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December 2013

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Some readers have been interested in my dream groups, and more specifically the content of my dreams. I have been hesitant to blog about my dreams because I do not like being analyzed. As a psychotherapist, I am sensitive to those who tend to pathologize or judge the inner experiences of others. When I assist another in dream analysis, I take special care to empower the dreamer and avoid labeling or limiting the multitude of layers potentially contained within each dream.


Having said that, I see that my desire to inspire and advocate for dream work overrides my worries over being labeled or pigeonholed. So I have assembled a dream sampler for you today! This sampler is an assortment of various dream types. All of them have been quite meaningful because they have provided me with guidance or insight into the larger workings of Source as well as my individual psyche. I had this idea swirling around for months but chose to post now in time for the Winter Solstice. I love the night and have the most mind-blowing, soul-stirring adventures while asleep. So here’s to the power of the dark and the majesty of the night..


This sampler will give you a taste of some interesting types of dreams I have had over the years. I will take you back from the most recent one back in time, to provide some perspective.

Dream 1 –  October 2013

This is a long dream sequence with Richard Gere and a former boyfriend. We are having dinner together, just the 3 of us. We are at a formal function. I am enjoying myself. I discuss with someone ( not sure who) having spent 7 years with this man, but not marrying him. Later I tell people I have met Richard Gere. He looks about 10 years younger than his current age. He has dark hair and is not wearing glasses. At some point the scene jumps to my bedroom and I hear the song ” Up Where We Belong” from the film An Officer and A Gentleman. I tell myself it is okay to listen to this song that once was associated with myself and a different ex-lover.  Richard Gere starred in that film and the title track was ” our song  “- for me and my college boyfriend.

After jotting down some notes in my dream journal, I go online. I go to the AOL page and glance at a headline about Richard Gere. It reads ” My lunch with Dakota Fanning.” I think, hmm maybe I dreamed I was Dakota Fanning. But no, it gets better : He is living in my city and dined with her here. They are filming a movie together in Philly! This article was written just one day before my dream. I had no idea he was working or living here.


Dream 2 – Lucid Dream, March 2013

I am in my bedroom and I am about to turn on the lamp. I stood up and looked around and knew it was not my room. I told myself ” I am having a lucid dream!” I knew upon opening the bedroom door that an unknown world waits upon my in the hallway. I see a few strangers who appear a few years older than myself. They are gathered around what appears to be a kitchen table. The surroundings are bare white, and not very engaging. I quickly ask myself what do I want to do here? I address the 2 men and 2 women and say ” What do you want to tell me?” I left it open-ended because I did not want to influence their responses. I tried my best to be quiet and really listen. What I heard mostly was unintelligible nonsense. The first man seemed disappointed in me. The first woman asked me to take a seat. I knew they all wanted me to make changes but I was given no direction. One of the women said to change something” even before baby-sitting.” That was the only phrase that I could decipher.


Dream 3 – Epic Dream, About 2-3 years ago

I call this an epic dream because it was spectacular in scope. I was in Cambodia with my friend who lives there now. He runs a spiritual retreat center. Teaching yoga is one of his many roles at the retreat. We are sitting together with a group and we are up high above the ground. Everything I can see and hear is over the top in color, vibration and scope. It is beautiful beyond words and unlike anything I have seen while awake. We are breathing quickly and deeply and we are also chanting.  I am in an altered state. I am ascending and I am in bliss. When I wake up I am still feeling the peace and ecstasy. I go online almost immediately upon awakening. I go to Facebook and begin to read the news feed. At the very top is a post that reads ” Cambodian Dream”.  I read it and it is a story about my friend’s retreat !

