Shifting Waters Carry Fresh Energy

Hello to new and old readers alike and welcome! I hope to hear from some of the new followers! Please say hi and let me know what’s happening with you.

I am grateful to have you on-board.

 I recently made a few changes to the blog’s look and theme.  I changed the tagline to ” Moving at the Speed of Lite”. It many sound familiar, because it is also the title of a post from a while back. Every so often the tagline feels stale so a few days ago I  unceremoniously came up with a one-liner that works.

I know my spirit is moving at least as fast as light, which we call “lite” here at the Chronicles. Some of this movement may be the raising of my frequency and some of it is definitely feeling overwhelmed by all that I encounter internally and externally. Many would agree with me that our planet is speeding up with massive over-stimulation and chaos. I prefer to highlight the joy, but ignoring the shadow is not doing the planet any favors. Many folks say that the light and dark are showing up now more than ever.  So for now this new tagline will help describe my mission, to convey my journey while navigating this new accelerated speed.

I have also played around a little with the color scheme , hoping to spruce things up a bit. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section. I am always interested in getting some feedback.

The photos in this blog were taken at Longwood Gardens with my new smart phone. While I am still figuring out how to operate this device, I must say I like the higher quality images and the ability to take loads of pics without having to delete some for  lack of memory. I chose images with water to highlight the sacral chakra. I learned today at an energy workshop that all of the chakras have an element assigned to them. The sacral chakra is associated with water and is emotionally – based. On Thursday my massage therapist said that this chakra needed balancing. It is also connected with the large intestine and can be one of the chakras effecting digestion. In any case, I am working on digesting whatever I encounter and not staying stuck there. These images encourage flow, movement, and harmony so I am setting an intention to get back on track and let life flow through me.

I still plan to write about how I spent my winter so that I can properly catch up with all of you. I find the process to be therapeutic at times, and writing about my experiences helps me integrate them and release them sooner rather than later. Being unemployed again has not been easy for me. I dread it when someone or something I love is removed from my life. I loved working with my guys at the rehab and I was surprised how important that job became in such a short time.

I treasured Anthony Bourdain and he was taken from me too soon. I saw some of myself in him, but more in terms of my potential.  He had an infectious balance of passion, intellect, curiosity, and sensitivity. He was living my dream by being able to inspire, educate, travel, write, meet fascinating people and sample the world’s cuisines. He was a badass with a huge heart. But it appears his shadow got the best of him and he gave into his darker impulses. I realize these losses are not personal, but they still feel personal. I can strongly relate to the stories of those who are survivors and come from behind and do great things. However, here in 3D, no thing is eternal and to quote George Harrison, all things must pass.

I am so moved by those who can transform themselves and live life fully. So I honor my heroes who are recovering addicts or recovering from anything toxic by working on myself. I take photos, apply for jobs, participate in new activities, delve into subjects that excite me, and balance the new with the respect for the old. We do not usually get to decide when change is upon us, but we can decide how to cope with it.

I am still exploring what I want to do next. What type of career path should I pursue? How can I best be of service? I want to continue helping awaken the planet and not much else interests me anymore. Can any of you relate to narrowing one’s focus in this way? The trick is to find the best way to serve that is uniquely meant for you. How do you know what it looks like? Does length of service matter at all? What about function, setting, location? This can be overwhelming but the guiding principle in this process is to do what feels good in the body and participate where I can grow and develop along the way. At least that’s the motto for today!


Mercury Musings and More!

As we continue to be tested and challenged to rise up in the wake of chaos and “alternative truth”, this post flashed in my mind. Please check out my book review and consider how current events may be cajoling the collective to blossom into our totality of consciousness. Mercury retrograde cycles are great for anything “throwback”. Hope you agree!

peace, litebeing

litebeing chronicles


Happy Saturday everyone! It has been almost one week since I had my Sound Bath healing and the energies are still moving in unpredictable ways. Thanks for those who have offered some assistance on this kundalini trip. I continue to seek inner guidance about what is happening with me currently. Meeting with my spiritual director was helpful. She also assists me with my dreamwork and boy has it been jumping lately. I found a book yesterday that contained material by David Lukoff that was very useful. David Lukoff is a transpersonal psychologist and leading expert on Spiritual Emergencies and knows what he is talking about  His writing is among the best I have found thus far on the subject. It is balanced, focused, and easy to understand. Lights are still flickering and my heart is still racing, but not as often. I also ” by chance ” ran into Tracie the…

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Light Blue Visions ~ A Cezanne Sampler

Greetings litebeings,

The past few days have been a wild ride. CT scans, IV dye, drinking chalky barium, and more. Sometimes I wonder if all this illness blogging is detracting from my blog’s point of view or mission. Then I gently remind myself that my health is part of my journey so it is all worthy of examination and contemplation.

So I am incorporation art and healing. While I continue to work on my latest drawing, I offer you some Cezanne that strike a positive note. Color is quite powerful and light blue symbolizes health. Blue is also associated with the throat chakra where communication is paramount.

I am introducing some Cezanne pieces that include light blue and exude wellness, expansiveness and gentility:

flowers-in-a-blue-vase pub domain cezanne


cezanne pub domainrose-bouquet-1884


While life still seems more chaotic, painful and arduous than I would prefer, I sense that my soul is growing and that Grace has returned. Blessings on this luminescent Saturday to you. May your souls be stirred and visited by light blue visions.


image credits:, public domain

How Am I Doing? Special Health Crisis Edition ~ The 12th house is not a home

Update 4-16-15: Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers. I will reply to all comments when I feel stronger. My health is still fragile, yet not as serious as what landed me in the hospital.

