I really * like blogging and WordPress, like wow,1337 likes !

litebeing chronicles
October 22, 2013

1337 likes, yeah that’s sufficient! Sufficient is one of the many terms associated with like. Apparently litebeing chronicles was liked 1337 times as of 10-22-13. I started this blog on 1-11-13, so it all adds up I guess. One of the many things I like about WordPress is its eccentricities. Who else gives trophies for 1337 likes? I could check the forums to find out why, but I know better 🙂  I also appreciate that I receive emails from WordPress that start out with Howdy.  What’s not to like! Whoever is in charge of trophies and emails, thank you for your ingenuity, wit, and inventiveness 🙂

The word like has so much of a complex charge nowadays. Likes are a means of commerce and value in a way that was incomprehensible twenty years ago. I spend countless hours on Facebook liking so many things because I want to acknowledge that these pictures or status updates are cool or simply to acknowledge their existence.  Do you also find yourself hard-wired to like things publicly? Are you afraid to not acknowledge someone for worry they will consider you impolite?

All kidding aside, I am grateful for each and every time someone makes the extra effort to click on like for my blog. In fact, I hope to introduce more content that will elicit liking on a critical mass scale, one post at a time. I am always looking for ways to grow creatively and engage more of you. Your time is valuable and I am quite aware you could be doing something else. Yet, you are here! Like, how cool is that!  Like, very cool indeed.

Ready for a little history and etymology –

According to the Online Etymology dictionary:

like (adj.) Look up like at Dictionary.com“having the same characteristics or qualities” (as another), Middle English shortening of Old English gelic “like, similar,” from Proto-Germanic *galika- “having the same form,” literally “with a corresponding body” (cf. Old Saxon gilik, Dutch gelijk, German gleich, Gothic galeiks “equally, like”), a compound of *ga- “with, together” + Germanic base *lik-“body, form; like, same” (cf. Old English lic “body,” German Leiche “corpse,” Danish lig, Swedish lik, Dutch lijk “body, corpse”). Analogous, etymologically, to Latin conform. The modern form (rather than *lich) may be from a northern descendant of the Old English word’s Norse cognate, glikr.

Formerly with comparative liker and superlative likest (still in use 17c.). The preposition (c.1200) and the adverb (c.1300) both are from the adjective. As a conjunction, first attested early 16c. The word has been used as a postponed filler (“going really fast, like”) from 1778; as a presumed emphatic (“going, like, really fast”) from 1950, originally in counterculture slang and bop talk. Phrase more like it “closer to what is desired” is from 1888.like (n.)

Look up like at Dictionary.comc.1200, “a similar thing” (to another), from like (adj.).like (v.)

Look up like at Dictionary.comOld English lician “to please, be sufficient,” from Proto-Germanic *likjan (cf. Old Norse lika, Old Frisian likia, Old High German lihhen, Gothic leikan “to please”), from *lik- “body, form; like, same.”

 The basic meaning seems to be “to be like” (see like (adj.)), thus, “to be suitable.” Like (and dislike) originally flowed the other way: It likes me, where we would say I like it. The modern flow began to appear late 14c. (cf. please).

wikimedia free domain

Numerology – The number 1337 reduces to 14 which reduces finally to 5. 5 symbolizes change and freedom  and is associated with the planet Mercury. What I would give to get a look at WordPress’ chart!

UPDATE: Thanks to Julianne, I ran a chart for WordPress and wouldn’t you know, it has the sun at 5 degrees Gemini! Now I understand where the whimsical 1337 comes from! Gemini is associated with the planet Mercury and Mercury is associated with the number 5. On top of that, Gemini is at 5 degrees no less. On a personal note, my IC is exactly conjunct WordPress’ sun. This means that this blogging platform symbolizes my soul, my beginnings, my foundation,my family, my home. Even when I cannot use my GoodReads widget or music player. Even when my stats do not add up. I forgive and move on because something sacred is at work here. The astrology simply confirmed what I knew instinctively.  I can share the truest expression of my being here and bask in the warmth of kinship and genuine community. WordPress is truly family to me and I really like that! 

For more on the number 5:  http://www.cafeastrology.com/numerology.html#five

By the way, I like you too. Very, very much!

37 thoughts on “I really * like blogging and WordPress, like wow,1337 likes !

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    1. Hi Russel,
      I read your post today and thought about the 1337 thing. How interesting that your Google search landed you here 🙂
      I love the quirkiness of this platform, suits me to a T!
      Congrats on your milestone.


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  4. Vivek narain

    Hi linda, it will help you a lot if you link up with linda george astrologer of newzealand,she followed another famous linda before becoming a writer herself.


  5. I like, really like this, like you know?! 🙂
    Love the etymology – thank you! – and that you figured the 5 degrees sun thing and Gemini and your natural astrological inclination! What are, like, the chances??


  6. Congrats Linda!! Yay for the magic number of 1337 likes.
    I kinda like the way the trophies kinda roll when you put your cursor near them..lol.
    Onwards to another 1337 likes and you know like Nancy suggested, it would be great if we had more than just the “like” buttons!
    I use the like button only if I’ve read the full post and it does help especially when you really do like the post but don’t really have anything to say…you know?

    As for with liking on FB, I do it to acknowledge that I have read and agreed..or that I just like it..hehehe.


      1. I am conflicted, what if they don’t LIKE it and I get expelled from this beloved platform? Did you compare it with your chart? I cannot believe ( actually I can) the Sun/IC conjunction. There is also an odd Pluto/Venus conjunction and some disturbing squares to my Mercury.

        Lots of synastry, that’s for sure. Do you know where in Texas? I intuited Houston but I prefer the facts if they are accessible.


      2. Mullenweg lives in Houston, so I’m assuming that’s where he launched WP. I haven’t pulled up a chart yet. I think that WP would think it was cool if you did, and it could get you some recognition. I don’t think they’d expel you unless you were bashing them.
        So…hmmmm…maybe we can co-write something?


      3. your instincts are great ya know and it is cool that I guessed Houston after all! Perhaps we could co write it from the Vedic and Western perspectives.

        Now I think I changed my mind!

        The chart is pretty interesting, take a look.
        Let’s discuss this ” off the grid”.


  7. Glad you’re rolling in the LIKES!

    I wish that WP would offer different buttons:

    Thought Provoking
    Hysterically Funny
    Awesome Photos
    Wild Applause

    That would be more FUN than pressing LIKE.


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