Art is My Medicine ~ Blood Moon Eclipse Retro Edition

With this Total Lunar Eclipse impacting my 12th house/6th house axis and most of our solar system operating retro-style, life is in sloooow – mo and the past is showing up for us in original and sometimes jarring ways. So I decided rather than doing an Astrology blog tonight, I am presenting an intuitive art selection and recommending a fabulous healing summit so more of you can catch it before it ends. My inspiration for the art was how to conceptualize the universe through this medium. Let me know your reactions. Did I hit the mark?

Here is some more art by Russian artist Pavel Filonov: public domain

Now comes the healing:

As someone who has been living with all sorts of anomalous health issues, I have been challenged to dig deeper and learn more about alternative healing methodologies. I was all in with Chiropractic medicine back in the 1980s when it was exotic. Along the way I tried Acupuncture, Massage therapy,  Reiki  , yoga (with limited success) herbs, and nutritional counseling. I even signed up to take Reiki 1 later this summer.

I have found this journey both exasperating and fulfilling. Since I am so verbal and mentally comfortable, bodywork is rather effective for me. What is also interesting is that lately I notice stress shows up more as somatic than emotional or mental in nature.

Many of my readers know I am a big fan of Hay House and have had the opportunity to hear ( and even meet) some of my faves such as John Edward, Anita Moorjani, and Dr. Joe Dispenza. Now Matt Kahn is a Hay House author too, yea!

Anyway, I am currently viewing a different type of Hay House online summit devoted to healing. I cannot explain why, but this particular event is striking all the right notes for me. For the past three days I have been introduced to three different experts who have blown me away, Dr. Kelly Brogan, Joan Borysenko PhD  and Anthony William. While I may have heard these names in passing or glossed over some of their material, these hour-long presentations have been incredibly insightful and fascinating. Some of you may have read my reblog about probiotics and mental illness. Just  a few days later I am watching her presentation, rejoicing in the synchronicity that I have just heard of her here at WP.

Today’s interview with medical intuitive Anthony William was such a delight. My main reason for blogging now is to share the link so you can watch his video for free. That’s how good it is. Go over now by clicking here.

The rulers of my Scorpio sun, Mars and Pluto are both moving retrograde in my 12 house and have been traveling there for some time. This type of energy is powerfully mysterious and can also be disturbing, Isolation, an influx of unconscious material, and confusion can manifest easily under these conditions. But so can miracles, atypical healing, and heightened compassion. Wherever and however these planetary energies impact you, I wish you nothing but healing, miracles, and peaceful awakening.

Blessings on this Eclipse and all-ways, litebeing

images courtesy of public domain

9 thoughts on “Art is My Medicine ~ Blood Moon Eclipse Retro Edition

  1. Loved your art shares Linda and isn’t it wonderful when sychronicities start to happen and we just KNOW we are meant to follow them.. Thank you for the link to the video I will go over to watch and save to watch later… Just trying to catch up a little with everyone this morning before my Granddaughter arrives at lunch time..
    Enjoy your weekend..
    MUCH love to you ❤

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    1. I keep thinking back to the video on Apathy of Options and wonder if my life would feel freer if I did not find soooo much to read here on the internet. Having said that, we clearly have evolved to a place where this medium is part of daily life and we get to choose how many threads to follow. i have fallen in love once more with images from the universe ( and cosmos) and the art I selected has a celestial feel to it. Thanks for taking the time and care to read all my back posts and comment on all of them. It is almost as nice as sitting together over a cup of hot tea.

      blessings, Linda

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      1. My pleasure.. You know I come and go.. I turn off the modem for days sometimes, and at other times I am on my lap top for hours as I delve back into WP and my friend.. I love nothing better than my catch ups.. But I do myself no favours in these long sessions.. Like all life.. We need Balance in all things..
        I am feeling the need to step up my ‘mission’ the urge within is calling me to to speak more openly my inner most thoughts.. How best to present them is often my dilemma.. Understanding within, is often difficult to put into words.. But as you have found great wisdom in the words of others.. So too others can say better what it is I also have learnt.. So I will endeavour in some of my Diving Deeper posts to use their voices rather than my own..
        Love and Hugs.. and would love to share a cuppa with you Linda.. ❤ Stay Blessed.. ❤

        Liked by 1 person

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