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wikipedia free domain- no copyright restrictions period!!!

I am pleased to present my review * of Julianne Victoria’s  Butterfly Journal. It has been wonderful to work with this lovely lavender book that captures the essence of Julianne’s intuitive spirit.

Butterfly Journal by Julianne Victoria ~

butterfly_journal_cover_for_kindle (1)

Butterflies tell us the story of being in flux, lingering in darkness, feeling isolated, embracing the state of limbo and then finally and miraculously emerging brilliantly reborn and free. Meta – morphosis means beyond form.  This interactive journal takes the reader through a monthly process of prompts that support the inner work required for lasting personal transformation. Each month builds upon another as you  reflect, write and/or draw and then reflect some more, taking with you the wisdom gleaned from the previous month. For example,  the first month focuses on  self – reflection and taking a self- inventory, month two is devoted to an examination of truth, and month three  is an invitation to live in faith and love of self. You can start the journal whenever you like. I started mine immediately after the Autumn Equinox .

The journal is big enough to really dig in and write and doodle and explore to your heart’s content. Each page is decorated with a stunning butterfly image. This beautifully illustrated book is designed to gently encourage the reader to see their potential while gazing at the butterfly on every page. I was certainly inspired to pour my heart into each page knowing that I am on the path to transformation.

Why you should buy this journal: It is thoughtfully organized, beautifully designed, and embodies Julianne’s unique recipe for self-realization. The monthly prompts are very effective and the format is quite cohesive. I am really enjoying this process, knowing that Julianne’s energy is encouraging my self-exploration. Come join me and you will see how this delightful book can jump-start the progress of stepping into your true nature.

wikipedia free domain- no copyright restrictions period!!!

Please visit to learn more about the author and her amazing blog. Her blog also showcases her professional services , creative projects and publications, and ordering instructions.

wikipedia free domain- no copyright restrictions period!!!

UPDATE – I found this charming children’s song about metamorphosis that I preferred over my initial choice ( Mariah Carey video). Your feedback is always welcome; let me know if you enjoyed  listening to this song .

*  I was given a copy of the book in exchange for this review.

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butterfly images by

21 comments on “Book Review – Butterfly Journal by Julianne Victoria

  1. james369 says:

    I just ordered my copy… very much looking forward to diving into it. 🙂


    1. that’s great! we can compare notes on our progress 🙂


  2. love to buy it in india if i knew where to find it


    1. go to Julianne’s website and ask her! I am sure she can get you one 🙂


  3. shreejacob says:

    Wonderfully written review Linda!! Sounds like an awesome journal!!
    If only it wasn’t butterfly themed…hehe. 😉
    I’ll share this for my friends to see 🙂


    1. thank you! thanks for sharing and yeah, the butterfly IS the point ( sorry about your phobia)


      1. shreejacob says:

        I know right 😦
        I wonder if we can use something else instead of butterflies to signify self transformation…like anything other than from the insect world… …ah well, I’m sure I’ll think of something 😉


    2. Oh, I did not know you were afraid of butterflies! Would the Phoenix be a good replacement? Emerging into the fire would be the cocoon phase. 🙂


      1. shreejacob says:

        Oo…yup! Phoenix would be awesome!! Hehehe.


  4. I had to manually reblog instead because the video showed up as the image instead of the butterflies. 🙂


    1. that’s cool. I do not like when the videos show up in the reader but do not know how to fix it.


    2. sorry you had to go through all that extra work!

      peace, Linda


  5. Nice review Linda. Love, love, love the art, especially that first one. 😀 I was thinking to do some pasting of images in my journal.


    1. thanks Sindy. I taught a journaling group for awhile and my partner is an artist and she showed us so many ways other than writing to journal. Sometimes I miss that group, sigh.


      1. I bet sounds fun. Journals keep the juices flowing.


  6. Thank you so much Linda! Fly, fly, fly! 😉 Namaste _/l\_


    1. you are welcome Julianne! I am humbled that you chose me to do this for you and I hope it helps increase sales 🙂


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