How Am I Doing? Special Health Crisis Edition ~ The 12th house is not a home

Update 4-16-15: Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers. I will reply to all comments when I feel stronger. My health is still fragile, yet not as serious as what landed me in the hospital.

For the astrologers: Uranus just recently hit my yod ( square Mars in 6th house) so there is a sense of inevitability with my dis-ease. Yods are quite fascinating and my yod has been quite active at pivotal times. The yod occupies the 1st, 6th, and 10th houses. Mars forms the fulcrum of the yod, so my health ( or pets, daily life, office) often gets triggered big time.

My difficulty in tolerating antibiotics has made this recovery very tricky. I will continue to connect with WP as I feel led. Connecting with all of you is very healing and lifts my spirits.  I feel grateful for my ability to express myself here with my beloved WP family.

You may want to start here to read the series from the beginning., public domain

I want to update my readers on my absence. On Monday I ended up going by ambulance to the ER and ended up staying 3 days, 2 nights in the hospital. When Jupiter went direct, I was released home. My doctor and I thought it was appendicitis, but it ended up being acute diverticulitis. Troubles ensued, especially around medications. I am allergic to practically everything under the sun and the remaining drugs often come with severe side effects that are almost as severe as my diagnosis. I find my life in this world unraveling in new and unusual ways. The first 3 chakras come to mind, particularly the 2nd and 3rd which correspond with the abdomen. Control and abundance issues really hit the spot. Check out this site for further details on the chakra system.

I could say that despite my best efforts. the most negative manifestations of this current eclipse cycle and the final Uranus Pluto square landed me here. I was going to post on the latest eclipse but could not find the motivation. Perhaps I knew at some level that the real story would materialize later. The Aries and Libra points  and the Uranus Pluto square triggered my natal Saturn ( 11) Mars ( 6) opposition. Uranus was exactly conjunct the Sun on the day I landed in the hospital and closely squaring my Mars. With Mars in the 6th in Cancer, this can indicate an unusual or sudden fire in the stomach.  Saturn opposes the ability to put out the flame. Transiting Pluto is also on my Saturn opposing natal Mars. This adds the Pluto descent into the dark underworld ( colon) and transformation of my form ( Saturn) as the end result.

I could also say it sucks to be me right now. This is the most ill I have ever been in my lifetime and the second time I ever stayed in a hospital. Pluto is now approaching my 12th house so I guess this is a 12th house event. I assure you the 12th house is not a home. Enough said.

What have I learned?

People really do emit unique energies:  As a parade of strangers entered my room for 3 days, I noticed their energies immediately. Some folks were closed, some sparkled and shined, others seemed hostile, while yet others appeared tentative or meek. A few people evaded a reading, but the majority were quite clear. I found this process quite revelatory.

I have most of my mother’s health issues: Either that, or I am empathically receiving them. She even had the same rare side effect of one of the medications I was taking. Spooky eh?

Leave Dexter with extra food and water: I was poorly equipped to get him fed before I came home. It worked out, but not without anguish and frustration.

Karma is a bitch: I hear Karma is on the way out, but it sure seems like I owe someone plenty of it. Or perhaps I put this episode into my life contract. Or my poor health choices led me here. Or all of the above.

Grace: This is tricky. I am not certain I discovered any yet.


I am still alive. 

I have health insurance.

I have a great doctor who moved mountains to find me the proper medications and called my mother and myself several times. He also visited me at least once a day at the hospital, making special trips to do so.

I typically arrive at a few silver linings, but I am at a loss. I hope over time my perspective will change. If I disappear from WP for a while, that means my health has declined. I am open to all prayers, healing, and warm wishes

Thank you all for me taking such an interest in my life. It means the world to me.


image credit:, public domain

44 thoughts on “How Am I Doing? Special Health Crisis Edition ~ The 12th house is not a home

  1. Dear sign Sister

    I have you visually in my mind and heart.. ( clipping a cord for you to release you ) visualizations work for me and I send my love and energy to you…. and Dexter…
    Keep up the fight and receive the love being sent.

    Fran Wilcox

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    1. Hi Fran,
      This post is a repost from April 2015, but it is relevant regarding activation of my yod and Pluto traniting my 12th house.
      Dexter has since passed and I miss him every day. I willingly accept the loving energy.

      thanks for your sisterhood.



  2. So sorry to hear it’s been so rough. I too tend to track along with my mother’s health issues — some of which are ancestral–and I know that’s a tough one to dump. I’ve done many “cut the cord” exercises and affirmations of separateness, etc. and I still see it happening occasionally. Hang in there — some of us seem to have a longer, rougher road to travel…

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    1. ain’t that the truth! ( longer rougher road) I appreciate your friendship Leigh and your compassion. I do not know if these health issues go back further than my mother, but clearly more cord cutting is in my future 🙂

      Thanks for your support.


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  3. I nearly fell off my chair when I read this…! Times have been intense for me, too. I’m sending you lots of light and love, Lindabear. xoxo I’m glad that you were treated at the hospital and you had the team of supporters. _/1\_ ❤ Ka Bear hugs

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    1. Dear Ka,
      Glad you did not fall afterall! it has been a hellacious time and I am going to do what I can to make the most of these energies. Thanks for the love and hugs! Happy you are in my tribe.


