A Break in the Action

Here’s to some gratitude while I prepare for tomorrow’s total eclipse. First, thank you Leigh for inspiring me to upgrade my radical gratitude practice. Thank you Dewin for inspiring me to take another look at how my art can impact others ( I used Dancing Rainbow Wheels as today’s header image).

With Ceres on my Ascendant ( give or take a degree) , I have a huge heart and a caretaker persona. While I do not have any children of my own ( long story, perhaps I ‘ll share another time), I always have others to nurture. My animal companions are among my favorites and all my pets ( including my gerbil back in Junior High) are my babies. The love I receive sends my heart chakra into orbit. While lately my heart has been shaken with odd pains and surges and gas, etc, my heart melts when I interact with Dexter.

He loves to meditate with me, which is hysterical. I have been doing the latest Deepak/ Oprah 21 day challenge and when the music starts to play during the intro, Dexter will stop whatever he is doing and hop on the couch to join in. It is amazing how tuned in he is to this practice. He also knows when I am going to sleep as he springs into action and tries to follow me as I get ready for bed.

I just snapped these two photos. Dexter is not a “camera ready” kinda cat, so it is a miracle that I was able to catch these shots:


Here he is, barely awake. Otherwise , he would have pounced out of his bed within seconds of seeing me with camera-phone in hand!


When I see him all comfy cozy in his cat bed, snoring away, I feel like all is right with my world. It is such a privilege to take care of him and watch him peacefully relax in slumber.

Is this the calm before the storm or a break in the action? Or just a quiet moment to reflect on how fortunate I am to be able to give and receive love.

Who are you grateful for?

What opens up your heart chakra? 

15 thoughts on “A Break in the Action

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  2. Hello Hello,
    We love us some Dexter. he’s stunning. So glad that you guys are together, especially during your health recovery period.
    i’ve always found it’s best to get their pics when they’re sleeping. cats never sit still 🙂 and supposedly don’t like eye to eye contact, as it is confrontational in the wild. go figure. you’d think they would realize the one way we can share their magnificence if for them to stare in the camera and hold a good pose!!!

    Sending healing prayers again. Please feel better soon.

    o and om

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    1. Hi,Guys,
      Sorry I missed this comment. My first cat Jasmine the Diva was always camera ready and loved the camera more than people. She would just pose and pose. I have tons of pictures of her. Dex is just the opposite, but that is fine with me. His heart is so big and so healing.

      Thanks for your kindness and care, Lindexter


  3. Dexter is a beautiful Cat Linda… I have had several Cats own me during my life time.. and each I think could read minds.. ( especially when a vets visit was needed lol ) But they do have that knack for knowing when we need that healing, or special attention.. So its not surprise that Dexter just loves your relaxing time in Meditation.. He looks a beautiful companion 🙂
    I hope you are having a lovely Easter Sunday x

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    1. Hi Sue,
      Sorry I missed your comment. Still catching up. All cats are beautiful to me and Dexter is so sweet and attentive, and very aware of much that I cannot sense or perceive!
      I am so fortunate to have him as my companion.

      xoxoxo Linda


  4. Hello Linda… What a lovely post, thank you. Life can be whatever we choose to allow… However we are naturally all going through a human major detox and divine upgrade… And this has to come out somewhere… To get our attention to embrace all of ourself and rest more… As we are all far too busy… And we can remember it doesn’t matter because everything will pass. Enjoy this full full moon as it is here to help us release even more… Oh my god… More… Yes my dear Barbara much more… With love to you Linda, Barbara xxx

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    1. Hi Barbara,
      So glad you enjoyed this very spontaneous post. A thought floated by that said take a picture of the moment, and the rest flowed. The word “allow” is key here. For myself, I still get trapped in thoughts that cycle and cycle and don’t allow much else to move. But I am growing into a new way. IAM thankful for your big heart and steady consistent message about awakening and creation.

      And I have been releasing, and releasing, on many levels. Happy Eclipse and Spring.

      hugs, Linda

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  6. Lovely, Linda. Dexter is very handsome! Yes, the felines have a very fine sense of good juju and like to be right there with it. My two are definitely big helpers when it comes to heart-warming. 🙂 Thanks for sharing. Love, Jamie

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  7. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    Sharing deeply in many different ways opens my heart chakra. Beauty, especially in Nature opens it. Gratitude opens it. Some music does as well. I love seeing your lovely cat and seeing how close the two of you are – meditating together. Sweet.
    Blessings and Light

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    1. Hi Mary,
      Thank you for taking the time to answer the questions. We share many of the same heart openings. Dexter will be happy to hear your comments. He is asleep by my side as I type 🙂

      Blessings and light,


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