Dream 4 – About 7 years ago

This dream happened on either a Friday or Saturday night. I am at a local Chinese restaurant and I am eating wonton soup. It is the best I had ever tasted. I do not remember much else. Rarely do I try to recreate a dream  while I awake, but on this occasion that is exactly what I did. I had to have that soup.  I went there for lunch that afternoon and ordered the wonton soup. I was seated in a side room where I typically do not sit. It is by the door and also the bar where people order takeout. I am savoring my soup and wondering why I felt so compelled to do this, Close to the end of my meal I notice a woman waiting for her takeout order. She looks vaguely familiar. ‘ I know who she is, Dr. Robin!” Dr. Robin is a psychologist and was a frequent guest on Oprah at the time. I decide to introduce myself.  I tell her that I am a therapist and ask her if she is from this area, She replies that she lives in the Phila. area and often frequents this restaurant. I tell her that I am a fan and very impressed with her success, She is very kind and gracious. I am very pleased that I took the risk of introducing myself. I receive the requisite fortune cookie with my bill. Read the message below! ( I still kept it after all these years.)

get-attachment (6)

Dream 5 – Pre-cognitive dream, February 1999

Backstory: I am working as a Social Work Supervisor for a unit of Child Welfare workers. One of the workers was in her 40s and taking some time off to have surgery. I will call her Terry. I do not know the details about her health, but on her last day before taking medical leave, I speak to Terry as if I may never see her again. Fast forward a few weeks later, I am told Terry’s  surgery went well and  that she is recovering successfully.

On a Sunday night I am dreaming of Terry. We are going to a service. She tells me it is her aunt’s funeral. I recall very little detail. When I wake up I find it unusual to be dreaming about her. It is Monday morning and I am about to enter my office. Before I could get their, my supervisor stops me. He takes me into his office to tell me that Terry has suddenly passed away!



An interesting dream prompt: I want to end this sampler with a tool that was at my disposal for many years. I created this by trial and error and it worked for a very long time. I had a childhood friend from 6th grade through the end of high school. I will call him Greg. We were not very close but we had some friends in common and we would party together. He was in a band and we both loved the Grateful Dead. We also spent part of our summer together the year after graduation as both our families rented rooms at the same place down the shore. I only saw him once or twice after that summer.

What I noticed was that Greg kept appearing in my dreams. Because he was not a love interest or a very close friend, I did not have a profound emotional link with him. I decided at some point that he would become my prompt. Whenever Greg appeared, I would know that I was dreaming. This went on for several years. I would be in a non-lucid state, notice Greg, and then have the epiphany that I was dreaming. It has been quite some time since he has appeared, but we had a good run! Has anyone tried this or something similar?

Please use the Comments section to share some dreams.

Describe your Epic Dreams, Pre-Cognitive and Lucid Dreams !

Have I left out any dream categories that you have experienced?

What patterns have you discovered?

Wishing you a gentle, healing Solstice …….

header courtesy of  Jens Jäpel (Own work) [GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons

art by Josephine Wall

45 comments on “A Dream Sampler ~ My Winter Solstice Tribute

  1. This Moment says:

    I am amazed by how many of your dreams were associated with something that happened the next day (or an article you read, etc.). Wow!

    Probably my most memorable dream now (besides the recurring ones I had as a child) is the one I had about my sister a few months after she passed. Overall it had to be the most vivid dream I have ever had. And it was in color (not sure that I always dream in color). The other striking thing about the dream was that I did not remember having it until I was in the shower that morning, getting ready for work. The rush of realization came to me that I had dreamt that night about my sister and it came back to me in a flash! I don’t think that’s ever happened to me before, where I don’t remember a dream until well after I have awoken from sleep.

    I was sitting in a coffee shop in Nashville, TN waiting for some friends when she walked in. She looked like I remember her from high school/college – bell-bottom jeans, a plaid shirt, and her long, stringy black hair. She walked to a large table where another guy was sitting. Other people began to come in and sit at her table. I knew she was with folks she knew from college. I also knew that she could not see me. I was entranced, and enjoyed watching her take over the conversation animatedly. Everyone’s attention was fixed on her. My sister had that effect on people, though she leaned toward being an introvert. I realized that she was explaining a passage from the book of John to her friends. Since she did not hold to Christianity, I felt this was symbolic of her at last finding her own truth. The fear she had lived with in life was completely gone. A few minutes later my friends came to my table and told me where they were sitting. I smiled and said there was no way I was leaving where I was. I wanted to drink in her presence for as long as I could.

