My Awakening Experience and Moving On: It is always about love

Ten years ago today was the culmination of a remarkably intense and joyful awakening experience for me. While James and I first met in 2004, it was not until the following year that everything aligned in Divine Order. It is interesting that Pendle Hill has contacted me this week to write about my time at their retreat center. It is also interesting that today’s astrological transits are very powerful for me. Today marks both my Mars return and transiting Jupiter conjunct my chart ruler ( Uranus.) Both events indicate a burst of energy and exciting beginnings. With all I have endured recently, I am certainly ready for new adventures and breakthroughs that propel me forward with joy and fulfillment.

So I am re-blogging my awakening story in celebration of my ability to be open, embrace change, and boldly share my truth. So much has changed over these past ten years, but my appreciation of Source’s movement in my life has remained a constant. Underneath the sorrow and pain, all is well.

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Please play this while reading :  Collide

The dawn is breaking

A light shining through

You’re barely waking

And I’m tangled up in you


Fitting words from the song Collide by Howie Day for an experience that really defies the limits of human communication. This looks like the beginning of a romantic love story. Looks though, can be deceiving! On January 30th, Uranus the Awakener  ( modern ruler of Aquarius) is in full force. Today also marks the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Wood Horse. I chose today on this rare Black Moon, the Aquarius New Moon ( a few degrees behind my Ascendant) that also features Mercury conjunct Neptune to post my offering for my participation inBarbara’s January Challenge on Awakening. Thank you Barbara for giving me a nudge to look back at this time in order to gain some perspective and share with others.

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Returning Home: Part V – Pendle Hill

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 Last Sunday August 10th I felt drawn to have a “Returning Home” experience so I drove to Pendle Hill. I definitely needed to PAUSE and regroup and what better place than here! 

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 I had a sumptuous meal of Thai fish and eggplant coconut curry. I can still taste the sweet and spicy sauce as I recall the meal. The picture above is a close approximation.The food here is grown, purchased and prepared with intention, care, and love. The energy was frenetic, most likely due to the approaching Super-Moon Full Moon. I was frazzled by the loud interactions around me and took a seat alone. No one joined me and that has never happened to me before. I told myself perhaps it was what I needed. Behind me I overheard a conversation about Woodstock. Then someone began discussing the film A Walk on the Moon. I was led to introduce myself to the table and share some of my experiences of that Summer as I did here.

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 After lunch I went back to the barn to engage in meditation/worship in the worship room. When I closed my eyes I noticed bright flickering lights that were distracting and unusual. I was unable to get centered. Then I viewed the lovely painting exhibit on display and browsed the pamphlets. The amazing bookstore was closed, so I went outside and took some pictures before visiting the library. The limits of my cellphone camera prevented any of my larger landscapes from turning out well. But these close range shots do the trick!

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While I did feel the buzz of Divine presence while wandering outside, my mind was scattered and I felt little peace. I know that many factors must work together for me to tap into the mystical openings. The full moon energies, while potent, were not cooperating and the portals were closed. At the library, I found books on Jung’s mandalas and how to transform one’s 9 to 5 existence. I also swirled the globe ( as I did recently in a dream) and landed on Oaxaca, Mexico. Oaxaca is a place I have felt very drawn to over the years.

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It was quite hot when I returned to Owen’s Garden, one of my fave spots on the property. Perhaps that light captured on camera is the work of Spirit!

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Approximately 9 years ago, I had a brief but compelling awakening on a Sunday at this very place. I wrote about the anniversary here.  I call places like this power placesThe Returning Home Series was created to highlight methods to facilitate mystical openings. Accessing a power place is one method that typically works for me. While this particular visit  to Pendle Hill was not especially memorable, I am so grateful that it continues to evolve and flourish while attracting people of all ages from all over the planet.

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Where are you power places??



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Newly revised post with my artwork from Pendle Hill and more ( thanks to Amanda! for inspiration)

image credits: thai curry ~ free domain

all other photos, including header by litebeing chronicles © 2014

The Form Chooses You 2.0 ~ Including My *Art

Here is a ” random ” quote from the book Walking on Alligators by Susan Shaughnessy.

The form chooses you, not the other way around.  An idea comes and is already embodied in a form.

Michael Frayn

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I really like this idea because it gives me pause as a creative being. Do artists believe that originality begins with themselves, or rather with the actions they take upon discovery of a form? Is purple my favorite color because I chose it, or did the energy that vibrates at that particular frequency decide to align with my vibration?

What are your thoughts?

Here is some of my artwork that resonates with this theory. I have included four pieces. Thank you Amanda of Dreamly for the inspiration.

