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The Mountain Astrologer ~The Music Issue Review


 I am such a huge fan of The Mountain Astrologer and have kept most of my old issues for later reference. No one does what they do and I cannot imagine practicing or studying astrology today without this amazing resource. Many of you know how much joy music brings to my life. I have often used song to illustrate my moods and current planetary weather. This Special Music Issue of TMA takes two of my passions, music and astrology, and bring them together with skill and soul.

I am happy to share my impressions here and hope you will buy this issue and/or become a subscriber to TMA.

TMA Music Issue Review ~

The Mountain Astrologer Strikes the Right Note

This issue is truly remarkable and will be a keepsake in your astrological library. Guest Editor Frank Clifford did a fantastic job assembling such a comprehensive line up of material. There really is something for every music lover. The material is so diverse in terms of musical genres, the artists themselves, and individual writing styles. From Eartha Kitt to Miley Cyrus and everyone in between, this special edition has got you covered.

For those who are not familiar with The Mountain Astrologer ( TMA), this bimonthly publication offers feature articles for every level of expertise, a dedicated student section, book reviews, software reviews, forecasts and hilarious astro comics. The music issue contains both thematic articles and musician – centered pieces on Marilyn Manson, Captain Beefheart, and Phil Spector. The crowning jewel of the collection is Frank Clifford’s Astro-Chronology of Pop Music 1956- 2011. This 2 page centerfold is a love letter to the astrology and music lover; documenting the song of each year, critical dates in music history, significant planetary conjunctions, and more.

Let’s now take a look at some of the featured articles. Neil Spencer’s piece on The Astrology of Pop is a fascinating ride that takes the reader through the major planetary influences of popular music.TMA414p25 He demonstrates how each Jupiter- Uranus cycle influences the pulse of pop culture and how the music produced reflects the language of that particular point in time. He references Richard Tarnas and I especially like this quote :

A tendency in culture for events and figures that played roles in Jupiter-Uranus alignments to possess a mythologized, legendary aura … evoked to the point where they became iconic.

Think of luminaries such as Charlie Parker, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, and Jimi Hendrix ( riding the wave of both the Jupiter Uranus and Uranus Pluto conjunctions) and one cannot the deny the symmetry between the movements of the cosmic heavy- hitters and musical genius.

Kelly Surtees does a stellar job analyzing the effects of transits to the artist’s natal aspects with their signature songs in The Singer and the Song. Stevie Wonder’s Superstition, for example, is examined here with regards to Uranus transiting his natal Ascendant, Neptune, and the Moon (instrumentation) and Neptune transiting his natal Jupiter (lyrics). This article does an outstanding job highlighting how an era shapes the musician’s persona, which in turn produces iconic hits that leave an indelible mark on the musical landscape.

Another gem is The Moon, the Musician, and the Listening Public by Lynn Bell. Bell takes a look at the impact of highly sensitive and enigmatic Moon in Pisces artists such as Frank Sinatra, Joni Mitchell, and Michael Jackson on the public. Then the Moon Pluto crowd ~ Madonna, Lady Gaga, and Miley Cyrus, is explored though the lens of power upon the individual singer and collective. Music is such an intimate, emotional experience and the allure of the Moon, Neptune( Pisces), and Pluto is undeniably powerful in the charts of these performers.

In addition to all the excellent material already mentioned, two other articles are mandatory reading. Within seconds of thumbing through the issue, the words Are You Psychic ? catch my eye. “Why, of course” I say to myself as I take a closer look. It turns out to be a fascinating piece on outer planets and metaphysical abilities by Donna Cunningham. In Are You Psychic? The Outer Planets and Paranormal Abilities, Cunningham, a TMA regular contributor and WordPress blogger at Sky Writer, does a wonderful job pinpointing which astrological signatures frequently show up in mediums, psychics, and healers. She uses Sylvia Browne’s chart to illustrate how the collective energies of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto can manifest in various paranormal gifts. Anyone fascinated with the spiritual realms will come back to this article time and time again. I know that this will be a treasured resource for many years to come.

