New web address, same vision

Howdy readers,

I am so excited to announce that I have a new web address for my blog :


It is now


I am still Linda but it is less about Linda and more about what lies beyond one’s temporary identity. WordPress assures me that this is a seamless transition and that followers will not have to do anything to find litebeing chronicles. But just in case, my new domain is very easy to remember!  It just felt right to make the change now. I had only used because was not available.


Anyways, I hope to provide plenty of new material so folks will keep returning and sharing the light ( or lite).


Summer 2013 by litebeing chronicles


Love to all radiant litebeings everywhere.




11 thoughts on “New web address, same vision

  1. Linda, congrats on the upgrade and thank you so much for this post.. Loved reading it a few days back.. And I am happy to be back here again.. I am using that creative energy flow.. and hope too that this New Moon brings in the changes you seek.. Blessings and thank you for being there.. Hugs Sue


    1. Hey Ka,
      Thanks so much. I hope it is easy and people don’t type lightbeing. initially I wanted lightbeing but it was taken.

      Honestly I prefer litebeing now because it is a play on words.

      Your support means a lot to me.

      xx Linda


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