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I want to shout it from the digital rooftops  Reiki works!! I hope that I grabbed your attention dear readers, because you are in for a treat.

First I will share some background: I really am open-minded when it comes to alternative healing. I prefer it to Western Medicine because I abhor tests and am allergic and/or have lousy reactions to many medications. While I am lucky to have found some wonderful doctors who really care about me, their methods don’t seem natural. I am not dispensing medical advice here, just sharing my preferences! I was a fan of chiropractic medicine long before it became popular in the US. I learned so much about the body and healing from my amazing chiropractor over the years. Acupuncture – yes, I am also a huge fan. After I came to terms with my fear of those needles, I enjoyed the sessions and experienced some improvement in my overall well-being. I also adore massage and it has been an incredible stress reducer. It has also facilitated my recovery from several injuries I have sustained through the years. I was once quite accident prone, so I know where to go when I want less pain and more mobility. I also believe in the efficacy of energy/body work because I tend to live in my head ( like a good introvert). These modalities  can cut  right through the inner noise and transform the root causes of dis-ease or dis-comfort.

So back in the Eighties when an ex-boyfriend who I was seeing again ( yea you have read about him before lol!) told me he was trained in Reiki, I agreed to check it out. I trusted him and he is quite talented in many ways, but nothing happened! I figured that either I was blocking it somehow or he needed to get more training. Many years later I was invited to participate in Reiki shares , where people practiced on me for fun. It was pleasant enough and the people seemed to be credible, but nothing happened. I wondered if Reiki was a true healing modality or if some unknown issues were interfering with this process.

Fast forward to early 2013. I belong to two dream groups, one of which I helped create with two other women. One of those women is a Reiki healer. I really like this woman and she always discusses her enthusiasm for Reiki and her success stories. In my other dream group, the leader told us about this amazing psychic she met who was also an energy healer. She told us that she practices Reiki and has really helped her with some health problems. I began attending some of this woman’s gatherings and we are now collaborating on a project together. Around the same time I started this blog and began following Heidi of The Eagle and The Serpent. I found her blog only a few weeks into this  blogging adventure and became a fan. She is a Reiki master and blogs about all types of spiritual matters. We connected easily and supported one another. I have been around long enough to realize that when you discover a pattern, you should pay attention and take some action. I was really curious about Reiki and wanted to try it again. When Heidi decided to start her business I asked her about a trade and fortunately she agreed!

I had my one hour session one week ago and wanted to see what developed before preparing this post. I can honestly say this woman is gifted! I laid down and concentrated on my breathing, lying on my back. Almost immediately Dexter my trusty sidekick followed suit and plopped on the bed. I decided to let him stay and share the energy. Within seconds , I felt waves of heat move up my toes , then continue up my feet, ankles, calves, and then rest on my knees. This sensation was very soothing and unexpected. I have experienced coolness on my lower legs and feet for many years. I can never feel warm enough. I often sleep with socks on, and sometimes forget they are on during the night because my feet are so cold! This sensation of heat coursing through my feet symbolized a correction of an imbalance, a replacement of what had been missing for years. Imagine being bald and growing  back a full head of hair! Imagine needing glasses  and having your vision restored to 20/20! Imagine gray hair returning to your natural color! This healing was a restoration.

After that I noticed the scent of oranges and cinnamon. Then I visualized an orange and a bowl of fruit.

by Antti Vähä-Sipilä

wikipedia free domain- no copyright restrictions period!!!

Later I noticed some pressure on  the top of my head and some twitching from my left leg and left arm. Towards the end  while I gazed into my cat’s eyes, feelings of peace and profound gratitude came over me! I wondered  about the miracle that I can receive this blessing all the way from Great Britain. I was overtaken by  the presence of overwhelming love  and tears streamed down my face.

During the past week I have noticed improved sleep, better dream recall, some  bouts of fatigue, increased energy levels, and more sustained peace. The heat sensations came on intermittently for about 5 days. I feel that my mood has brightened with more spontaneous singing and dancing and overall vitality. In certain ways I feel younger and more vibrant.

I do not quite understand the dynamics involved , except that Reiki is a universal energy that positively impacts both the healer and recipient. This technique does not require that you be in the same locale as the Reiki master to benefit from the healing. The energy  apparently directs itself to where it is needed and works on issues even when they have not been directly mentioned prior to the session.

I highly recommend Heidi and invite you all to visit her blog for more info. If she can work magic on me, imagine what she can do for you.