I also enjoyed Sandra Leigh Serio’s take on pre natal eclipses. In The Pre Natal Eclipse in Your Natal Chart, she explains how to find your pre-eclipse point and its association with past lives and soul groups Then she uses the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie synastry to illustrate how it manifests. I became so engaged with the information that I quickly looked up my own pre-natal eclipse point and compared it with those of my inner circle. I highly recommend that you check this out if you want to investigate how reincarnation can impact your current relationships for better or worse.

If you have not read TMA before, you have so much to look forward to, and might I add, plenty of catching up to do! The Music Issue is a great place to start, chock full of original, in-depth research and invaluable musical memorabilia. This once in a lifetime compilation is available in both print and digital formats.


The Mountain Astrologer ~ ordering info :

Print subscriptions (includes free digital access):

Digital-only subs:

email :

6 comments on “The Mountain Astrologer ~The Music Issue Review

  1. Linda, you wrote a beautiful review.

    I also keep my back-issues of TMA. No joke about the “catching up to do.” Just got a new one a couple of days ago: Yellow cover (mental/memory/spleen). I like getting it in the mail. It’s a celebratory moment! I *choose* to use Mercury Retrograde (June 7- July 2) to help me get organized, and review what I’ve done during Mercury retrograde shadow (and before). I’m sure we’ll all be doing more or less networking (Gemini/mental/air). I haven’t read the articles yet, but maybe once I’ve got the reigns on my current semester – and know better how to navigate that!

    I appreciate your review. Please do more! Who knows if I’ll get to read this entire TMA cover to cover. I’m feeling the time crunch (Full Moon conjunct Saturn). Grateful that there are people like yourself who are ‘tuned to the stars,’ like me, and with whom I share this awesome journey. Thnx, Ka


    1. Hi Ka,
      Thank you much for your kindness! I also look forward to getting my TMA copy in the mail, so exciting! I kinda wish we could all get a break from Mercury retro for awhile with so much planetary stuff going on! But it is what it is.

      What are you studying? With my 9th house stellium I am all about learning 🙂

      I do not know when my next review will be, but I just completed an interview with a film director/writer who is shooting an Astrology informed project. Cannot wait to share it with my readers!

      I am so happy we are connecting. Perhaps we can chat sometime via email if you would like.

      So happy our paths have crossed,


      1. Hi Linda,

        I’m studying for a Master’s/(FPD)Doctorate in Oriental Medicine.

        Yes, a 9th house stellium 🙂 Seems like the people who I’ve been connecting with lately(on and offline) really have a strong Jupiter/Sagittarius/9th house thing going on.

        Email sounds good 🙂 Thanks for suggesting that method of communication. I’m really looking forward to hearing more about your interview. It’s like Pluto leaving my 11th house (back and forth right on the doorway) has been bringing in some interesting friendships, colleagues, and ideals. I know you and I talked a little bit about the 11th/12th house Pluto transits – we’ll see what the future holds. Can you see my email address, or should I post it here?

        Many blessings,


      2. Sounds awesome, alternative healing 🙂 Yes I have your email and look forward to chatting. We do have much in common and with our Pluto 11th house stuff we are being brought into contact with such magnificent friends 😉



  2. Wow Linda.. I found this amazing… I know we are so connected via sound.. Music is a vibration just as we are.. Each sound, note resonates within us.. And I also found your comment upon my own post fascinating as you mentioned the cycle of the planets in the 60’s .. I see too you were a Fan of Sylvia Browne.. I have among my many books at least 3 of her books… It was a sad day for her readers when she passed over, but a joyous one for her transformation and reunion …

    I had not heard of the Mountain Astrologer.. but was very interested in reading about the various Singers, Songs, and how all are connected within the planet alignments.. The more I read on your posts the more I am impressed with your knowledge..

    Love and Blessings..
    Sue xox xxx


    1. Hi Sue,
      So glad you enjoyed the article. I adore the healing the music brings me, manna for the soul. Astrology offers me a way to better understand the gifts and purposes of others and how they express them out into the universe ( universe = one song)

      xx Linda


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