    That precious dream has stayed with me over the years (she passed in December of 2013). Of course, I wrote it down, but only the picture of her in my mind’s eye does the dream justice. Thanks so much for taking the risk and sharing your dreams. I’m glad to have read them and also that I had the chance to remember the one I had about my sister.

    Much love and light,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. litebeing says:

      Hi C, at first I thought it as a new reader because I did not recognize the blog name. The dream about your sister stayed in my minds eye for a long time, because I have had dreams like this where it seems more “real” than waking awareness. I am so pleased that you were given this experience with your sister and can keep it in your heart.

      love to you, Linda

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks, Linda. Yeah, I have revamped my site. What do you think? I had hoped that in doing so I would not lose my followers… I guess that did not happen. Ah, well, this was the right move for me. I’ll just have to rebuild my following again. 🙂

        Hope you have the merriest of Christmases! You deserve it!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. litebeing says:

        I wasn’t sure if it was a completely new blog or a revamp. I think I had to re-follow it. I love the concept and am hoping you will share more Dr. Joe nuggets. I can see your readership growing quickly now that your site is in alignment with your passion ❤

        So glad we found one another. Feel like we have been friends always. 🙂


  2. litebeing says:

    Reblogged this on litebeing chronicles and commented:

    Just before Mercury stations direct tomorrow, I am going “retro” by posting a popular dream post that coincided with Winter Solstice 2013.
    Wishing all a glorious Solstice, a productive Saturn in Capricorn transit and a blessed holiday season.


  3. tywood12 says:

    Came over from Suzie Lindau page. Great post! Thank you


    1. litebeing says:

      thank you for visiting and the follow, really cool!
      I will be by to visit you soon 🙂



  4. Fascinating stuff – I really need to start writing my dreams down! Looking forward to reading more of your posts. Susie sent me by the way.


    1. litebeing says:

      Thanks Janine,
      I will be right over 🙂


  5. susielindau says:

    This is so fascinating! I should start writing mine down. They are usually long and detailed.
    Thanks for bringing this to the party! Have fun clicking on links and meeting my friends!


  6. reikiheidi says:

    Sorry Linda, I must have missed this post! Awesome connective dreams that links to the real-life world – clearly some latent (or not-so latent?) talents within you trying to ‘get out’ for quite some time! Amazing not-coincidences, the Richard Gere one & sadly about your friend and co-worker.
    I used to be able to remember my dreams in quite astonishing detail, & often my dreams are quite abstract. I have always been quite good in interpreting other peoples’ dreams, but harder for myself – can’t quite get that ‘objective’ viewpoint. This is something that has sadly dimmed with time however… I hardly remember my dreams at all now. And the ones that I do… well, Rich just looks at me like I am crazy! 🙂 x


    1. Thank you for making the time to read this and comment. I feel this material truly reflects past of my inner journey and impacts the woman I am today. Hope you can recapture your dream recall. This cycle (through end of Feb) is an excellent time to do some exploration of your dream-life.

      xx Linda


  7. Ann Koplow says:

    I used to do dream groups, too, and have been thinking about inviting more dreams into the groups I do now. Thanks so much for this post!


    1. Hi Ann and Happy New Year!
      You are welcome. For years I did most of my dream work by myself, but there is an extra dynamic that happens in a group.


      1. Ann Koplow says:

        I would agree. Happy New Year, back at you!


  8. Dear Linda… Dreaming is something I know holds many answers and understandings for me, but it’s one thing I have had trouble with… remembering… IAM going to put it high on my priority list this new year to remember… Thankyou for sharing, this inspires me so much to pay more attention to it… It must be among all my loving friends here on wordpress that is helping me connect more and more to the depths of myself… Barbara x


    1. I will support you in your dream work. This is one gift that requires little effort from me, while others are more labor intensive lol!

