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Here is a ” random ” quote from the book Walking on Alligators by Susan Shaughnessy.

The form chooses you, not the other way around.  An idea comes and is already embodied in a form.

Michael Frayn

wikimedia free domain


I really like this idea because it gives me pause as a creative being. Do artists believe that originality begins with themselves, or rather with the actions they take upon discovery of a form? Is purple my favorite color because I chose it, or did the energy that vibrates at that particular frequency decide to align with my vibration?

What are your thoughts?

Here is some of my artwork that resonates with this theory. I have included four pieces. Thank you Amanda of Dreamly for the inspiration.

The first two pieces I created during my awakening experience at Pendle Hill in 2005. The second two were done sometime later. In my creative endeavors, especially with visual art, the form chooses me and allows me to work out some emotional issues and express subconscious ( and perhaps supra-conscious ) material.

get-attachment (25)

 This mandala was created just a day or two before my awakening was in ” full gear.” Notice the birds, cartoonish cloud, and use of strong color. The mood was intense and bright with undertones of worry and heaviness. My journey was complicated and at times overwhelming.


get-attachment (26)

This was created as part of my  spiritual discernment class in the art studio. So much anger and darkness needed to be released.. This was also completed just days ( or hours) before my heart opened.

get-attachment (28)

This was inspired by my love of nature. I notice my typical Neptunian influence here with blurred lines and use of shading. Time of creation unknown, at least 5 years ago.

get-attachment (27)

This is one of many multi-colored abstracts that I favor. The mood is lighter here also and while the time of completion is unknown, it was probably around the same time as the landscape image above.

first image by public domain

all other artwork by ©  litebeing chronicles

18 comments on “The Form Chooses You 2.0 ~ Including My *Art

  1. Really love the way you use colors! Colors always talked to me, I often found myself absorbed by colors when I was small. I lived in the world of colors around me, and I believe my favorite colors picked me 🙂 .
    Like Debra, I also believe that forms and shapes have their own existence and that the great artists were able to let them transpire through their work.
    I love how sometimes I think I’m painting one thing, to discover how my painting is changing into something else along the way, and the excitement at not knowing the exact outcome. It takes some courage to allow the process to unfold and a lot of trust that things always work out and that art in the end happens on its own… That for me is the essence of true creative processes.
    Thanks for sharing your art work and your own creative processes xox

    Liked by 1 person

    1. litebeing says:

      Hi Shaman goddess,
      Oh how I love color too! It takes me out of my head and into my heart and soul. I appreciate you sharing your creative process here. I plan to do some art today in the shadow of another new moon tomorrow.

      much love,


  2. Mr. Simple checking in. 🙂 What ‘spoke’ to me was your question about the color purple and/or vibrations. That’s an easy question for a simple guy to give further thought. Thanks, Linda.


    1. litebeing says:

      Who is Mr. Simple? Certainly not that amazing public speaker 🙂

      I am happy that you checked in and enjoyed your post about being in the flow. Doing art helps me be in the moment on the way to the flow. While my art is not exactly museum worthy, it brings me joy and hopefully illustrates ( pun intended) this post.

      Aren’t you a Pisces? Even if I am mistaken,, you are certainly up for the complexities that show up on your path.


  3. shreejacob says:

    I read the post…looked at the drawing….and just *knew* there was a pattern…well, I feel I must have known because I went through the drawing again…read what you said again..and then I saw it…well, I guess the proper word to use is that I perceived what my mind knew??

    It does show a flow doesn’t it? The first looking “happy” but as you said complex too…the second unearthing all the stuff within, then the slow emerging of colours and finally the colourful abstract? Or did I just read too much into it 😛


    1. litebeing says:

      Hey Shree,
      So happy to see you here. There was no deliberate pattern in mind when I posted the 4 drawings in this sequence. The first 2 were posted in order ( I think?) but not the last 2, or the 4 as a set. You did discern a meaningful pattern though, and I appreciate your opinion. Having recently supervising an Art Therapist put me into art analysis mode I guess. But the main objective was to give my readers a feel for where I was spiritually during that point in time, and to add more “meat” to the original post. My inner editor likes to work overtime 🙂

      Come back again and read a few more posts when time and motivation permits. I love the interest you take in my efforts.