Thank you Heidi for taking such excellent care of me!

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cinnamon image by Antti Vähä-Sipilä

orange image by

25 comments on “Reiki and me

  1. I had not seen this post back in 2013! I love those oranges! So happy for you; then and now.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. litebeing says:

      Hi Ka,
      I forget to reply here. I am glad you got to see this post. I am to Reiki 2 and am taking it as it comes. I notice much more heat in my hands and am learning the symbols and how to send Reiki long distance to others. I kinda wish I got trained earlier, but all is in Divine Order.

      Much love, Linda

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes I have been working with Reiki since 2007. It’s incredible as part of the overall set of tools I use in the world. Best wishes to you on your Reiki journey. 💖

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Also, Linda! Time and space doesn’t really matter in terms of your skills because you’ve been working on them all along without knowing it. Much love returned! 💖

        Liked by 1 person

  2. litebeing says:

    Reblogged this on litebeing chronicles and commented:

    Hey litebeings, I received my Reiki 1 attunement last night and will report on this later. In the meantime, I have been wanting to share this 7 year old post for some time. It is my first experience of distance reiki and man was it powerful! The practitioner Heidi went on to build a successful practice in the UK and I think of our connectionmade here at WP often. We all work with energy whether we believe it or not :}


  3. louisevdp says:

    Hey, thanks for liking my post – I learnt to practice reiki over 10 years ago, and reading your post has made me want to do some self-reiki again. Thanks for sharing!


    1. you are welcome Louise, thanks for stopping by! I love thai food 🙂


  4. Read it with pleasure 🙂 Thanks for directing me, I have seen Heidi’s post you reblogged but didn’ notice you wrote one too. Been a busy bee… But will catch up on WP development eventually 🙂
    It’s great you could do an exchange of services, I firmly believe it is our future – just like it was our past 🙂 xox


    1. I may actually blog some time about barter and I agree with you that it feels more natural to me 🙂


  5. Reiki does feel wonderful. I am glad you had such a healing experience! (There is definitely a difference between reiki practitioners.)


    1. I see that now and I finally found the right one, yea!


  6. reikiheidi says:

    Reblogged this on The Eagle and The Serpent and commented:
    Litebeing’s experience of a distant Reiki healing session with me. I am so pleased that the energy was so positive and effective for her, showing that Reiki energy truly knows no bounds and can & will work anywhere, wherever and whenever it is needed!


    1. thanks for the reblog and everything else!

      love, Linda


  7. reikiheidi says:

    I am so glad that the experience was a positive and beneficial one for you 🙂 Thank you Linda for sharing this… & thank YOU for the astro report: WOW!! I will be in touch soon about this. With Light & Blessings x x


    1. It was a pleasure to share my experience and tell others about your work Heidi! Thank you again for reviving my direct knowledge of the ” unseen “.

      love and light, Linda


  8. shreejacob says:

    Ooo…I’m so glad it worked for you!!! 😀
    I checked Heidi’s page out too…and you know…think I might get a session from her too..maybe next month. The exchange rates can be pretty steep!!!


    1. thanks Shree,
      I would definitely suggest you try a session when you are able, Heidi is awesome!


  9. Soul Fields says:

    I´m so happy to read about your experience! As being an energy healer (not giving personal sessions anymore) specialized in distance energy healing (it is called like that, not Reiki) I know from experience they work.

    We have been tuned in somehow again as just yesterday I was thinking about where and when to share my experiences and the dynamics of energy healing, and if to share them in my blog or not. I was also thinking about if I still have the article bookmarked of research results I once found concerning Reiki. Here it is (Science is of course not up-to-date in general, not having the equipment to measure for example the energies I (we) clearly sense and see when transmitting. We don´t need science for proving they work, but it could serve as opening up the general atmosphere, as for example there are political voices wanting to prohibit alternative healing, and so on.) I wasn´t remembering that you had promised to share your Reiki session experience, so it was fun to find your post today.


    1. Hi Deelia,
      I am so happy that we were tuned in again! I knew you are an energy worker, but not the details, as that could mean many different applications! I hope you will share some stories about energy healing and transmission in some form. I will also look at the article, thanks! You know that I look forward always to your comments here and the wealth of knowledge you offer 🙂


  10. How exciting and wonderful!


    1. Hi Sindy,
      It was very exciting and has taken my to some unexpected places!


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