The first two pieces I created during my awakening experience at Pendle Hill in 2005. The second two were done sometime later. In my creative endeavors, especially with visual art, the form chooses me and allows me to work out some emotional issues and express subconscious ( and perhaps supra-conscious ) material.

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 This mandala was created just a day or two before my awakening was in ” full gear.” Notice the birds, cartoonish cloud, and use of strong color. The mood was intense and bright with undertones of worry and heaviness. My journey was complicated and at times overwhelming.


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This was created as part of my  spiritual discernment class in the art studio. So much anger and darkness needed to be released.. This was also completed just days ( or hours) before my heart opened.

get-attachment (28)

This was inspired by my love of nature. I notice my typical Neptunian influence here with blurred lines and use of shading. Time of creation unknown, at least 5 years ago.

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This is one of many multi-colored abstracts that I favor. The mood is lighter here also and while the time of completion is unknown, it was probably around the same time as the landscape image above.

first image by public domain

all other artwork by ©  litebeing chronicles

Re-volving, cycles, and feathers

Tomorrow July 21st marks 9 years since I had an intense awakening ~ an expansive opening.  I blogged about it here.  It was a mystical experience that still occasionally reverberates within me, even to this day. While I have briefly reminded myself this week about the 9 year cycle, my mind has been overloaded and this anniversary has pretty much remained in the background.

I woke up at peace this Sunday morning and wonderfully rested. I recall having had an odd dream about astrology and oracles and the globe. I think it may be significant, but I am not certain as of yet. I felt some of Eckhart Tolle’s spaciousness and then I remembered the cycle. Nine years are the completion and the culmination of all that came before. Hmmm…

So Karen and Sindy and Julianne and other blogettes write often about fairies, angels, feathers, and the like. And while I do try to remain open, I have my doubts.  Call me a skeptic. You know “Oh,Ye of little faith”. Well, I am Ye!  I only believe what I directly experience. This is how I roll. One of the reasons I especially like Anita Moorjani is because she postulates that faith is unnecessary on the spiritual path. I could not agree with her more.

So I notice a big white feather on my couch today. I pick it up and place it alongside some items on my coffee table.  I begin to wonder about angels. I did blog on angels yesterday after all. Then a couple of hours later while putting away some things on the kitchen counter , another white feather drifts onto the counter. Then I really take notice. I do want to state that I have feather pillows in my home and have at one point placed a white feather in a bowl on the kitchen counter. But I rarely ever see a stray feather and I do not think I have even noticed 2 in the same day.

Would 3 or more be more dramatic? How about a purple one like that featured in the image earlier in this post?  Yes, and yes.

Yet, something got my attention today and the 2 white feathers were enough for me to realize that some of that mystical residue from 9 years ago is still in play.

Am I evolving, re-volving, or  just delighted to have enjoyed a pleasant Sunday alert and content?

This song seems appropriate ~ spinning wheel

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image credit ~ “Shaft of Indian Peacock tail feather” by MichaelMaggs – Own work.

My Awakening Experience and Moving On: It is always about love


Please play this while reading :  Collide

The dawn is breaking

A light shining through

You’re barely waking

And I’m tangled up in you


Fitting words from the song Collide by Howie Day for an experience that really defies the limits of human communication. This looks like the beginning of a romantic love story. Looks though, can be deceiving! On January 30th, Uranus the Awakener  ( modern ruler of Aquarius) is in full force. Today also marks the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Wood Horse. I chose today on this rare Black Moon, the Aquarius New Moon ( a few degrees behind my Ascendant) that also features Mercury conjunct Neptune to post my offering for my participation in Barbara’s January Challenge on Awakening. Thank you Barbara for giving me a nudge to look back at this time in order to gain some perspective and share with others.

It is an auspicious time to herald new awakenings ( Aquarius/Uranus) and write about mystical openings ( Mercury conjunct Neptune).  I am not claiming to be enlightened or awakened, far from it. Growth to me is both cyclic and nonlinear in nature. I envision a spiral when I reflect on my life thus far. I have moved through life with many highs and lows, but each time a challenge comes, I emerge somewhat changed and move further along the larger individual /collective spiral. I will now attempt to describe an experience that was otherworldly and incredibly trans-formative. While my memories have faded, I still see that this glimpse beyond the veil has relevance in my present life.  There have been many other openings before, and many since. But this particular time it was all about love. And love is all that really prevails in the energetic field of consciousness. I chose the song Collide because it was popular during the Summer of 2005 when I experienced this brief but poignant opening.  In fact I crafted my first blog series ~ The Collision Series, with both this song and that awakening in mind to illustrate how subtle awakenings can trigger a new ( or renewed) way of BEing.


