Dream ~ Skating On Thin Ice

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Yesterday morning right before awakening I had a very brief but powerful dream. I could not find a parking spot so I walked out of my car onto a cold quiet lot. I encountered patches of ice. I am afraid of ice because I tend to fall frequently with painful consequences. In the dream I stepped onto some ice and I glided. I glided and ” skated ” onto the next icy stretch. After I crossed over onto the dry pavement, I noticed an empty parking space emerge out of nowhere. I was quite surprised. I decided to get back into my car to move into the vacant spot.

Then I woke up.

I did a ” mini-analysis.” and concluded that when I face my fears and learn to glide on the ice, solutions and possibilities can manifest for me.

Well today in the wake of a relentlessly punitive Full Moon square Saturn that hit my Ascendent/Descendant axis and Scorpio planets, I left my job. I was there for 3 months, which equals a square in Astrology. A square is typically a dynamic aspect that activates movement.  This lunation took the lives of 2 legendary performers and Ajay. And it is what it is.

I loved the chance I had to teach and mentor people, especially those who were excited about their calling to help facilitate growth and healing in others. I was damned good at it and I will miss it dearly.  I detested the politics, manipulation, and sheer cruelty that often predominates in toxic work environments. I am not surprised that my heart began to harden and my light began to diminish. I have been here before.

I keep reflecting on Aleya’s recent posts, particularly this one.

I am kinda stunned I am blogging on this icky life event, but I am a writer. At my new job, I told everyone ” I am a writer.” Never did that before. But it is a fact.

Maybe that is why I can blog while feeling so much pain and regret.

Thanks for giving me a forum where I can be brutally authentic and unapologetically me. I have absolutely no idea what comes next. As an INFJ, this can be frightening.

Guess I will have to learn to skate on thin ice until I see my way clear to my next available parking space.

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If you are in the mood for an apropos tune from a fellow Uranian:


PS: Jupiter and Venus transiting one’s 6th house does not always translate to harmony and fortune in the workplace. Just sayin’

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13 thoughts on “Dream ~ Skating On Thin Ice

  1. linda, thank you so much for sharing what you are going through. you know that things would have not gotten better in that work environment, and it didn’t need to take months and months and years and years for you to figure that out! i see other parallels between you and i here; calling oneself a ‘writer’ and dreams involving cars. 😉 mine was about driving a car at night from the backseat, with no brakes, ie, NO CONTROL and totally overwhelming. and then, within my fear and panic, at some point i realized that the car had somehow stopped, and i was able to get in the driver’s seat. it sorted itself out without me doing anything. 😉

    so many dear friends are going through these kinds of changes and not knowing what’s next. even those i’d least expect! i know it’s unsettling – but whatever is waiting for us is going to be great because we (i) know that i won’t accept what i did for so long. tons of love and support to you!! there is such freedom in gliding! ❤ aleya


    1. Maybe one of the reasons I related so much to your situation although I was still working was because I knew this job was not right for me either 🙂
      I like how your dream resolved itself, thanks for sharing it here.

      Let’s glide together with light, love, grace, and freedom ❤


  2. Linda I know you were being guided within that dream, and I am certain you will glide along nicely as you follow your intuition as to what you want.. Working in a job that you describe tears the fabric of our soul in two is not worth staying in.. And once you have followed the inner promptings of your heart I know also that your steps will slide easily into the right place they need to be..
    Trusting in the Universal plan is at times hard.. For we do not get any maps to guide us other than our own Gut..
    But that gut, along with your dreams, and your knowledge about the Stars I am certain will open up the right doors for you to walk. no! you will skate and twirl your way through them.. 🙂
    And I love what Tamrah has said too…

    I know that is why I had to leave my job…. I have no income now for 5 years. until my pension.. But I know ALL things happen for reasons.. And I know as I close this chapter.. another is about to open..

    Much love your way… and Trust in YOU.. 🙂
    Sue xxxx


    1. Trusting in the Universal plan is at times hard.. For we do not get any maps to guide us other than our own Gut..

      Really true Sue. Often the readings I receive do not come to pass. Often I stumble and fall, regardless of my inner guidance system. Yet the longer I live, the more I realize that I cannot be wasting time in futile situations.

      love to you,

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      1. I know, its very frustrating.. I once asked my guide ” why is it I can see others paths, and yet not my own?” I was told if I knew my path and all that was upon it.. I would skirt around the obstacles designed to bring the needed lessons and so would learn nothing.. So we stumble and climb stumble and climb.. but always upward dear Linda… and we all are heading in the same direction all be it on different paths to the same destination 🙂 xxx ❤


  3. Hey sister~ Don’t you worry about a thing. Every little things gonna be alright!
    I am thinking that ice your skating and gliding on, is thick and supportive.
    You are a writer. I love that you just claimed it. Yes and yes!!!

    Much love


  4. Might not be what you want, or need to hear, but ….
    You may think you’re skating on thin ice, but from my perspective, you’ve woken up and have a beautiful meadow of wildflowers to traverse – Luvs and hugs 🙂


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