A Meaningful Life Trumps

Excellent piece on the relationship between fulfillment of purpose and happiness. Eric’s perspective contains wisdom and heart.

Eric Tonningsen's Awakening to Awareness

“Life is not infinite, but its potential is. Embrace every second and you’ll triumph over compunction.” ~ Eric Tonningsen

It took years, but I finally figured it out. When you’re not happy, unfulfilled, or not living a meaningful life — you ought to (I really wanted to type must) make a change. If you remain a slave to cultural expectations, and the trappings of money, power, status and/or perceived success, you’ve left a void in your life. I told myself, “If you’re truly unhappy with your job, move on.” “Find a way to pursue your passion and your mission in life.”

So I left a world in which I prostituted myself to shareholders, made good money, traveled the world and had whatever I wanted. What was missing was meaning and significance. And I knew this for some time.

I’m not saying quit your job; you may love your job.  But…

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5 thoughts on “A Meaningful Life Trumps

      1. hi linda, i’m not leaving for another few weeks – i gave them lots of notice and time to find someone new. it’s a big institution so lots of bureaucracy. 🙂

        things still up in the air for sept, but i am so, so relieved to be wrapping it up. i definitely made the right choice. thank you for asking. xo aleya


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