It helps to have some background, a context for my journey. I did not fit in as a child.  I felt alone, awkward, misunderstood, and unimportant. My parents desperately wanted a child, but not the one that they got!  Some respite was found in my imagination. My inner world and my curiosity were my refuge. The occasional teacher or neighbor offered guidance and a more progressive outlook. I also had a chance as a small child to visit my great – aunt and great – uncle a few times and use their art supplies.  I recall feeling excited and so at peace creating and learning about art, and feeling more understood by them than other adults in my family. I have a feeling that they were people who I had more in common with, but I will never know. I did not get an opportunity to know them well.

Fear, anger, and upheaval were a constant growing up in my complex, dysfunctional family. My parents were not equipped to love me in the way that I needed. It took years for this truth to become clear to me. I also felt isolated because we moved so often. I never knew my extended family very well because they lived far away from us. I began to gain some footing, however, once my  progressed sun moved from Scorpio to Sagittarius. I made some new friends that I could trust and thrived in their company. Yet when I began to heavily experiment with drugs and started having vivid dreams and  heightened psychic abilities, I was utterly alone. I had no one to confide in.  I eventually shut down out of fear. I attributed these ” experiences” to be artificially drug induced and unimportant. So I minimized them and packed them away for a while.


My journey

Once I left home, moved into my own apartment out of state, and began my senior year in college I met a coworker who would days later become my boyfriend. Within less than 2 weeks, my life had dramatically shifted! This was an extraordinary time. He was involved in a spiritual cult based on Indian meditation and philosophical practices. I did not approve of his dependence on this “teacher” Osho/Rajneesh, but I was open to exploring my spirituality again. While I avoided involvement in anything cultish, my knowledge of astrology, dream-work, meditation, and metaphysics accelerated. I remained open and met more people ” on the path”.  In graduate school  a student led me to meditation classes at a center on South St. This is where I first saw the material from A Course in Miracles.  This center organized a retreat in the Pocono mountains. A couple I met at the retreat instantly bonded with me and invited me to a raw foods spiritual group. And on and on it goes..  I experimented with many teachings such as channeled lessons, RAMTHA,  raw food, A Course in Miracles, Hindu and Buddhist practices, Quakerism,and a few I no longer remember. I am so grateful for the people I met and the knowledge acquired.


Between two worlds

In 2004 I was very busy in the outer world. I had 2 demanding jobs; I was recovering from a devastating breakup with a coworker; I was fully ensconced in my Quaker Meeting community, and I was editing and co-writing a book with my friend. I had just transferred to a new unit at my government social service job, but (to quote Prince in Raspberry Beret ) ”  Seems that I was busy doing something close 2 nothing, but different than the day before.” My duties had become stagnant and stale in this toxic, soul-depleting environment. I knew I needed a change but my efforts to find a new job were unsuccessful. I was also looking to buy a house. Surprisingly, I could not find the right property.   I typically find whatever I like eventually, so this really had me baffled. So I sought out a clearness committee. Within Quakerism, the clearness committee represents a process for discernment.  I also continued  meeting with my spiritual advisor about figuring out my calling and defining next steps. I felt loved and supported outside of work, and tormented by ghosts and adversaries on the job. I also loved my editing/writing and it kept me going. Life was busy and moving at a rapid pace.

One day I was invited to attend a weekend workshop at Pendle Hill.  Pendle Hill is a Quaker center in Wallingford, PA that is internationally known for Spirit-led learning, retreat, and community.  My meeting agreed to pay for half of the tuition and Pendle Hill would absorb the remainder. I was so excited to get away, if even for just a long weekend. My book was about mystical experiences and my interest in the ethereal was heightened. I hoped to meet people with similar interests.

The first evening we gathered around in a large circle at the beautiful conference room at Brinton House and introduced ourselves. A couple of much younger people were sitting at the opposite end of this majestic room with beautiful hardwood floors and a cathedral ceiling. A young man with a foreign accent began to speak. I will call him “James”.  He used few words and was very soft-spoken. But I distinctly heard him say ” I have had a few mystical experiences.” No one else mentioned this topic that evening. I took it as a sign to introduce myself. The next morning I bravely went up to James and asked him if he would be willing to speak with me. He said we could talk after the workshop was over. James was new on staff at the retreat center and worked as a gardener. He had just returned from extensive travel overseas and actually grew up just a few miles away.  I was nervous about talking with him because he was so much younger than I, and I was feeling an attraction towards him that was subtle but uncomfortable. For the remainder of the weekend James would join my table for meals and look over at me during class sessions. He was observing me and again I was a bit unsettled.

