experiencing yet another personality phase (the basic personality doesn´t vanish of course, just having/experiencing different, additional main motives, like needing much more silence and solitude), Saturn in Pisces Asc themes from the astrology perspective for one thing. And you have Jupiter in the 11th House, and Venus in the 10th a very magnetic placement as well (? these are just my musings, as I may or may not interpret astrology in a usual way).

      I could go on and on 😀 as my North Node is in Gemini (inclusive Psyche) and Mercury in Sag in the 8th House. (One of my main interest, also professions, in this life has to do with all kinds of human communications and the psychologies directing/affecting them.)

      Thanks for the inspiration to “refresh” natal astrologies again,



      1. Soul Fields says:

        Sorry, this comment is in a wrong place…


      2. litebeing says:

        I have not forgotten this precious comment. I am looking for the proper words, so much was activated by your thoughts!

        I’ll be back dearie 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      3. litebeing says:

        I did not forget you my dear. I think that because venus rules the 7th, it’s pluto influence would show up in the 11th. It certainly does in my 10th! As for as Jupiter in the 11th, it is a mixed bag with Saturn there also. Some groups I have been associated with. actually one in particular, get plenty of media coverage, but not in a good way. Fortunately I was not directly involved.I will have to think about this more. My chart continues to reveal itself to me over time. It is never finished. As I grow and change, I notice elements previously hidden from view..

        thanks for offering up these insights.among my favorite topics ❤ Linda

        Liked by 1 person

  6. Soul Fields says:

    Thank so much, Linda, for a great post again. You write so well! I for one always love to read about astrology and the connections with the lives of people including your personal connections.

    It made me giggle you sharing about you attracting celebrities. So do I, Pluto in the 7th house conjunct Uranus, and the Sun is there also (conjunct Neptune). I attract also other, could I say “extraordinary” persons. 😀 The men I attract often later become celebrities, if not already when I meet them. I myself don´t want, or care about publicity that much. Although especially when I was younger I was often found in the media whether it was about kindergarten TV-program, about summer camping photo of kids in general or an interview of a high school graduate (have done some local tv jobs in the past as well).

    Looking forward to you sharing more about that Pluto placement,


    PS. Have done some synastry studying recently and found this research, thought it might interest you: The Astro Investigators’ Marriage Synastry Research Project

    Liked by 1 person

    1. litebeing says:

      Hey Deelia, how sweet it is when you grace my space with commentary 🙂
      I am so happy you enjoy my writing. I did put much effort into this one.And I continue to be fascinated with you and how we continue to intersect. As you know I also have Pluto and Uranus ( my chart ruler and sun’s ruler) and north node and vertex and part of fortune in the 7th. I have met my share of characters and was in the spotlight early on as well. My picture was in the paper as a young child. Perhaps I will include that in my post. Now I am motivated to work on it sooner rather than later.

      Thanks for the link too!

      hugs and love,

      Liked by 1 person

  7. ptero9 says:

    I like Joan Rivers Linda. I really loved Johnny Carson though. He seemed a very unlikely candidate to end up being the quintessential talk show host that he was. In a lot of ways, he created the genre, or at least set the bar very high. But, yes, he definitely had the sting of the Scorpio going as far as people who he had disagreements with.

    I love how write about your love for Joan here, mostly because I have had similar loves in my life of famous people that have become, at times, obsessive. I think that love is a kind of soul food for us. There’s a mystery in the attraction, but every obsession I’ve had over famous people (that I did not know), has always brought me unexpected gifts.


    Liked by 2 people

    1. litebeing says:

      Thank you Deb for your thoughtful insights. I loved Johnny too, thought he was sexy, but I was obsessed with Joan. In my case, projections and transference ensued, as they often do in these matters.

      You are also a Gem/Scorp hybrid. So you see any of their influences to be congruent in your life?



      1. ptero9 says:

        Ha ha, yes Gem/Scorpio with the Leo sun always interested in the matters of self and other.

        I am beginning to appreciate that I do have a love for the mercurial ways of Hermes. To think of him as the god of the borders has been most helpful for me. There’s a part of me that never wants to settle, and never be defined.

        As for Scorpio, I am a true daughter of the underworld. Going down deeper into the things I obsess over has haunted me all of my life. I cannot say no to the desire to explore the inner reaches of psyche. It’s not that I crave going inward into myself, but inward into the depths of the nature of all that is.

        Indeed, Johnny was sexy! 🙂

        Liked by 2 people

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