      I agree that our community helps us uncover more of who we truly are with love and gentle nudging.

      xx Linda


  9. Hey, I know I liked this the other day, but my like isn’t there and I don’t like that. I liked again just so you know I liked it. I can usually tell when I am dreaming and have been able to get up from bed and tell myself to continue my current dream when I fall back asleep. Maybe I was never fully awake, but I have made myself do this, continue a dream, even after dropping my daughter off at school and then jumping back into bed.


    1. glad you like and liked it 🙂
      I have been known to resume a dream or two from time to time. Not lately though. When I realized I could do it it was so incredible. I know I would love to hear more about some of your dreams and I bet others would as well…

      xx Linda


      1. I could not remember them for several months, but they are back again and I am remembering. With the cable off, I am hoping I will have more concentration in my sleep state.


  10. Those are really fascinating Linda. It so cool that you would share them with us. You are really working well and in touch with all aspects of your conscious awareness. Very Impressive.
    Much love~


    1. thank you Sindy! I wanted to demonstrate that there are many ways we dream and how some of what happens during sleep can be “verified” when awake.



      1. You did a good job of it Linda. Hugs~


  11. Glorialana says:

    My beautiful and wonderful Linda. Please accept my little present for you. (My letter is on the way :-), need a little time)
    Love and peace.


    1. Thank you so much!!
      You are a ray of sunshine in my world.



  12. ptero9 says:

    On my way out the door…so glad I found this post Linda. I am terribly behind in making the rounds here at WP. I’m so glad you started this sharing of dreams. I have thought at times to have a page dedicated to posting some of my dreams.

    I do find dreams very powerful and an important contribution to our selves and our world because they can feel so foreign but also seem to connect us to dayworld events and people in such an inexplicable way.


    1. Hi Deb,
      Glad you found my post and enjoyed the material. I would love it if you started a dream page. Dreams are so valuable because they are daily, accessible, and are uniquely tailored to our individual essence. Plus the process is never boring!

      in light and love,


  13. Linda, I would say your Dreams are more than just Dreams! 🙂 and I think you travel far and wide in your Dream-time… I think I told you quite recently how I dreamt about you even though I have never seen you before. but you confirmed some of your details of appearance to me which I saw. You have an amazing talent…

    I have over the years many vivid dreams, some I would describe as being ‘Off World’ as I have been and seen images which do not relate to things here.. I can not even fathom how to describe them in words either..
    The other night for instance I was in a place gathering what we would know as water.. And yet this water was not the water we knew of… it held shapes and was shimmering and translucent but as my thoughts begain to think of mother of pearls as they colours mirrored the substance so the water like substance became pearls, then shells, then droplets of water holding rainbows…. I gathered them all in a cloth type bag which out water would run through, but this water you didnt get wet.. the cloth sort of absorbed the various shapes as energy as I was then able to carry it away…

    I know many now seem to be experiencing more vivid Dream-recall, and I am so very grateful that you have shared your experiences here with us Linda…

    Love your Richard Gere one and then finding the evidence and you were also pre-warned about the passing .. We still have much to learn about our Dream Time..

    Love and Blessings
    Sue xox 🙂


    1. it held shapes and was shimmering and translucent but as my thoughts begain to think of mother of pearls as they colours mirrored the substance so the water like substance became pearls, then shells, then droplets of water holding rainbows…

      Sue this is incredibly beautiful and would make a memorable piece of art! Thank you for your kind words , but it is not a talent. All I do is recall some of my dreams. I think that we all dream in a variety of ways and styles. I think it is grace that many of us here have dreamt of each other, both individually and in groups! I would like to think we already are connected and WordPress just was a vehicle for a re-introduction!



      1. Linda I have no doubts within my mind we are ALL connected, in ways we can not begin to imagine.. Our purpose is interconnected like the Veins of the waterways which run around our globe.. Some are just droplets beginning to trickle, some are streams gathering momentum, others are torrents gathering speed while each carries with it a multitude of gifts as others dip their toes into their waters… Some may not like water, lol, and turn to dry land.. while others dive straight in, unafraid and swim with the tide.. Others take up their own boats and paddle along gathering more gifts to take further to other shores….
        But one thing unites us all… Water!… We all are water based… 🙂

        And I am certain Linda, some of us agreed to meet before we were born so that our common thoughts could unite to the common good of Earth..

