Re-volving, cycles, and feathers

Tomorrow July 21st marks 9 years since I had an intense awakening ~ an expansive opening.  I blogged about it here.  It was a mystical experience that still occasionally reverberates within me, even to this day. While I have briefly reminded myself this week about the 9 year cycle, my mind has been overloaded and this anniversary has pretty much remained in the background.

I woke up at peace this Sunday morning and wonderfully rested. I recall having had an odd dream about astrology and oracles and the globe. I think it may be significant, but I am not certain as of yet. I felt some of Eckhart Tolle’s spaciousness and then I remembered the cycle. Nine years are the completion and the culmination of all that came before. Hmmm…

So Karen and Sindy and Julianne and other blogettes write often about fairies, angels, feathers, and the like. And while I do try to remain open, I have my doubts.  Call me a skeptic. You know “Oh,Ye of little faith”. Well, I am Ye!  I only believe what I directly experience. This is how I roll. One of the reasons I especially like Anita Moorjani is because she postulates that faith is unnecessary on the spiritual path. I could not agree with her more.

So I notice a big white feather on my couch today. I pick it up and place it alongside some items on my coffee table.  I begin to wonder about angels. I did blog on angels yesterday after all. Then a couple of hours later while putting away some things on the kitchen counter , another white feather drifts onto the counter. Then I really take notice. I do want to state that I have feather pillows in my home and have at one point placed a white feather in a bowl on the kitchen counter. But I rarely ever see a stray feather and I do not think I have even noticed 2 in the same day.

Would 3 or more be more dramatic? How about a purple one like that featured in the image earlier in this post?  Yes, and yes.

Yet, something got my attention today and the 2 white feathers were enough for me to realize that some of that mystical residue from 9 years ago is still in play.

Am I evolving, re-volving, or  just delighted to have enjoyed a pleasant Sunday alert and content?

This song seems appropriate ~ spinning wheel

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image credit ~ “Shaft of Indian Peacock tail feather” by MichaelMaggs – Own work.

13 thoughts on “Re-volving, cycles, and feathers

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  2. It’s like we are rewarded in so many ways when we are consciously present… with feelings of joy, and connections to the world beyond… Happy 9th anniversary Linda and here’s to all of life… Barbara


    1. Thanks Barbara. I do agree that presence is the “present” that keeps on giving. At certain places and during certain moments, I am able to sustain more presence, which can sometimes lead to clarity. 9 years ago, space and time and awe aligned and voila!

      To life,



  3. funny you mention a purple feather. one of those recently showed up in my sister’s apartment – completely random – and my sister immediately knew who was ‘visiting’ from beyond… 😉


  4. Interesting, Linda. I am of the belief that the experiences each of us has (be they divine, spiritual, whatever one chooses to call them), are likely presented for us to interpret on our own. Simply being aware and open to “signs,” allows for openings — through which much can manifest. I’d suggest simply being with “it” and allowing your open mind to receive what is intended; even if in due course. Trying too hard to clearly figure it out, may well be futile.


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