Art ~ Dancing Rainbow Wheels

UPDATE: Thanks to all for the great suggestions. I knew you would all inspire me by allowing my perspective to stretch. So how about Dancing Rainbow Wheels? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

peace, litebeing


I have been spending a fair amount of time retrieving my heart’s desires. As I forge a new career path ( again), I am driven to resuscitate forgotten longings and dreams from my childhood. Now is truly the time. Now is all there is.

I probably fashioned myself a visual artist before anything else. It may have been in preschool or kindergarten.  Astrology and writing quickly followed, around 1st or 2nd grade. With drawing and painting, it was never about money or status. Just love of beauty. I rarely create this way anymore as I am more motivated to write than draw or paint. But occasionally , the mood hits me.


get-attachment (41)

This crayon piece was created first with my eyes closed. I had a lovely vision and wanted to capture it in form. Like what happens so often in life, the creative process moved me to transform my vision into something slightly different. This was completed over the course of a few weeks. I added the finishing touches earlier today.

I invite you to weigh in.

What do you see in the piece?

What emotions does it evoke in you?

What would you call it?

34 thoughts on “Art ~ Dancing Rainbow Wheels

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  2. Snails coming to life… and the snails represent the awakened human who is exploring feeling (using their invisible antennae) his/her way through life as it changes… create painting linda… Barbara x


      1. Bless you Linda.. 🙂 I try to read as many as time allows on most blogs I miss, Not always possible when others often post every day or sometimes more.. But I truly love reading your writings Linda.. as much as you enjoy creating them.. 🙂
        Hope you are having a good week?. 🙂


  3. Hey Linda,

    It’s been a while since last I stopped by to say ‘hey Linda’, so I hope you don’t mind me taking a rambling approach to leaving a comment…you sort of left an invitation open to do so.

    You have changed the background and I like it a lot. I like the capricious nature of the textured shade of Martian rouge. It flows vertically before my eyes as a river of glowing beads bound to the ties of a rippling lattice framework. It’s all so deeply stirring with a wonderfully rich and warm edge…and very reminiscent of the deeper colours of this particular season of the year.

    Perhaps it was the title of your post that reminded me so precisely of the lick of light sliding over the raven’s wings when she crossed my path this morning…that mysterious solar and oracular bird with its glistening black plumage (suggesting at an ability to survive a close relationship with the Sun)… which motivated a visit to your site. Or indeed, perhaps it was the article you posted on Linda Ronstadt a few weeks ago that influenced the destination of my travels and found me back here to view Dancing Rainbow Wheels. And speaking of Linda R, I find there is something indefinably ‘other’ expressed by her long dark hair that alludes to personal liberty and independence and a deeply confirmed sense of knowing of the vital nature of the creative drive flowing freely within her…a drive she expresses with the power of her individual spirit in her soulful music. Either way, whether the raven or Linda R, themes of darkness and lightness prevail at this time of the year and the prospect of a viewing a free-wheeling rainbow brought a smile to an overcast evening.

    As usual, synchronicity abounds here on WP, and curiously, I was reading the other day about this black ‘stuff’ the scientists call dark matter. I imagine you have heard about it and agree it’s a fascinating read when one gets a little farther into the black. However, to cut a long story short…Dark Matter is a kind of matter hypothesized in astronomy and cosmology to account for gravitational effects that appear to be the result of invisible mass. Dark matter cannot be seen directly with telescopes; evidently it neither emits nor absorbs light or other electromagnetic radiation at any significant level. It is otherwise hypothesized to simply be matter that is not reactant to light. Instead, the existence and properties of dark matter are inferred from its gravitational effects on visible matter, radiation, and the large-scale structure of the universe. According to the Planck mission team, and based on the standard model of cosmology, the total mass-energy of the known universe contains 4.9% ordinary matter, 26.8% dark matter and 68.3% dark ernergy. Thus, dark matter is estimated to constitute 84.5% of the total matter in the universe, while dark energy plus dark matter constitute 95.1% of the total content of the universe. (Wiki, 2014)

    Google provided a further refinement to the definition: (dark matter is the) ‘non-luminous material which is postulated to exist in space and which could take either of two forms: weakly interacting particles (cold dark matter) or high-energy randomly moving particles created soon after the Big Bang (hot dark matter)’. And lastly, Wiki wax lyrical in describing observational evidence for determining dark energy as ‘the acoustic oscillations in the early universe (that) leave their imprint in the visible matter by Baryon Acoustic Oscillation (BAO) clustering […] galaxies show signs of being composed largely of a roughly spherically symmetric, centrally concentrated halo of dark matter with the visible matter concentrated in a disc at the center’.