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  4. You know Linda I send you love and Healing, you have been in my thoughts and prayers since I first learned you had been ill.
    I read recently somewhere how the energies would tax our individual strengths.. Seems they were not wrong. You are one step ahead in that you realise what moving through these energies mean.. Yes they are painful, seems like your was experienced physically while others maybe being experienced emotionally.
    Knowing what you know, and Knowing your Inner strength, I also know you will heal and come out the otherside of this experience more equipped than you were before..

    I feel your recovery is well on the way…
    Keep your own spirits up, and I am thankful your Dr seems to have you in his good hands and your well being at heart..

    Look at this as an opportunity to dig deeper into your illness, I can only think of the words in the book The Journey… as how Brandon realised her illness had within it a lesson which needed attention to release and move forward..

    Much love… as we draw upon our experiences to help us ‘Shift’ to where we need to be..

    Hugs and Blessings
    Sue xxx

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    1. Dear Sue,

      Thanks for your love and friendship.Your warmth is palpable and your words are wise. I hope to prosper and thrive. Last night was terrifying, but this morning I feel better.

      love and light and gratitude,

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  5. renatembell

    So sorry to hear Linda! Sending you love and healing light, and a gentle reminder to tap into your Moon in Gemini, to nurture and love yourself during this difficult time, and perhaps find creative outlets that help you smile again as you heal and the “lightness” of Gemini rises to the fore. (Keep blogging! 🙂 ) BIG HUGS ❤

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    1. Hi Renate,

      Thanks for the love and support and reminder. I am working my moon with books and blogs and movies and music, etc Less Mercury worrying and more Mercury listening to the inner voice.

      Hugs back,
      xoxoxo Linda

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  6. hi linda.
    so so so sorry to hear about your health troubles. but glad that they were able to help you at the hospital and they were able to diagnose your issue. also glad you have health insurance and could seek the medical care you needed. Diverticulitis is certainly not a fun disease, but from what i know of it, it is manageable. more fiber!!! no seeds. And try to stay stress free if possible.
    We are sending healing prayers and energy your way. we hope you feel 100 percent better soon.

    hugs always,
    o and om.

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    1. Hi O and OM,
      Your virgoness gets the health stiff down to the nitty gritty. Less stress, hmmmm.. Gotta keep finding new methods to keep it at a minimum.
      Thank you both for the prayers and love.



  7. Hmmm..was thinking of what to ‘send’ to you – closed my eyes and remembered a line I read long ago regarding a meditation for chakras and immediately ‘saw’ a whirring disc of yellow -orange – oops! My eyes pop open, to make sure I’m ‘envisioning’ the right colors for your 2nd/3rd chakras, so clicked on your link to find the right ‘colors’ to visualize and send you hugs/energy, and wouldn’t you know – looks like the 2nd and 3rd are orange and yellow – I take that as a good sign that healing energy has been sent your way! I just love the synchronicities of the Universe – get well soon and Hugs your way. 🙂

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    1. Hi Tamrah,
      Thanks for your kindness and concern. I am wearing more yellow and orange lately to help balance the chakras. Certainly cannot hurt. It has been tough but I feel better as I type this.


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  8. i felt something was going on and had missed you. thank you for sharing your journey so vulnerably and for embracing it all with courage. keeping you in heart and sending healing energy and harmony. much love and wishes for a flowing recovery my sweet friend. you are cherished ❤

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  9. As you said, “you’re alive”. Another great thing to savor is that you have mind enough to ‘write’ and ‘publish’ and ‘post’. You are enduring terrible conditions never before known to you but you have good things going for you that will help you along. Be cheerful, look at the bright side of it all.
    sending love, Eddie

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    1. Hi Eddie,
      Your strength and kindness are always appreciated by me. Not easy to be cheerful when challenged by pain and fragility, but this is not new to me.
      I am alive and that is a blessing and miracle.


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  10. That sounds like a really tough time, Linda. I send you love and light and hope you get better soon. It is hard to see why something is happening when we are in the midst of it. Connection dots in retrospect will be much easier.

    I, too, had a period of health issues, more than ten years duration. During the crisis, I was unable to see what I had learned during the sickness. The lessons became apparent only when I could look back on them. Therefore, don’t beat yourself up if you cannot figure out why something so bad happens to you.

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    1. Hi Karin,
      I so appreciate your care and kindness. While our connection is new, I value you dearly.
      I agree that the lessons will become clear when the storm has passed. Sorry for your challenges. Health is so precious when in human form.


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  11. Take care Linda in this time of crisis… I send you courage and love to help you through this time of healing self… Physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually… And make use of the opportunity… Maybe a chance to untie the ancestral linage of mothers… I know it’s a big one… Take care Barbara x

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    1. Hi Barbara,
      You are so wise and kind, a great combination! Courage is something I sure could use more of. Poor health is such a test of courage for me.
      Thanks for your friendship.



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