We got together at the end of the weekend. We talked for hours about anything and everything. We had so much in common despite the age difference. Time and space dissipated. I told him things about myself that my closest friends did not know. I think this was because I figured I would never see him again. He was just staying here temporarily in- between his travels.  I saw the faces and smiles of all the men in my past in his expressions and his gaze. Light radiated from his eyes and it was dazzling and brilliant. I knew him and yet I did not know him. Venus had just gone retrograde ( on my moon) and conjoined the sun a couple weeks before. It was about to station near my IC in just 2 days. But I was not thinking about Venus because I was not looking for love…


Magical meeting

In the year that followed , my life moved along. I had lost touch with James. The book project was suspended indefinitely, because my friend was distracted with other concerns. Work was tense and isolating. I continued to look for a house and a new job. I also continued to attend Quaker worship and meet with my advisor. I felt angry, tired, sad, and lonely. Neptune was slowly making its way towards my Ascendant at this time. I was looking forward to this major transit, but had no expectations on how it would manifest in me.  I noticed that Pendle Hill was offering a class on spiritual discernment. The same class was offered the year before and it looked really interesting. I received financial support for attending a 5 day class in the middle of Summer. I recall that I was put on a waiting list for the spiritual discernment class and another class that was offered a few weeks later. I eventually was contacted that there was a spot for me in the spiritual discernment class! Neptune would land on my Ascendant the very first night of the class. How exciting! My intentions were clear  for this 5 day class/ retreat. I was very focused on my goal – to decide whether or not to quit my full-time job and to consider new ways of following my calling.

I arrived to the center very stressed out and anxious. I was so eager to submerge myself in the calm yet powerful energies of Pendle Hill.  Upon arrival that evening at Brinton House, I went to the large wooden conference room after I unpacked my bags. It was around sunset and I felt a presence. I felt a sense of peace and excitement in the silence. It was familiar somehow. A Divine Spark was about to be ignited. I thought about James, the young man I met here in this very room. I had figured he was back traveling and creating new adventures for himself. Yet it seemed like he was in the room with me! On the first evening we all gathered in the main dining area for dinner. I went into the kitchen with my tray to get some dinner. I saw a young man working in the kitchen who looked a bit familiar but he had long hair and a beard. Literally  a few seconds later a woman in the room shouted ” James!” and he turned around. It was him!  He was still HERE.    I was partially in shock, but also felt a sense of confirmation that my intuition was in full gear back at the classroom. The next day I saw James at breakfast and we looked at one another. When he was right behind me while emptying our trays. I simply said hello and smiled. He responded by calling me by name and declaring that I came back  here to take the class I was curious about last year. How did he know? He then suggested we get together later. My head was spinning. Here I am with a strong mission and focus and this person comes back into my life. All of the sudden I feel myself being pulled into this vortex. How will I handle this cosmic curve ball?

We did meet for a few hours on  the day before I was scheduled to leave. Like before, we just talked and talked and talked and talked some more.  I was so blown away by our time together that I forgot when dinner was served and showed up an hour late. James was startled to hear I was leaving the next day , so he asked to meet again after my classes were over, just like last summer. I knew intuitively that there was something incomplete between us, so I agreed to meet one last time.

We met after my class ended , outside on this sweltering July afternoon. That’s when it happened. I could tell you where we sat and about the weather ( close to 100 degrees the entire week!) but I would be remiss to be able to logically explain what happened next. I felt like our spirits merged. I was totally understood and loved in a way that was new to me. Love without expectations. He wanted no-thing from me in return. I had never experienced this before!  We just listened to each other and let silence in, and shared who we are at a soul level. It seemed like we were blending our energies in our words and actions.  Neptune was on my Ascendant so perfect timing was in play. I did not realize it at the time, but I was getting an upgrade. There was no instruction manual. I doubt it would have made a difference anyway. I was on a magic carpet ride and there was no turning back!

