In Memory of Ajay

With heavy heart and watery eyes I am sad to report that our beloved Ajay of Ajaytao 2010 has left this world for the next leg of his journey. I will always remember his outstanding photography and all the kindness he bestowed upon me in the form of awards and validation. All from a man I never met who lived on the other side of the globe. Yet it seems as if he is just around the corner..

get-attachment (13)

Dear sweet gentle spirit,

bless you for your kindness,

thank you for your open heart

flowing with infinite love,

let the Source grace you

with boundless peace

and endless bliss…

It is never too early to say I honor you and adore you and never too late to say NAMASTE


sunflower courtesy of

orchids by litebeing chronicles  © 2013

14 thoughts on “In Memory of Ajay

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  3. Hi Linda, just wanted to check in on you and say ‘hi’ and ‘I am back’ 🙂
    What sad news… Thank you for posting this lovely tribute. Otherwise I would not have known… Strange how we are all connected through this invisible network, just like in spirit. I hope that his passing was smooth and that he is in a beautifully colorful place. Luv xox

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  4. I too was so sad to hear of Ajay’s passing.. The many tributes I am sure will flood in for this gentle soul who bright light through his wonderful photo’s into all our lives. I will miss his presence..
    I am sure his welcome home will have been jubilant as he will now be surrounded within an even more beautiful garden of colour..
    Bless you Linda for this lovely tribute..
    Sue x


    1. I found out by accident. I was reading the comments I made section and was viewing his thread on his blog. And someone posted his passing, and then another…

      He was so sweet to me and created so much joy.

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  5. Another way of expressing your kind thoughts/words, Linda… it ought not be a matter of being too early or too late; it’s a matter of now. And always. Timeless. 🙂 Yours is a lovely tribute to Ajay, a man I did not know, even virtually.


  6. He epitomized loving kindness to me.He always asked about my family
    and my health. He gave me awards after only reading my posts a couple of times and always said that what I was doing was necessary. I will miss his little cartoon image.


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