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I get such great ideas in the shower – flashes from my higher nature ( let’s hope so). The continuous practice of cleansing in the water in such a familiar and contained environment is quite conducive for mindfulness and flow of insights ( along with the flow of water!)


Hodge ~

Anyway, while washing my hair it dawned on me that lately the blogosphere has been talking up ego. So I am re-posting this awesome video about ego for your spiritual enjoyment.


 Podge ~

wikimedia free domain

 I am pairing it with an old song I heard back in the day. It is Nothing but Flowers by The Talking Heads.  The first time I heard it I got an instant premonition about our world. I was totally drawn in. It seems so timely now:


Please draw your own conclusions and share them in the comments section. I always love to hear from you.


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crocus image courtesy of public domain

21 comments on “Tuesday’s Hodgepodge

  1. Fran Wilcox says:

    I agree with Shelly a retreat would be a treat!


  2. You know you are a fellow spiritual nut when it warms your heart to see at least five different people comment on “ego” in such ways. I am just overwhelmed with thankfulness for having a place where people can understand me and I can relate to what they say. As for the shower – this must be a phenomenon as I hear about it all the time. I wonder if we should start a shower thing. Maybe if we all get in the shower at the same time who knows what might happen! If you leave out the part where we are all naked, we might be able to do some crazy work! I plan on getting in at about 9:00 AM tomorrow morning, central time!


    1. To me, commenting is what distinguishes a blog from a website. It is the dialogue that enriched the entire experience for me! Leave it to you to suggest a collective shower 🙂 Another place that I get good results is while driving. What do these activities have in common? Less distractions and familiarity. I do not go online, talk on the phone, read, watch tv, etc…. So I am alone with my thoughts ( or some higher vibrations).

      I am all about achieving a better grasp of my ego and its place in my life so I am always up for quality info on this topic.

      So happy to see you here at ” my place” Roxie aka Shelley.

      xx Linda


      1. Sorry I have been so out of pocket lately. I was so busy and then I had the flu. It has been nice to get back on here and visit with you guys. I have missed you!

        I get a lot in the car too. If I am alone I am usually not even listening to the radio and just listening to my inner dialogue.


      2. we are so alike 🙂
        Except often my insights are sparked by what is blaring from the car radio! Sometimes though my communication occurs without or despite the music.It has taken me so long to really acknowledge that I am receiving info, guidance, etc..

        Hope you are feeling better, the flu ain’t fun.


      3. I know exactly what you mean. It’s easy to turn it off or turn away from the guidance. It’s always your choice whether to acknowledge it so I think it takes some time to let it be a part of your everyday life. We are so alike! We really need to plan a retreat and see if we can get some of us together sometime. That seems like a long shot, but wouldn’t that be cool?


  3. nrhatch says:

    Loved your first paragraph ~ I get great ideas in the shower too! When I have no where to write them down. Some I manage to hang on to . . . others get washed away down the drain.

    As long as we are here, we need Ego ~ it reminds us to eat, drink, sleep, and brush our hair. That said, we need not accept everything Ego has to say to us . . . especially if it adds to self-created and unnecessary suffering.


    1. HI Nancy,
      Something about the shower…

      I agree about ego having a purpose.I would like to say that everything that shows up has something to teach us if we pay attention 🙂
      thank you for reading and commenting! glad you enjoyed this post.


    2. I love that! Yes, some do get washed down the drain!


  4. Lovely post Linda! Thank you for sharing! Blessings to you!


    1. glad you liked it Tazein 🙂


  5. akosmopolite says:

    Hi 🙂 I am a new friend of the writer of “bluebutterfliesandme.” I guess I should ask her for her name! Lol! But she sent me here. I really enjoyed this post!!!!!! The video and the song. I actually agree very much with the video. Nothing should be ignored or denied…but faced. Complete honesty. 🙂 Time and silence to become closer to the real you…the the Truth. 🙂 I love it! Happy to follow you! ❤ Namaste, Trina


    1. Hi Trina,
      Nice to meet you and thanks for the comments and the follow. I think both the video and song have important messages to convey that we receive in our own way and time. Glad you enjoyed them!



  6. Fran Wilcox says:

    ego is our own creation….. we don’t kill it, but perhaps changing our inner selves changes it automatically. Ego can support us or do us in.. it is our soul goal to make it work for us.


    1. well said Fran.

      hope you are doing well!



  7. loved the first video Linda.. We can not Kill ego. but learn to tame it.. and also make friends with it. Loved the video’s perspective.. as for the second musical one.. Oh for the day we give the concrete highways and towns over to flowers and agriculture.. In some towns they are already doing that. here in England… and you have sparked a thought in me now Linda…
    I will be getting back to you real soon… 🙂 xxx Love and Blessings.. Sue xox


    1. glad you liked my instant hodgepodge Sue.
      Hope you also received my latest email!

      I think that David Byrne is very astute, even a genius. I do not like all his stuff but this song just hit me big time 🙂



      1. Yes I did, and I sent you a reply too 🙂 Sorry I have been a little selfish the last couple of days Linda.. just having a rest from the Net and WP and enjoying some Me time after work, gardening and baking, painting and resting….
        Its been good to chill out.. xox
        Sending you a Hug and hope you are well? xxxx Love Sue


      2. Hi Sue,
        Glad you are putting your needs first for a spell. Sounds lovely to me! Thanks for the note and your kindness. I am on the mend.



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