      Linda ( now


  4. I really love your drawings Linda and I can relate so much to the commentary you share, as well.
    First, the energy of the images is strong, and each unique. My favorite, by far, is the second image. The energy is so rich, so strong, I sat there staring at it, really wishing I could pick up the phone and saying Linda, I think I’ve been there!!!! I am a firm believer in the magic of art to serve as such a powerful catalyst for processing deep, deep, emotions, and it is clear (to me anyway) from your drawings that you tapped into this liminal space. Thank you for adding another important dimension of your awakening.

    and of course, you inspire me, too.


    1. litebeing says:

      So Amanda, you prefer the angry “id” red and black creation? I considered not including it because I would hardly call it art. But I am glad I did, since you really resonated with the emotional charge of that piece. I was having ” a moment” during that exercise, but I think the emotions that were unearthed transcended the present moment and were years in the making.

      The art studio at Pendle Hill is a lovely space that has birthed many visions into form. I featured 2 photos of tile art outside the studio on my Pendle Hill post.

      Your comments have made a great impact on me, serving to encourage and support my process.

      Namaste ,


      1. I like that one best because I know how powerful it is to get those emotions out where you can see them. We are so unaware of so much! ….Until we are not 😉

        So, it is not always about conscious LoA, I think, because if we are not in communication with (and acceptance of) our deeper emotions, we cannot know the Self.

        Thank you for showing up and being brave, Linda, it is inspiring!


      2. litebeing says:

        thanks for your insights. I agree with you that the unconscious holds so much promise..

        anytime dear ❤


  5. Probably the latter, for our energy goes out and like attracts like.. 🙂 Beautiful image..


    1. litebeing says:

      Thanks Sue. After Amanda mentioned it is a mandala, I realized she is right 🙂


  6. Hi Linda,

    First of all – that mandala – WOW!! What a thrill it was to open my reader and find that waiting there!! I love the image, and your thought-provoking questions…

    “An idea comes and is already embodied in a form. “ …. I love this.

    Since you asked for our thoughts…. 🙂

    As I have dabbled in various art forms, photos, painting, writing, music, etc. I often find that the personal creative work I respond to on a visceral level is always that which was done when I let go of expectations, and let what wanted to emerge, emerge. I have noticed that this can be a painful practice when we want to control, and want our creativity to birth something specific, so attempts at fully letting go is my personal Modus Operandi.

    So, to answer your question, I would say that my experience has been that the “creative force” is very much its own force and one I need to commune with, not try to own or mold.

    As I have begun to paint my dreams, this idea of embodiment and the creative force has become all the more apparent. Things have really begun to just “appear” on the page, and I have never felt more inspired by my role as receptor as I do when the dream art magic happens, and what wants to emerge allows me to be a humble vessel. Although not as technical or even as aesthetically pleasing as previous artwork, the dream artwork carries some serious energy, some serious embodiment of form.

    On a totally opposite note, I remember reading a study in my Aesthetics class in college, that people gravitate towards that which they themselves are embodying at the time, not the other way around. The study collected samples of the music people listened to over a series of months, and often people who had just gone through a breakup would suddenly start listening to “sadder” music afterwards, and those who got a big break at work or something else new and exciting, would suddenly start listening to faster, more upbeat music. That definitely illustrates the idea of resonance to me….

    Wow! I rambled for awhile there!
    Thanks for the invitation Linda 🙂

    Love and Hugs,


    1. litebeing says:

      Hi Amanda,
      Thank you for the thoughtful and elaborate response. so glad you loved the mandala. I was waiting for the right time to use,it. I did not even consider that it was a mandala when I originally selected thanks for reminding me 🙂

      I must say that painting one’s dreams seems like an exquisitely mystical undertaking and i am tempted to do some form of dream art. My 2 dream groups have dissolved into zero at the moment and i have been slacking with dream recording. But the content still reaches me, last 2 nights were fascinating…

      Anyway, I always enjoy hearing from you and am pleased you connected with this post.

      Linda lite


  7. ptero9 says:

    Hi Linda,
    I love this question and also to dwell on how it is that we know and experience anything.

    I think, much like Plato did, that forms have their own existence independent of us. The nature of the universe displays and suggests forms and we, in turn, experience a magnetism towards them.

    This would explain, partly anyway, the feeling that “ideas come to us.” We cooperate by opening ourselves to their presence and spending time contemplating their message and mystery.

    You and I should not be surprised, but I was just reading about this very question last night!!!!

    Much love,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. litebeing says:

      I think it is a complex question and Plato’s opinion provides part of the picture. As an intuitive being, I wonder which ideas are ” mine” and which simply enter my consciousness.

      Perhaps this random quote came to me though you! 🙂



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