i’m gonna make this place your hOMe

Update: I added my latest segments ( Part V  through Part VII ) to the collection below. Enjoy!

On Labor Day weekend 2012, I took a course on storytelling at Pendle Hill, a Quaker retreat center in Wallingford, PA. Pendle Hill is a magnificent place, filled with wonder and light. During one of the class exercises , the group meditated and searched within for significant imagery. The song Home by Philip Phillips quickly came to me, as it was very prominent in my being. This  subtly powerful song still sends my heart racing and my soul soaring. I am still constantly yearning to return home, another word for hOMe. I have been blessed to be guided towards people, practices, and places that have led me back.


Here are the first posts in my Returning Home series. Please enjoy them again, or for the very first time. I promise you there are plenty more waiting in the wings, including a hOMage to the enchanting Pendle Hill.










Here’s a reminder of  the infinite light from Source available to all as we traverse the unknown terrain ahead …..

sunflower courtesy of freerangestock.com


10 thoughts on “i’m gonna make this place your hOMe

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