While we were having our marathon encounter , I had a very unique thought. I heard my inner voice say ” If I were to die right now, it would be fine. I am at peace because I am totally understood , seen, accepted, and known.”  In fact at certain moments it felt like I was already in a higher dimension having my life review.  I was touched by Divine Love and everything was aligned. It was not about the young man really. Referencing our astrological synastry or the telepathy between us or other links is really superfluous in this case.  To quote what my friend, the talented psychic and astrologer Robert Graham , said when I later told him about what happened, ” He is just a clue.” What I mean here is that my openness to James created a portal to the Divine. Months later when we discussed our relationship, he admitted that when we are together, he would transcend. I learned or should I say re-membered about the power and magic of combining energies and raising the combined frequencies. A 3rd semi-distinct consciousness was created when we were together.  I was in a haze after we said goodbye. I walked around the grounds and saw light in the silence. I drove home on a busy interstate highway, but the car was driving me. Typically this road is scary and intimidating for me, but that evening I was lost in song and the car seemed to glide on the road. I lost all sense of time and space. I have no idea how I got home.

For a few more days I stayed with the light and bliss. I only had contact with James a few more times. But I realized that Robert was correct in that this man was not a goal. James was representative of the divine in action. I had reflected intently on an exercise held towards the end of the spiritual discernment class where we reviewed the names of various roles posted on the walls and recorded which ones were part of our calling. Mystic was one of the choices .  I decided that I was in fact a mystic, or at least a beginner mystic. I was very drawn to Rumi for inspiration.  The poetry of Rumi was very helpful in showing me examples of the Cosmic Union. This was not about romantic love at all and I saw that clearly. We were very intimately linked but not like romantic lovers. He was everything and nothing. He was family and a stranger all wrapped into one. We were so similar and yet so different. This experience was exquisitely a meeting of 2 energetic beings in a very strong portal ( Pendle Hill) at a time where Neptune was coming to my Ascendent. Time and Space collided in such a way to bring this potentiality into form.


Moving on

When I returned to work after my vacation, events occurred in a way that revealed it was time to move on. My Clearness committee was very helpful in assisting me in clarifying my experiences. So I lived on my ” house money” and quit my job before finding a new one. I was scared and liberated at the same time. I continued to notice light and symmetry in the silence, especially in nature. Communion with birds often triggered an opening for me.   I discovered that Pendle Hill and Longwood Gardens were “power places” for me. Eckhart Tolle talks about these portals in The Power of Now. My perspective on love between humans shifted as well. I now had a glimpse of what is truly real. Love without conditions. Love that pulsates all around us and within us. The song Collide is written from the man’s point of view and I believe it mirrors how I imagine James felt about our time together. Having said that; this song also resonates at a more cosmic level , especially the first section.

The dawn is breaking

A light shining through

You’re barely waking

And I’m tangled up in you


The dawn was breaking within my being and the light was beginning to enter my awareness. I was barely waking to what waits beyond the physical plane. The entanglement was both between myself and this young man , and  also occurring at the quantum level. Was this awakening fleeting, ephemeral and anomalous? Was it a miracle in the purest sense of the word? Am I still wondering what more can happen as Neptune continues to spend many more years in my 1st house?

Hell, yeah!

Collide live    Still with me? Thank you if you read this entire story! This soulful version of the song , complete with a string section , is performed on the Dave Letterman show a few months before my experience. Notice how he mentions this track was mysteriously re-released?( and coincided with my awakening) Collide is the backdrop for that feeling of awakening and I was also re-released! Please click the link above ( Collide live) and feel the bliss.

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Tomorrow: January 31st,  Michael –

artwork by the transcendent Josephine Wall

Quick update: Funny how the time/space continuum likes to play with us. I chose these Josephine Wall images weeks ago in anticipation of this post. I used the top one, The Key to Eternity, as the primary image to capture the essence of my story. Notice the owl beside the purple rose? Well, the night before I completed and published this tale, I went to the dining room to draw down the shades and spotted what looked like a large ball of ice on my terrace railing. It seemed so out of place. Upon further inspection , the ice ball was in fact a large bird. It turned around to face me and I saw that it was an owl. I have never seen one up close before! It was amazing how it turned around to make my acquaintance, then swiftly turned back around and flew off with the most strong majestic wings. It reminded me of an eagle in flight. I take this as a sign that the universe approved of  my image selection and my awakening story.

1st     Barbara  –
2nd    Paddy    –
3rd     Emanuel-
6th     Julianne –
7th     Sarah     –
8th     Shree     –
9th     Dace      –
10th   Korinn    –
11th   Sindy     –
12th   Stefanie –
13th   Mick      –
15th   Megan   –
16th   Pat         –
17th   Marga    –
18th   Kimberley –
21st   Heather     –
23rd    Sue          –
24th    M…          –
25th    Brian G    –
26th    Dotta       –
27th    CW          –
28th    Laurie       –
29th    Debra       –
30th    Linda        –
31st    Michael     –
1st      Leigh        –
2nd     Shaman   –
3rd     Joss         –
4th     Jenna       –
5th     Shelley     –
6th     Elisabeth  –
7th     Michael    –



i’m gonna make this place your hOMe

Update: I added my latest segments ( Part V  through Part VII ) to the collection below. Enjoy!