        Love and Blessings and yes that is a good idea about the artwork, I may try to recreate as I did the crystals what I saw in my dream Thank you for the idea.. Big Hugs and Enjoy your Holidays, I am around and about but will not post until after Christmas now…
        Love and Light
        Sue xxx


      2. I am just beginning to grasp the enormity of your creativity Sue. Your comment to me is like poetry,,,,

        Despite a year fraught with difficulties, I have been blessed with so many wonderful authentic warm hearted friends this year. I am so lucky to include you among them.

        xx and hugs,



      3. Linda, I am blessed with having you as a friend 🙂 and I’m Soooo looking forward to the new year so I can get to know you even more.. 😉 Have a wonderful relaxing time, and I am certain the new year will be smoother.. Hugs Sue xox


  14. Wow, Shree, a wall comment!
    Great collection of dreams. This is definitely your thing, so deliciously Neptunian. I have fewer dreams these days and no lucid ones, I am afraid. But I often lose touch with hard reality when I am awake. When I drift away like this, it drives people nuts.


    1. ” So deliciously Neptune” I like that 🙂
      It is both my sanctuary and my Achilles heel !
      I love the dream world and hope yours opens up again soon.
      Never been a fan of reality either, yet I can appreciate it more than ever before, in small portions.


  15. shreejacob says:

    Ooo..thank you for sharing your dream! I have had two dreams…which I consider “epic”…one was the one I told you about in my email and the other I only shared with my sis and another friend. This post makes me want to share the other dream, as a post…maybe I’ll do both? I’m always curious as to what my dream could mean…the fact that I can’t really interpret them 😛


    I’ve never really had a lucid dream before and I love the “Greg” idea! Maybe I could use that as a prompt for lucid dreaming?

    On second thoughts…maybe I will just share the dream I had here so you and maybe other commenters might help me interpret the dream?

    Ok…here goes Linda…it’s Loooooooong and the date on this is October 2011.

