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A Walk on the New Leo Moon with Jupiter in Leo and Mars in Scorpio

wikimedia free domain

Welcome to the glorious radiant Leo New Moon with Jupiter newly ensconced in Leo to boot! I began the celebration by changing my domain name to

Mars just entered Scorpio after a 8 month foray in Libra. Libra is my solar 12 house so let’s just say between this and transiting Saturn restricting my Neptune Sun Mercury, I am more than ready for the arrival of new energies.

wikimedia free domain

 Jupiter is so beautiful and boundless. While it is exalted in Cancer, I do prefer it in Leo. It will be especially beneficial when it leaves my 6th house and enters the 7th where Uranus in Leo, my chart ruler, resides. Take a look at where Leo is placed in your chart to gauge how Sun/ Moon/ Jupiter in Leo may enlighten and brighten your life.


wikimedia free domain

Leo is regal, fixed, ego-directed, fun-loving, joyous and bursting with creative energy. As a Scorpio, I am fortunate to have Leo as my ruler. While Scorpio and Leo are both fixed signs, they are quite different in their approach. Leo is warm and generous and spontaneous yet organized. I attract Leos into my life as the 7th house of relationships can often be where we manifest projections of our alter-ego. As I move though life, I have shed some of the Scorpio reserve and Aquarian detachment and took on more of the open, warm-hearted, leader-like qualities of the Sun. Still I welcome all the wonderful Leo sun, Leo moon, and Leo rising spirits with open arms. Julianne, Deelia, Monika, Tamrah Jo, Debra, Ka, and Renate are among those here at WordPress that come to mind. That’s a lot of Leo 🙂


wikimedia free domain

 Mars in Scorpio will clash with some of the Leo sensibilities, but there has always been a respect between these two powerful , charismatic signs. Think Mick Jagger ( happy birthday Mick!) and Elvis ( Scorpio Rising). Both have similar personas and are major international icons. One might say that in this case the Leo followed in the Scorpio’s footsteps! Mars in Libra left us with plenty of world conflict and strife. Libra is the sign of the diplomat but Mars in Libra can be quite feisty and cantankerous. Mars in Scorpio may be more duplicitous and subtle, but it is rarely indecisive or passive-aggressive. This mars does not play! Perhaps this mars can use its  strategic tendencies to bring about  some peaceful resolutions going forward.

Let’s go back to the moon now, shall we? July 20 2014 marked the 45th anniversary of the US moon landing. CNN has featured this on its TV special series The Sixties. This is no surprise that the 1960s and the moon walk are being lauded now because they parallel our current Uranus/Pluto cycle. Always look to the media and pop culture to generate information about the transpersonal planetary alignments.

I remember the moonwalk as being a pivotal moment in my childhood. While some of the details are hazy – ( I picture the broadcast during the day, yet it took place at night ), the feelings of awe and excitement are still alive within me.

A Walk on the Moon comes to mind as a quintessential coming of age film. It takes place during the summer of 1969. This film features the impact of the Vietnam War in full swing, free love, Woodstock, a tarot- reading mother in law, and Viggo Mortenson as the love interest. It is an incredibly realistic take on a very surreal, volatile moment in time. Just like the lead character Pearl, I also spent part of that summer in a bungalow colony in the Catskill Mountains. My time there was less romantic and definitely less eventful, but I was captivated by space exploration and was already studying astrology!


Check out the trailer now and revisit ( or simply visit) the wonder and chaos of the times that heralded one small step…



image credits:, public domain


19 comments on “A Walk on the New Leo Moon with Jupiter in Leo and Mars in Scorpio

  1. smilecalm says:

    touching remembrance!
    i’ll keep on the look out
    for the moon 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. litebeing says:

      And it will be winking at you 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. litebeing says:

    Reblogged this on litebeing chronicles and commented:

    Yes, I was there ( not on the moon, but watching on TV) and it is hard to imagine that 50 years have gone by. Enjoy this reblog as we memorialize ” One Small Step…. “


  3. I remember reading this via my phone yet the photo’s wouldnt show, Its always more difficult to comment via phone.. I took on board all you said here Linda.. and hope my own positive intentions set the path for the Full Moons Energy to help boost my intent.. 🙂

    Wonderful to read again Linda..