On Labor Day weekend 2012, I took a course on storytelling at Pendle Hill, a Quaker retreat center in Wallingford, PA. Pendle Hill is a magnificent place, filled with wonder and light. During one of the class exercises , the group meditated and searched within for significant imagery. The song Home by Philip Phillips quickly came to me, as it was very prominent in my being. This  subtly powerful song still sends my heart racing and my soul soaring. I am still constantly yearning to return home, another word for hOMe. I have been blessed to be guided towards people, practices, and places that have led me back.

Here are the first posts in my Returning Home series. Please enjoy them again, or for the very first time. I promise you there are plenty more waiting in the wings, including a hOMage to the enchanting Pendle Hill.










Here’s a reminder of  the infinite light from Source available to all as we traverse the unknown terrain ahead …..

sunflower courtesy of

Did you get the call ?

This classic scene from Close Encounters of the Third Kind clearly illustrates what can happen when a powerful image emerges and takes hold of an individual. Later on in the film we discover that many unrelated people have been seeing the same image and come together. They were chosen and heeded the call.

Dane Rudyhar – When I read the Power at the Crossroads post by my friend Monika at Symbolreader, I knew I had to reblog it. The quote that she cited by Dane Rudyhar spoke to me so directly and powerfully. Please read the quote below:

 What seems to me more likely is that the very basis of our science, our technology, our way of programming social existence will be altered. It may not be altered rapidly by man-made wars and revolution or by telluric upheavals. It may not be altered everywhere at the same time. There may be “germinal groups” co-existing with an increasingly deteriorating technocratic Establishment, whether at the global, or only at the national level. It is not even inconceivable that the parallel to a Roman Empire after the beginning of the Aquarian Age will be a network of deeply spiritually intent groups and communities whose members will not only intellectually, but occultly or “telepathically,” realize their unity as components of the global organism of MAN while the “Barbarians” will be represented by the power-greedy politicians, the intellectuals, the worshipers of university knowledge and of machine-technology. The roles may thus be reversed, but eventually the followers of the old order would become spiritually fecundated by those groups which they probably would have tried to destroy, as Germanic tribes became Christianized and transformed by the symbols, the language, the social concepts and to some extent the manners of those they conquered.

Now I do not agree with the quote in its entirety, particularly the intellectual bashing, but when I contemplate how groups are forming , such as here at WordPress, I find Rudyhar to be prescient. I want to use this post to explore the idea that when people begin to awaken, they obey the call and are guided towards members of their tribe.

 Martha Beck – Shortly before I read Monika’s post, I had just finished a book written by Martha Beck that had been recommended to me.  The book is entitled  Finding Your Way in a Wild New World by Martha Beck.  Initially I resisted reading it , because I have so many unfinished books to dig into, and the  described contents appeared to offer no fresh insights. I went to the library anyway, which just happened to have it available. Once I read the intro, I was hooked!

Please review the Team Member or Wayfinder attributes paraphrased below to see if they resonate:

Team Member or Wayfinder Attributes:
– sense of a specific mission or purpose involving a major transformation in human          experience, but unable to articulate what the change might be
– strong sense the mission is getting closer in time
– a compulsion to master certain skills professions in preparation for a personal mission
– high levels of empathy
– an urgent desire to prevent or lessen suffering for humans plants and animals
– loneliness stemming from a sense of difference
All team members possessed some of these :
– passion for music poetry performance or visual arts
– an intense love of animals
– difficult early life, often with history of abuse or trauma
– intense connection to certain types of environments, such as ocean or mountains
– resistance to orthodox religions accompanied with strong spiritual purpose or  yearning
– love of plants or gardening
– very emotionally sensitive, often leading to addictions, eating disorders or anxiety
– intense connections with certain culture languages or geographic regions
– disability in oneself ( often brain centered) or loved one,  fascination with people who    have intellectual disabilities or mental illness
– gregarious personality combined with deep need for solitude
– persistent or recurring physical illness, often severe
– daydreams or dreams about healing damaged people, creatures or places

I don’t know about you, but if you are reading this , chances are good that you possess many of these. I prefer the term tribe, but use whatever works for you!  I was amazed to discover that almost all of these apply to me.  Martha Beck explains that she discovered these key traits though her research. She later introduces four skills to help you prepare yourself for the cultural revolution and your role in it. She includes several exercises  and examples for each of the four skills listed below:

The 4 Skills

wordlessness – shift from the verbal to the realm of the creative intuitive and sensory
oneness – profound interconnection
imagination – key to powerful problem solving abilities
forming – manifestation into form via the three previous skills

I use wordlessness via meditation, oneness via communion with nature, and imagination I use, or it uses me, practically all the time. Forming is currently a hit or miss process for me. I find it to be elusive and mysterious and worth the application of effort. I suspect that I am using forming when I meet fellow tribe members!