    So it seems science finally reveals that even in the blackest part of black, it is not actually stark and bleak, or barren and cold when one looks deep enough at the veil. Blackness is better described as a primordial soup of two components existing within an unfathomable void, which somehow provides a framework to support infinite possibility but which restricts its observation by remaining unresponsive to light. It also seems very Uranus-like with the seductive nature of it elusive charm! As an aside, even the 2005 discovery of a dark-matter galaxy by astronomers at Cardiff University has added few new levels of understanding to the mystery within dark matter. And interestingly, the galaxy they have observed falls in the constellation of Virgo, the Virgin. Of course as an Astrologer you know far better than I about the poignancy of Virgo as a symbol of nature’s fecundity…but what take might you have on the influence of this dark matter galaxy within Virgo itself?

    So what of Dancing Rainbows? Well…I see it as a dynamic statement of intent suggesting at the emergence of new, or unexplored compositions compressed within a loose frame of dark linear forms. I also see it as proving science wrong: a vision perhaps of something far deeper that remains obscured within the inner nature of dark matter. And within the cell of energy, I see moments of spontaneous creation in explosions of spiralling colour, I see structures still pressing hard against the darkly indusium’s that conceal a fruitful cluster of memories, recollections, experiences, patterns, processes and recurring thoughts. I see immense passion striving to shine amidst doubt and conflagration, conflict and turmoil, and yet I also see the brightening glow of creative vitality as solid and unimpeachable in the foray as beacons of bright yellow blooms. And atop the image, pursing the unintentional, and rather enigmatic figure (in a Fedora, so cool) towards the golden falls, I see the dense regal spectre of a slithering form uncoiling from a rainbow to flow like a stream into the blue…how very reminiscent of the textured touch of the Centaur that feels. There is also a vibrant green film that floats like a veil across the surface of the image immersing the pictorial space beneath a wash of renewing and rejuvenating energy. The image is abundant with diffused colour and creative vigour, but there is balance and stillness as the eye, always moving, is carried into and out of the spiralling contours or follows the softly undulating curves of flowing structure with the caress of an artists eye tracing lines across a naked sitter. There is an immense energy within the work, and like the visible aspect of dark matter it occupies the central space and is bound by a sense of a halo. It is a very dreamy image.

    And so, this is what I see in your piece of art…a vision that injects light into a cell of dark matter to illuminate its inner world. It must have taken a lightening moment of tremendous energy and focused passion to pierce the heart of darkness with your radiant Light. It is a powerful image reflecting a momentary pause in the processional passage of change. I like it a lot.

    Many thanks for sharing…it’s left me feeling like Oliver Twist who asks to see far “more” please.


    DN – 27/09/2014

    P.S: I hope you don’t mind me asking, but have you ever considered Art Therapy as a professional practice? I think you’d be superb at it.

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    1. …Upon reflection Linda, I recall a line you eloquently penned and included in “Scorpio ~ ahhhhh” posted on October 27, 2013, which far better encapsulates all that is in your work….’the ache before orgasm’.

      Just a thought.

      DN – 27/09/2014


    2. Hey Dewin.
      Was wondering when you’d be back! Once I will complete my PhD in Physics I will be able to respond to your message. No I am kidding, no PhD in Physics for me. I will take some time to digest your chapter on darkness and light and then attempt to pull something together 🙂 So appreciative of the depth of your commentary and your interest in my creative process.



    3. As promised, I am back with a reply. I will only be able to respond to a sample of your commentary, Hopefully that will suffice.

      Of course as an Astrologer you know far better than I about the poignancy of Virgo as a symbol of nature’s fecundity…but what take might you have on the influence of this dark matter galaxy within Virgo itself?