  4. Hello Litebeing!
    Shiny New Moon to you! 🙂 I love the images and the moon-walk. Wow, so much more for you to share about! I’m enticed to know more about these times you spent at the bungalow in Catskill mountains. My dad was in the Vietnam war… in Cambodia, combat (where we “weren’t supposed to be” when the war happened), when the moon-landing happened. He was like… F-that! What am I doing here?! What is this madness?! Anyways, I spent some time there (Vietnam, not the Moon) in my twenties as an educational tourist – eating Tapioca, learning about peace. Giving a “shout out” of Love to my dad via phone. Thanking him for teaching me a thing or two about seeking out and learning about other cultures – and the importance of peace vs. conquering the moon. Love to hear more from you on the bungalow, and the Catskill Mountains, if you are moved to share more. You gotta a lot of lovely Leo energy 🙂 I’m enjoying your warmth and beautiful post.
    xx Ka


    1. litebeing says:

      Thanks Ka. Your travels and experiences bring another level of understanding to this very complex tie on our collective history. I am afraid that many Americans have had their bias block any compassion for the culture and people of South East Asia. I do not know much about these areas either, but adore Vietnamese food 🙂

      Regarding the bungalow scene, I have few fond memories of that time. While the mountains are spectacular, the bungalow scene was very conservative and restrictive to my sensibilities.If more comes to me, I will write about it.



  5. That first image you chose is so beautiful!! Your astrology knowledge is quite impressive, although I must admit it is a lot like reading another language for the uninitiated like myself 🙂 Hope you had a nice weekend Linda 😉


    1. I mean Litebeing 🙂 🙂 😉


      1. litebeing says:

        Either name works 🙂


    2. litebeing says:

      Hi Amanda,
      I love that image too! I had re-blogged a post from Astrology and Art awhile back that featured all 12 signs by this artist.

      Astrology is a multilayered complex symbolic language that I have devoted my life to learning and interpreting. Thanks for your kindness 🙂


  6. renatembell says:

    Wonderful post, Linda. Ah, all that Leo energy 🙂 I need to put my sunglasses on! LOL
    “A Walk on the Moon ” reminds me of where I grew up- in the Catskills and only about twenty miles from the official 1969 Woodstock festival. (I, of course, was too young to participate, and being an INFJ, I wouldn’t have anyhow. Dislike big crowds. Especially disorganized wild ones!) What town did you stay in? You were probably right around the corner. 🙂 I noticed your new website address immediately. Congratulations on! Cheers to many many more litebeing posts!! Love and light~


    1. litebeing says:

      Hi Renate,
      I thought of you when wrote this post. We stayed near Monticello NY and it was on the grounds of Kutsher’s hotel. I remember a lake nearby. It looked just like A Walk on the Moon and Dirty Dancing, which I think may have taken place earlier. Were we neighbors? 🙂

      I think i would have gone to Woodstock if I was old enough. I certainly went to my share of concerts as a teen and young adult. I hated the crowds but the music kept me coming back.

      thanks for your support and well wishes.

      xx Linda


      1. renatembell says:

        Yes, Dirty Dancing too! That one reminds me of our Lodge. We had lots of dancing, but no competitions. So, we were close by. I grew up in a small town about a half an hour from Monticello. I took my road test to get my drivers license in Monticello in five inches of snow. You know where I’m from! 🙂


      2. litebeing says:

        So not only were we close by, it was at the same time and we are presumably close in age ( we were alive in 1969 lol). I find that fascinating that we were together once in time and space and have connected via the internet where neither dimension matters 🙂

        Do you know the musician Gavin Degraw? He grew up in the Catskills and was featured in a TV show about his hometown and his life there.


      3. renatembell says:

        Yes, this is very fascinating! Small world. And yes, Gavin Degraw is from South Fallsburg in good old Sullivan County NY! He’s one of ours. 🙂 We were cheering him on when he was on Dancing With The Stars. 🙂


  7. holy cow Bat man…… me with my moon in late Leo , and sun in Scorpio,and mars ( I think) retrograde in Scorpio / libra… hmmm I’ll either explode or never want it to leave!!


    1. litebeing says:

      Hey Fran,
      I immediately thought of you when I began to write about the Moon in Leo and how much you enjoy it and how you say it lightens up the Scorpio.

      Perhaps you read my thoughts lol 🙂


      1. hope this means I’ll be catching a break for a change LOL ?


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