NCGR Astrology Conference – I attended this conference in my hometown of Philadelphia this past Friday and Saturday. I have been yearning for years to attend one, but lack of money or time had alluded me. When I learned last year that an international conference was being planned for the summer of 2013, I thought I had witnessed a miracle and decided I would attend. I may blog about some of the lectures at another time. What has me mesmerized was the incredible ease I had in meeting like-minded souls. I do not mean to imply that all astrologers are like-minded. Yes there is a definite kinship within this group of folks who practice and study a subject that is long-standing and yet often widely ridiculed or marginalized. What I am referring to is connecting with those that share a common history and chemistry that is familiar and comforting.

For example, on the first day I meet a friend of mine from NJ who I knew was planning to attend. We have known one another for years and we have a nice bond. She introduces me to a friend of hers.  Her friend is not an astrologer but wanted to explore the conference. We discover we went to the same high school at the same time and her sister graduated the same year as me. But it gets better! She mentions a future trip to Pendle Hill and her job at Longwood Gardens. These are two of my power places! She does not live near either one of these places and Pendle Hill is not widely known to non- Quakers. What are the odds?  We all had lunch together. The place we wanted to go to was closed for lunch so we ended up at a restaurant close to the hotel. While sitting there I realized I had not been there for thirty years. The name and design had changed, but my college boyfriend took me here when he broke up with me! (The one from my Indian restaurant post. ) Apparently I do have some unfinished business from that time period!  While we chatted, we ( my new pal from NJ and I ) discovered that we enjoyed the same music , dressed similarly, and were in the same social circles in high school. We both have prominent Neptunes in our charts and I think we even look like we could be related.

Later that evening while walking to the train station I observe two women ahead of me carrying bags from the conference. I decide to introduce myself. It turns out one of the woman decided to attend at the last-minute when a friend who couldn’t go offered to let her go in her place. We exchanged birth data as all astrologers do, and we share Scorpio on my sun and her Rising Sign.  I am not just referring to the same sign or even the same degree. We share the same degree and minute! We exchanged some pleasantries and hoped to meet up on Saturday. Our paths crossed on Saturday and we hung out sharing about our lives and examining our respective charts. We had so much in common, even to the point of being left-handed. Her group invited me to sit with them at the dinner lecture. Apparently there was a free drink ticket provided to each guest. I threw out my envelope without looking for a ticket. My new friend found 2 tickets in her envelope and offered one to me! It just seemed like we were supposed to meet. Many of us noticed that while sitting together in the lecture rooms , people discovered great chart connections. I had a wonderful exchange with a lovely moon in Scorpio woman who sat in front of me. She asked me for career guidance and we discussed the path of the Scorpion woman. I could describe more scenarios, but you must get the idea by this point in my story. What astrology can beautifully illustrate with symbols is the synergy that occurs regularly in many mystical encounters. There just aren’t any charts to document the connections.


I hope you were able to indulge me with this long-winded post. It was important to showcase what happens when we are called and decide to follow through. Some bloggers have been discussing how there appears to be a powerful linkage occurring among like-minded souls. I wholeheartedly agree and wanted to put this idea directly out there. I do not believe it is simply for fun and friendship. I think it has to do with joining together those who aim to heal and transform our world.

Please respond in the comments section and let me know if you agree or disagree. Let’s have this crucial conversation and see what happens!


 Did you get the call?


love and lite, litebeing


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Daily Prompt: Silver Linings – Meet your Self where you are!

I used to consider the phrase ” Look for the silver lining” to be a pointless platitude. Upon further consideration, I can now report that I have changed my opinion.  For today’s Daily Prompt, we are asked to  Write about something you consider “ugly” — war, violence, failure, hatred — but try to find beauty, or a sense of hope, in your thoughts.