    I had the most amazing dream sequence ever. I am not going to take these dreams as “weird dreams” ever again. This was amazing. And what is more amazing is that I can remember of it, but I can.
    A little boy, in a shop, he’s looking for something or someone – it seemed to me that he was looking for his father. He is speaking to the shopkeeper, and the shopkeeper tells him something. He throws a key up in the air, at a wall full of suitcases, luggage and the key disappears. The boy is disappointed.
    He is in a strange land, not sure how he gets there. Its dark and he is hiding, in the shadows with his guide, it’s a wolf / a dog (is it Spirit?) He’s hungry and so is the wolf, so hungry but afraid of something, and the wolf throws up and eats its own vomit and I am so sure that I could smell the pungent smell of the vomit. And that licking of the vomit from the boy’s / my sleeve, I felt that. Its full moon and 2 men (I seem to know them, they are my friends?) they are below me, approaching slowly in? disguise, under the light of the moon. They are reciting the Muslim prayer, hoping that it will help them stay alive. It is a call of peace. Wolf growls, I shush (him / her).
    Then the boy and the wolf run back and they are in this wonderful beautiful place. It’s like this huge kingdom and it’s magical. Its whitish / grey / silver like. And there are these big wolf statues and big wolf guards. I / the boy tells wolf to wait, while I go in search of food. I walk in, I don’t see anyone – the whole place seems to me like Persia. I knock on a door – get the impression that the man with that funny looking hat, like a top turned over, a tassel attached to the tip of the over turned top, he ‘s a king? Someone important.{ he is tall, about 50 I would guess, short black hair, fair, dressed in this dark blue robes with silver patterns on it. He was kind, but I feel he was also strict (?)} He looks through the break in the door and is nice – for someone very important he seems like a nice and helpful person, he punches some numbers on some machine and he tells the boy / me to go straight, and then in the middle turn left, the turn right. It’s as if it’s a test that the boy needs to find the right door to feed his wolf. I sense the feeling of sadness and urgency. His poor wolf, hungry, so hungry.
    He runs – he’s a little boy about 7 or 8, he’s fair like a white kid with light brown hair- he thinks that he’s reached the middle, he turns and then he turns right. I feel it’s the wrong door, but I’m not too sure because he comes to a dead end. The door on the right, won’t open, it’s locked. He turns around and then he sees this wall of luggage and suitcases and this huge key fall through from the other side, slipping down and he catches it, triumphantly, and he smiles, he understands – he turns around and with that key he opens the door. He is dragged in by a beautiful woman, {the woman is blond, with long wavy hair, with a flower crown sitting on her head- the impression I get is that she is a mermaid of some kind, because when the fight ensues with the man and the mermaids, she morphs into a sea like creature, much like how those whale like animals morphed into} singing a silent song, I can see the boy, and he turns into an image of the woman but as a girl. There are more of the same beautiful women singing a silent song, as he is pulled into the water (I can feel the buoyancy of the water). Then, he realizes something is wrong, Wolf is there, and he is flung into the far end of this lake. The lake that can be seen from a bridge. This tall bridge with strange beings almost like aliens walking, not bothering of what is happening. {the scene is as this: It this lake, at the end where the boy is and the mermaids are, it seems like it’s clear water, and deeper, with water plants all around, a forest on the water; while over the end that stretches under this tall bridge, it seems more shallow and muddy. The whale like creatures are on the muddy end, their tails splashing up and down. The bridge is this really high bridge, like the one in the Lord of the Rings, in the Elven kingdom, only thing is that it’s made out of these stones that look like washed out, light brown stones, big ones..The traffic is going one way, towards something, there is a path for those beings to walk and I think I remember that there were some sort of road with vehicles on them, also going the same direction} And there are these animals, almost like whales, and they are dangerous. Suddenly, there is this man and another boy on roller skates and they see what is happening, the man jumps down to safe the boy, while the boy that was with the man stays with those animal beings. These animal beings that turn into aquatic men, with strange fish like heads and webbed hands. There is a fight that ensues, and the boy pushes / instigates one of these mermen? And he dies. The merman reaches into the boy’s throat and suffocates him.
    The scene then cuts with me (the boy) and Wolf save in a hospital. My dad is there, he looks younger but ill..he is lying in bed. There is a little girl there as well. She’s blond; she’s younger to the boy, his sister. She’s the one that is at the side of his bed. It’s as if both my dad and this young girl were the ones that have been missing. Then it’s me, it’s me being angry. I start shouting at my dad. “What’s you excuse for abandoning us??” and he looks up saying that he overdosed on some medication (okay this might be reality seeping into the dream, but the anger I felt was real. The anger of being abandoned, the sadness of being abandoned). I tell him he can keep this life, he can keep staying here because I have my wolf, and we will both be okay…..
    I wake up.
    I realized a lesson? What if what we do here, on this plane, in this dimension, things that we have no comprehension of, things where the reasons get lost, like the key that gets lost within the bags….what if it isn’t lost. What if the reason is not for us in this dimension but for us in another? To help us in another? Like the key that opened the door…that ended up getting the boy and his wolf to his / my father??


    1. Darling Shree,

      WOW indeed!!
      What an amazing dream! How cool that you retained so much detail. I am really impressed. I adore epic dreams as they are the world where both cinema at its best and the storytellers reside.
      While I hope some readers will help you decipher your dream, I also hope that you will take a closer look yourself. Even when I am paid as a therapist to do interpretation, I always engage the dreamer in the process 🙂

      xx Linda


  16. The “Greg” prompt is a cool idea! I usually know I am dreaming when dreaming though and can even continue dreams as I slowly wake up and pick them back up later in mediation, daydreaming/mind-travelling, or the next sleep . The dreamworld is such an interesting place! 🙂


    1. why am I not surprised? 🙂 You rock all the realms Julie!

      It certainly is…


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