Cosmic Retrograde Challenge – We are set!


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Mercury went retrograde today.  While I am not superstitious about this poorly hyped cycle, I must confess that I already have a story to tell , entitled ” American Laptop Horror Story”.  I am saving this tale for a later date because I want to gain perspective so stay tuned ..

On a brighter note, I am happy to report we have a full 9 day challenge schedule.

Can I hear a big collective woohoo!

Here is the complete schedule for the upcoming challenge:

November 9 – Julianne

November 10 – Heidi

November 11 – Shree

November 12 – Karen

November 13 – Sindy

November 14 – Sue

November 15 – Barbara

November 16 – Lehua

November 17 – Linda

I will post this again as we get closer to the time for the  posts to make their debuts. I know that this will be an extraordinary opportunity for folks to experiment with the old and new.  Since this particular retrograde is in Scorpio, this energy can be used to dig deep, uncover old secrets and barriers, and then restore, renew, reinvent, and reemerge victoriously.

Does anyone have any Mercury Retrograde incidents to share as of today?

How did the Eclipse affect you? Let me know your stories.

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15 thoughts on “Cosmic Retrograde Challenge – We are set!

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  2. IAM shouting woohoo… out loud… I have not one thing, but two… they are hanging on my bedroom door looking at me.. they are 25 years apart in age… IAM very curious as to what is going to come up… I have my journal handy to make notes… and so looking forward to this challenge and fun time with you all… No feelings yet… except I observe it is very calm, misty and feel actually quite sad… Thanks for organising this linda…. Barbara


  3. I´m looking forward to the posts, and I´m going to refer somehow to this series in my blog as well. It´s such a lovely approach to Mercury retrograde (for one thing). PS. Gentle or joyful greetings to your computer (if you meant your laptop), in whatever tone it prefers to be motivating. 😀


    1. thanks Deelia! I bought a new laptop – using old one as I type this… let’s just say I was in for some unwelcome surprises for now 🙂

      I am so pleased that people can relate to this approach to the retrograde. since I have this natally, I think dfferently naturally 🙂


      1. Yes, that´s enough to know now.

        By the way – my retrograde is in the seventh house, and already when Mercury had entered the “gray” area before the actual retrograde, I had had an inner invitation to transmit gratitude especially to the men in my life (past, present, future). Now, the focus is on reflecting the men especially in romantic/significant other sense (past, present, future…). Even my dreams are geared around the issue. Men, men, men…♪♫ ♪ ♂


    1. I wouldn’t think Mercury on the IC would be problematic , yet you are so Mercurial in nature so…..
      I thought I would be ok in the 9th, but it stationed close to my natal mercury and I was not spared!
      I expect the series to be quite varied and fascinating as are the bloggers! thanks for your interest Monika.


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