Let me being by saying that the film The Silver Linings Playbook immediately came to mind. I am a therapist who has worked with many people who are diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, so naturally I would be drawn to this film. Then there’s Bradley Cooper…….  Next are a few synchronicities thrown in for good measure. Matthew Quick, the author of the novel, based the story in Collingswood , NJ. This lovely town is about five minutes or so from my childhood home. The film was shot in Upper Darby, PA, not far from my current hometown, Philly. In an earlier post, I mentioned I have eaten at the now famous Llanerch Diner, where a pivotal scene between Pat and Tiffany takes place. 

What I discovered from watching the film and reading the book afterwards, is that Pat (Bradley Cooper) achieved his goal of finding his silver lining. He did not succeed in reuniting with his ex-wife. What he did do is reinvent himself and transformed his life. Through his friendship with Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence), his therapeutic alliance with his therapist, and his refusal to give up, he forged a new path forward. While his past connections with his dysfunctional family and his ex-wife were challenging to transcend, his commitment to dancing, love of the Eagles and vision of tomorrow kept him focused. While disappointments and struggles continue, Pat discovers that he is resilient and begins to step into a larger version of himself.

Speaking of stepping, my attendance today at a debut performance for Girls on the Move Germantown 2013 was filled with a plethora of silver linings. Moving Creation founder Emily Nussdorfer explains the importance of this program:

Imagine the future of our communities if all our youth are supported to find meaning and purpose for their lives. Imagine what our future would be like if all youth have the opportunity and skills with which to build their life from that place of creative purpose. What interesting, innovative and fulfilling possibilities could exist in our world as a result! The current devastating statistics of youth violence, suicide, anorexia, bulimia, obesity, addictions, school truancy and drop out rates, early pregnancy and disease would be reduced to a bad memory.

Today’s performance was such a treat. Family, friends, and supporters assembled at Germantown Friends School to see a fashion show, step routine, poetry readings, and hip hop dance number. These five young women captivated the audience with their courage, creativity, emotional vulnerability, and luminousness.  I was moved to tears and grateful to be part of the celebration.

Synchronicities were also present for me today while sitting in that auditorium. I have attended meeting for worship a few yards away at Germantown Meeting. I had worked for many years at a program 2 blocks away in the heart of Germantown. The girls spent some time together in retreat at Pendle Hill, a sacred place I hold close to my heart. It comes as no surprise that so many connections abound. I have been a fan of Emily and her program for years. She is a wonderful soul who exudes enthusiasm and great love for her girls and their communities.

So in case you are wondering, how these stories tie together, the answer is presence. Both Pat and the Girls on the Move were able to put aside negative beliefs and social conditioning in order to start anew. They did not deny their history. They learned to create new beginnings by taking action in the moment. As a social worker, I was repeatedly taught to meet my clients where they are at. This basically means to accept someone exactly where they are and proceed from this point. I believe this practice is important if you want to transcend your limitations and create a new vision.  Meeting your Self where you are is likely to assist in the promotion of positive self-care. Combine self-care with a strong support system and an active spiritual life and the possibilities are limitless. (yes I know, another Bradley Cooper movie – Limitless) 

soulflower2013hydrangea by © litebeing chronicles 2013

So I now see that with some effort and an enlightened perspective, silver linings are quite likely to manifest. Add a bit of magic and creativity, and you are on your way……

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Returning Home: Part I – Meditation

Sorry I’ve been away for a while. I have been struggling with some sudden health challenges. Thanks to those who contributed lovely responses to my last post Returning Home: The Series. I look forward to hearing more from you about your experiences.


By Bart Van den Bosch (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons


Did anyone check out the Billy Joel video? Are you ready for the reveal? If you listen very carefully to the end of the song, Billy Joel begins to chant Oommmmmm.. I first noticed this after going on a retreat to a sublimely magical place called Pendle Hill in Wallingford , PA. I met a man there who among many things, declared that home is everywhere. He pointed out that meditation is the vehicle home. Shortly thereafter our encounter, I replayed Billy Joel’s You’re My Home. I was quite amazed to hear the song through new ears. This revelation deeply transformed the way I viewed the inner world.


I have had an ambivalent relationship with meditation.  So many people dear to my heart have waxed poetic about the benefits of this practice. My overactive mind was having none of it. Until last November when Deepak Chopra offered a free 21 day meditation challenge on Abundance. I took to it with such ease, I was stunned. Turns out that the structure really made a difference! I have been meditating ever since and for me 5 months is a bona fide record. I also love the fact that my cat Dexter joins me without fail. He is the clever one in the family , so I take note when he likes something new.

Meditation gives me a rare glimpse into the gap between thought where all is united and blooming with magnificence. I am confident that with continued practice it can help transport me home.  Namaste

 I am including the You’re My Home video here again so folks can take a listen. 



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