For the astrologers: Uranus just recently hit my yod ( square Mars in 6th house) so there is a sense of inevitability with my dis-ease. Yods are quite fascinating and my yod has been quite active at pivotal times. The yod occupies the 1st, 6th, and 10th houses. Mars forms the fulcrum of the yod, so my health ( or pets, daily life, office) often gets triggered big time.

My difficulty in tolerating antibiotics has made this recovery very tricky. I will continue to connect with WP as I feel led. Connecting with all of you is very healing and lifts my spirits.  I feel grateful for my ability to express myself here with my beloved WP family.

You may want to start here to read the series from the beginning., public domain

I want to update my readers on my absence. On Monday I ended up going by ambulance to the ER and ended up staying 3 days, 2 nights in the hospital. When Jupiter went direct, I was released home. My doctor and I thought it was appendicitis, but it ended up being acute diverticulitis. Troubles ensued, especially around medications. I am allergic to practically everything under the sun and the remaining drugs often come with severe side effects that are almost as severe as my diagnosis. I find my life in this world unraveling in new and unusual ways. The first 3 chakras come to mind, particularly the 2nd and 3rd which correspond with the abdomen. Control and abundance issues really hit the spot. Check out this site for further details on the chakra system.

I could say that despite my best efforts. the most negative manifestations of this current eclipse cycle and the final Uranus Pluto square landed me here. I was going to post on the latest eclipse but could not find the motivation. Perhaps I knew at some level that the real story would materialize later. The Aries and Libra points  and the Uranus Pluto square triggered my natal Saturn ( 11) Mars ( 6) opposition. Uranus was exactly conjunct the Sun on the day I landed in the hospital and closely squaring my Mars. With Mars in the 6th in Cancer, this can indicate an unusual or sudden fire in the stomach.  Saturn opposes the ability to put out the flame. Transiting Pluto is also on my Saturn opposing natal Mars. This adds the Pluto descent into the dark underworld ( colon) and transformation of my form ( Saturn) as the end result.

I could also say it sucks to be me right now. This is the most ill I have ever been in my lifetime and the second time I ever stayed in a hospital. Pluto is now approaching my 12th house so I guess this is a 12th house event. I assure you the 12th house is not a home. Enough said.

What have I learned?

People really do emit unique energies:  As a parade of strangers entered my room for 3 days, I noticed their energies immediately. Some folks were closed, some sparkled and shined, others seemed hostile, while yet others appeared tentative or meek. A few people evaded a reading, but the majority were quite clear. I found this process quite revelatory.

I have most of my mother’s health issues: Either that, or I am empathically receiving them. She even had the same rare side effect of one of the medications I was taking. Spooky eh?

Leave Dexter with extra food and water: I was poorly equipped to get him fed before I came home. It worked out, but not without anguish and frustration.

Karma is a bitch: I hear Karma is on the way out, but it sure seems like I owe someone plenty of it. Or perhaps I put this episode into my life contract. Or my poor health choices led me here. Or all of the above.

Grace: This is tricky. I am not certain I discovered any yet.


I am still alive. 

I have health insurance.

I have a great doctor who moved mountains to find me the proper medications and called my mother and myself several times. He also visited me at least once a day at the hospital, making special trips to do so.

I typically arrive at a few silver linings, but I am at a loss. I hope over time my perspective will change. If I disappear from WP for a while, that means my health has declined. I am open to all prayers, healing, and warm wishes

Thank you all for me taking such an interest in my life. It means the world to me.


image credit:, public domain

A Break in the Action

Here’s to some gratitude while I prepare for tomorrow’s total eclipse. First, thank you Leigh for inspiring me to upgrade my radical gratitude practice. Thank you Dewin for inspiring me to take another look at how my art can impact others ( I used Dancing Rainbow Wheels as today’s header image).

With Ceres on my Ascendant ( give or take a degree) , I have a huge heart and a caretaker persona. While I do not have any children of my own ( long story, perhaps I ‘ll share another time), I always have others to nurture. My animal companions are among my favorites and all my pets ( including my gerbil back in Junior High) are my babies. The love I receive sends my heart chakra into orbit. While lately my heart has been shaken with odd pains and surges and gas, etc, my heart melts when I interact with Dexter.

He loves to meditate with me, which is hysterical. I have been doing the latest Deepak/ Oprah 21 day challenge and when the music starts to play during the intro, Dexter will stop whatever he is doing and hop on the couch to join in. It is amazing how tuned in he is to this practice. He also knows when I am going to sleep as he springs into action and tries to follow me as I get ready for bed.

I just snapped these two photos. Dexter is not a “camera ready” kinda cat, so it is a miracle that I was able to catch these shots:


Here he is, barely awake. Otherwise , he would have pounced out of his bed within seconds of seeing me with camera-phone in hand!


When I see him all comfy cozy in his cat bed, snoring away, I feel like all is right with my world. It is such a privilege to take care of him and watch him peacefully relax in slumber.

Is this the calm before the storm or a break in the action? Or just a quiet moment to reflect on how fortunate I am to be able to give and receive love.

Who are you grateful for?

What opens up your heart chakra?