Cosmic Retrograde Challenge

With Mercury going retrograde next Monday on October 21, 2013 and a new series of eclipses starting this Friday October 18, 2013 in Aries, and then on Sunday November 3, 2013 in Scorpio ( woohoo!  practically on my birthday, which is  the day when we have an exact Saturn Sun conjunction – good times !), I have become inspired to initiate a fun and powerful challenge. In the process of purging and letting go, I have spent much more time going through my closets and drawers ( literally and spiritually). I have discovered so many items that I long forgot that I had. I rediscovered this amazing Sugilite necklace I purchased at least 15 years ago. I really cannot recall how long it has been, but I remember the wonderful salesperson who introduced me to this rare and beautiful gemstone/crystal. I started wearing it again to relieve headaches and other physical ailments about a month ago ( around September 15th). My psychic abilities have been off the charts and I feel more ” like me” when I wear it. It dawned on me that there must be a subtle but viable rhythm to this event.

Rob Lavinsky, – CC-BY-SA-3.0 [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


This experience has gotten me thinking more and more about alchemy, parallel realities and all things quantum.  Two bloggers in particular : Shree and Barbara, have gotten me ruminating more on the power of alchemy. Shree takes Alchemy classes and Barbara just blogged about Alchemy in her most recent ( and might I add, brilliant!) post.  I also recently finished  reading The Alchemist, yearning to wrap my brain and soul around this mysterious process. I have been wondering how my 2013 self is reconnecting with this “old” Sugilite ? I have also been playing around with probabilities and possibilities by making a decision and then doing the opposite to see what happens. This reminds me of what happens in the dream world where you set a direction and almost immediately, people and places and outcomes morph.

Here’s the challenge:

1- Find an item you never use or never wear but you feel very drawn to. It could be an article of clothing like a hat or jeans, or a CD that you haven’t played in years. Hang up a poster or picture that is hiding in a closet. Prepare a few meals from an old favorite cookbook that’s been neglected. Reread an old novel. Wear that old hat. Play that album. Wear an old scent that you are fond of. Watch several episodes of an old television series. Find something old that still resonates for you NOW.

2- Wear the item or use the object or perform the activity repeatedly for  a minimum of one week ; three weeks would be ideal.

3- Observe your thoughts and feelings to assess any significant changes.

4-Then journal or meditate on your experiences to gain more clarity.

5- Finally, blog about what you have discovered. free domain

This exercise is perfect for both the pending mercury retrograde in Scorpio and the Aries/ Scorpio eclipses.  Aries , the dominant cleansing fire energy and Scorpio , transformation through excavation and regeneration, are so strongly in play for the next month or more. Blending old and new during this very powerful time can be exhilarating and quite healing! Throw logic out the door and come play with me. I hoping to get at least 6 people to sign up to this challenge, but would be thrilled to get 60 or more!

Sign up in the comments section below and let me know when you are going to post, starting with Tuesday October 22, 2013.

 Any date through the end of November is fine!

To learn more about Sugilite, view this informative wordpress post :

Alchemy :

Barbara’s latest post

 article on alchemy –

sugilite image courtesy of Rob Lavinsky, – CC-BY-SA-3.0 [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

1930 fashion image courtesy of –

Let’s build some mysteries together and work some alchemical magic.

Take the challenge and play cosmic dress up with me!

59 thoughts on “Cosmic Retrograde Challenge

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  16. Very interesting & intriguing Linda 🙂 Love the idea, though I don’t know if I have anything old that I don’t use… I’m not a very sentimental person that way!!
    But I am going to look, & see, & let you know… actually as I write this I may just have come up with the perfect thing…! 🙂 x


    1. Hi Heidi,
      I will be writing you in about an hour or so…

      I would adore it if you would join us. The second week of November is when the series of posts are happening. Your perspective would so enhance this challenge.

      BTW, I am incredibly sentimental in spite of my ” edge” and cynicism. We are all so multifaceted aren’t we!

      let me know what you decide.

      In light, Linda


  17. Wow! Linda, first I dropped by to thank you so very much for dropping off that fabulous award.. And then I read this post!… Now you will not believe this, but then I know you will… This weekend Hubby and I did a complete change around of our furniture in the living room which had been in its positions for years… Our CD racks which had for that time held many disks I played just a few of the regular ones on the top shelves… So I went through them and dug out an old African chants of the SDASA Choral choir of South Africa. They are a gospel group from South Africa. And I can not stop playing it again at the moment..
    Second, I had been looking through some old trinket boxes stored in my draws to look out some little beads I knew I had on for my granddaughter to play with.. When I came across an old carved Black Cross I bought made out of Whitby Jet …. I was drawn to wearing.. Having looked up its properties, I see why I was drawn to wear it again… And So this is the piece I will wear as I join your challenge… if I may as I see how the following days unravel…

    Loved your post and I too have read the Alchemist… 🙂 By Paulo Coelho and have many of his books all good! 🙂
    Thank you again.. Sue 🙂


    1. no I am not surprised Sue, but I am grateful for the interconnectedness I witness here!

      Choose a date during the second week of November to post on your blog and let me know the date you decide upon, I will at some point draft a schedule. Right now I am just looking for participants.

      I am so excited you will join us and happy you like the award. Your comments here are precious to me Sue.

      I did not get as much from the Alchemist as I hoped but felt rushed to read it because it was a library book. Yet it was another puzzle piece that led me to this point…

      love and light,


      1. Each part of the Puzzle often falls via the various pieces we discover along our journey… I have to confess I too was expecting more from the Book given its big rave must read.. But then we are perhaps more aware than some who read it.. So in essence knew its message .. I did however enjoy one I picked up on holdiay in a £-Pound shop, as it literally dropped off the shelf at my feet as I disturbed several books that became dislodged… It was called Aleph…. Which is more autobiography, but he experiences past life recall. Which for me was very interesting having experienced a vivid Past Life myself 🙂


    1. how cool!