      Well Dewin, Virgo can be a very dark place. My natal Pluto is in this often misunderstood sign and I can attest that the pursuit of perfectionism in the name of service is a futile game one can never win. Being human, while clearly a gift, is also incredibly limiting in the societal constructs and physical plane of creation. Limit setting is a Saturnian delight, not one the Mercurial tolerates well.

      As to the Art therapist inquiry, well that has been on my mind quite a bit recently! are you telepathic are just perceptive? Either is fine 🙂
      Having recently supervised an art therapist, I can say that I am awestruck by the way healing and the visual arts can connect. While I do not have the desire to pursue another degree, I hope to continue to find ways to combine my love of creativity with that of facilitating the healing process in others. As much as I enjoy your comments, I would have to devote an entire blog to answering your comments adequately…
      In the meantime, I did gift you a Comment-er award and hope you will pass on the award on your blog and use the award post to wax poetic on the fine art of commentary.



      1. Hey Linda,

        And thank you for fulfilling the promise of a pulling free a fine reply from out of the black and white 🙂

        It seems Linda that we share common understanding of Pluto’s precarious and powerful predisposition towards uncompromising fastidiousness and exasperating attention to detail in striving to serve creatively. I too have natal Pluto in Virgo (in the 7th) and acknowledge how easy it is for a determined focus and spirited intention to become a sense of overwhelming exhaustion and loss…but concede that Pluto is an ambiguous and ambivalent multifaceted entity, wandering far and wide throughout the galaxy indulging in his role and pursuing interest in matters either metaphysical or technological, as both give rise to seductive forms that pass through his richly dense and fertile mind. Sadly there just never seems to be quite enough time to sit in admiration of all he surveys…although perhaps one wishes it were possible to do so. In addition I imagine Saturn enforces its will eventually, and under Zeus’s watchful gaze, cuts a little shape into the fly-guy’s groove to keep him on course. No doubt the irrepressible silver flash considers such a gentle reconfiguration as having his wings clipped…but I think he’ll continue to always be a little mischievous regardless.

        Art Therapy…yes indeed…and indeed why not?! Evidently it is and perhaps could also be an exciting area of work for you that brings to the fore all of your many skills and direct interests, and utilises them for very positive and rewarding ends. I played with the idea of studying it as a Masters subject last year but did not pursue it in earnest, there is a university campus not far from here that runs the programme. Amongst a lengthy list of prerequisites for entry on the course, the requirements necessitate previous exposure to and time spent in either/or clinical or associated practice. I do not have that background, and whilst disappointed, I knew that it was not to be for me. I do however think it a fine and worthy occupation and tremendously fulfilling to practice…where with great care and incisive grasp one reveals secrets held within a person’s mind and encourages them to find solidity on a piece of paper. How inspiring is that…it’s a little like magic isn’t it?

        And, in the meantime…I will attend to the award doings – again, thank you, and very kind as always with your replies – and continue to enjoy the twists and turns of your magical carpet ride as it unfolds across the Blogsphere. And in remembering your advice to use less of mind and more intuition, feeling, and soul, I’m certain I’ll continue to find real Scorpion depth in your writing as always. Happy Blogging.


        DN – 10/10/2014


  4. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

    it reminded me of the spiral sea shells (which the name escapes me) that I think hold ancient secrets, within the colors of the rainbow it felt like a connection with the heavens and the ocean…
    Beautiful energy you have created…. 🙂
    Take Care…You Matter…


  5. I like the image Linda. It has a lot of motion and seems to show a being at the horizon in the background, with a foreground of swirling trails. Although the horizon is dark, the being is moving toward a lighter area (on the right side of the image). The large circles in the background could be suns, or planets aligned. The blue color on the right edge reminds me of water.

    Some of the spirals have a snail pattern to them, while the large one on the right (might be two spirals seen as one) has a spool quality.

    I used to paint with watercolors years ago, but all I could paint were fields and trees. 🙂



    1. I did not see the man until you mentioned him. It was not intentionally drawn! He is wearing a fedora. Maybe a hipster or Frank Sinatra decided to hijack my art, lol!
      You are quite descriptive and gave me plenty to ponder Debra 🙂


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