      I am looking at the second week of November for the posts because people have been choosing that time frame. Think it over and let me know if you can participate. I love your posts and think you will have fun playing cosmic dress up 🙂


  18. Hey Linda! Loved the post and great idea too!
    It’s great that you reconnected with the sugilite! Sometimes, these things really do have their place at different times in our lives doesn’t it? And I’m thinking that, this is the idea for your challenge? To see what the results are when we reconnect with “something old”? To see if it either brings up things we need to clear or if it gives us new insights or both?
    It’s so strange you brought this up because I did TWO things and there was one other thing that happened to me with regards to reconnecting with the “old”!
    The first was when my friend suddenly emailed me out of the blue…this was about 2 weeks ago. You know about this one…and I’ve emailed you the full story.
    The second was that I had this CD which I bought a long time ago, chants to help with Diabetes (yep, my sweetness decided to manifest as that 😛 okay, okay I’s more of issues I need to and I was feeling a little wonky after a crazy episode of indulging in to much chocolate…so I spied the CD on my shelf and decided to listen to it! I felt a lot better after doing that!
    The third was just today. I decided to re read an old Stephen King book. I haven’t read Stephen King for a couple of years now, but keep all of his books that I’ve read because I *do* like his stories…and I read the book Insomnia. And I read the book the way I used to before. Just sat in my room and read and read it. Didn’t do anything else, immersed myself in it. Got through half the book, the half that I wanted to…and totally saw me in the main character! Was irritated with him…because dang, it was so obvious what he was going through…then I realized….hey! that’s me! I’m like that too! Then I realized how silly I have been doubting stuff and also that there are times when we ask for something and we get it, we get so angry..and that’s me too!

    I’m thinking now…about what I could reconnect to, for a whole week or so…there some CD’s that I haven’t listened to for the longest time, that I loved. I also have many crystal jewellery which I haven’t been wearing…so maybe I could do that too?


    1. Hi Shree,

      Clearly you gravitate towards this practice organically. I do feel that timing is everything ( I AM an astrologer after all hehe) and that certain energies emerge when you combine the old with the newer Self. Just choose one object or activity and follow the directions that I gave. Do not overthink it, just allow it to happen! I really want you to join us. It looks like the second week of November is shaping up. Please pick any day that week except for Nov. 15th ( Barbara chose that day.)

      This will be so much funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn 🙂


      1. Hehe…okay, I’m joining Rara’s challenge for blogging everyday for the month of November, so I’ll include this challenge 😀 I’ll take the 11th of November 🙂


  19. What a delightful creative idea! I´ll be reading the posts of others with great interest. Personally I don´t store old items. I have even given my well served crystals back to Mother Earth in the past, and only have a huge rose quartz on the table reminding me of the essence of universal love. I really enjoyed your story about the sugilite.


    1. Thank you Deelia for your kind thoughts.The sugilite is so beautiful with its brilliant purple hue and its strong powerful energies. I can be an Atlantean priestess in my imagination 🙂

      If you find an old CD or scarf or something that crosses your path and change your mind, I would love for you to join us. I know how you love to play, especially with time 🙂

      love and light, Linda


  20. That is a cool idea for a challenge. I am a quite recent expat so could not participate, as most of my stuff is new (I managed to take most of my books with me). I am looking forward to what others post.


      1. thanks for your endorsement! I guess my fixed nature keeps trying to involve you in these group endeavors 🙂

        I will be fine either way but hope you decide to play cosmic dress up with our cosmic circle.

        love and hugs,


  21. Dear Linda what kind words you say about my latest post… thank you so very much… and for the link…. I love your challenge and would love to be part of it… I can write a post for Friday Nov 15th… just before I leave for my visit to USA (visiting my grandkids… yes…yes…yes) I used to love wearing a very pretty colourful dress when I was a little younger and slimmer… it always made me smile and feel jolly… I’ve always kept it in the hope… So I’m going to hang it up in view together with an old photo of me in it and see what happens… I believe in magic… Thanks for the challenge Linda… until soon again… Barbara


    1. Hi Barbara,
      I loved your post and wanted others to enjoy it. It was another catalyst in the creation of this challenge that has been in my head for a couple months now, taking shape. I am so excited that you will be joining us! Where in the States will you be?

      love, Linda


  22. Linda, I meant to say…. I am trying to come up with something from a long time ago. Maybe I could recapture some essence of who I was then. Hmm. I have a few ideas in mind. I have this old toy since like, forever. It is a pyramid that you can work just like the Rubik Cube. I will do that.


    1. wow, you got me very curious now, I am very excited to see what you come up with.

      Anyway, let me know when you would like to blog, you have between Oct 22 to November 30th but I want to devise some type of schedule beforehand.

      thanks so much Karen!


    2. Tell Mercury to stop the communication disconnects. lol. I do really like the song you posted on here. The video I referred to is on Napoleon Hill on Sindy’s old post for forming your own Invisible Council. I can blog sometime the week of November 11th. Whatever day is open. I will set my old toy on my desk at work and at home and see what comes up.


      1. Ok, I found something! And very glad I did, thank you! I will post November 9th when Jupiter is retrograde and Merc still is too. That gives me a few weeks to see what this item brings up for me! 🙂


      2. yea!!! You may be our first poster , I will do an intro post of course.

        Current list:

        11/9 Julianne
        11/11 Shree
        11/12 Karen
        11/13 Sindy
        11/15 Barbara

        11/10 and 11/14 are still available!

        I am sooooo excited! 🙂

        Namaste my dear


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