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The clock just turned 4:44 pm as I type this.

I will take this as a YES to publishing this post. I have been laying low since Thursday, nursing my wounds and honoring the Mars Neptune in Pisces flow. Moving slow and low, like the method for cooking barbecue so it becomes falling off the bones tender. I am becoming more tender as well.

This is a 3 piece post. You can read them all at once or enjoy each part separately, like a 3 piece suit.  Afterall 1+1+1 = 3 or 111.

Piece 1

I had a very short lucid dream last night. It was tucked inside of what seemed like a much longer dream. I was unaware of my dream status until I entered this place that was over the top strange and cheesy. In the background I heard a faint voice over a loudspeaker. It looked like I landed inside a water slide park without the water. It was very bright with huge slides or lanes. There were 2 stuffed large pink bunny rabbits on top of 2 of the slides/ lanes. I initially wanted to get out of this bizarre place and felt frustrated. Then I had this thought ” This must be a dream with these bunnies and all.  This is a lucid dream.” I gathered the 2 rabbits together and they looked at one another. Before long, I was right back into the unconscious dream scape. It is cool though to report any lucidity at all since I have not had a lucid dream in several weeks or more.

Rabbits are a great symbol and while they did not end up on my 2015 list, they still have messages to impart. Here are some associations with a rabbit dream, via

To see a rabbit in your dream signifies luck, magical power, and success. You have a positive outlook on life. Alternatively, rabbits symbolize abundance, warmth, fertility and sexual activity.

I am totally down with abundance, or a-bun-dance, as I have thought ( obsessed) of little else lately. Which brings me to an interesting encounter…

Piece 2

On Wednesday I went downtown to apply for my pension. I am taking the money early as it seems like the only available remedy to my financial situation ( Uranus transiting 2nd house squaring both natal Saturn and Mars). It is not enough to live on, but I am grateful it will help pay my bills.  I had arrived early for my meeting so I decided to hang out in the train concourse. I had worked downtown for so so many years and have spent countless hours down here. It is such a gritty Plutonian environment and I love it even when it becomes mundane or slightly menacing. Two former coworkers/lovers took the same train with me for many years. One of my former loves lived just one train stop away from mine. Looking back, it seems like we were forever finding one another on the train or waiting for its arrival on the concourse.  The song Downtown Train comes to mind as a perfect soundtrack for my archived trips on the memory train.  It is like an old shoe that still fits but the sole is worn and the laces are about to break off. So on my stroll I saw a group of people gathered holding religious pamphlets. I immediately walked the other way because I did not want to be bothered. So I found a pretzel stand and bought a few small warm pretzels. I was eating one of the pretzels on a bench with two other women. They seemed to be minding their own business so I figured I would plant myself here for a while.

The woman to my right said hello and smiled like she knew me, but we were not acquainted. I liked her energy, but preferred to eat in silence. A few minutes later, she began to engage me in conversation and began pulling out a pamphlet from her purse. At a different point in time I would have been annoyed and walked away. But instead I turned the conversation around. I spoke from the heart about the right to believe what you want and to respect difference. I also spoke about how I do not force my views on others. She tried a few times to analyze me and question the origins of my statements, but I was not very open to this tactic. Yet I sensed she was sincere and did not want to “throw out the baby with the bath water”. I spoke about leading by example and almost choked on my pretzel as I finished my sentence. I have so many old notions about people who preach ” The truth”. It is such a trigger for me still.

As we were in the midst of this discussion, a man approached us and asked us to buy his paper. Then he asked me to buy him a pretzel. Don’t you just love urban transit stations? I noticed that my companion did not buy his paper or give him any money. I used this ” teachable moment” to show here how it can feel to have someone try to sell you something you do not want. I also told her these types of synchronicity happen to me all the time. Turns out we both once lived near Penna Dutch country and her self- disclosure shifted something in me. I began talking about my blog. She was interested in learning more so I gave her the web address. This surprised me as I doubted a devout Jehovah’s Witness would be interested in metaphysics. But in a world of illusory duality, there is room for the unexpected to appear. Who knows, could she be reading this post?

Then I went to the Pension Board office and it was such a beautiful place. It had huge signage in bold gold letters, comfy maroon furniture and a fabulous panoramic view. I made a joke that this must be City Heaven. Everyone within earshot laughed. The people around me all looked content. They did not remind me of my former colleagues.  It was like one small cocktail party without the booze. People were in good spirits. They were all there to either get money or talk about getting money. I kept glancing over at the Golden letters.  It was like we are all part of this club where you get money. It was Cheers where everyone knows your name: retiree.  I was left waiting there for over an hour past my appointment time and I considered leaving more than once. I felt too young to be here. Not too young for CityWorld. But I left CityWorld 9 years ago and in litebeing world I am still a child.  I am not a retiree either. I am someone who is living with a challenging transit.

Then a woman sat down and she said hello. Even though I was not in a chatty mood, I responded to her kindness. What was so graceful about this particular woman was that she was light-hearted and open. She asked about me and I felt very comfortable talking. Without me realizing it, she led me though a summary of my tenure as a City employee. We talked about when I arrived, where I worked, the political climate, why I left, and what I learned. I did not divulge details, but shared my general observations and impressions. Her company made my wait worthwhile. She is still working there and was inquiring about retirement. I am glad we met and that she allowed me to express what led me here.

get-attachment (75)

Here’s another gem from the circle of life..

Piece 3

People may wonder why I keep an email account on AOL. I know it is so 1990s but part of me resists the work involved in letting all my old contacts know I have a new address. Actually I have many email accounts with different providers but I like the AOL home page.

Stuff happenshere on my AOL home page that is unexpectedly wonderful. The Waking and Sleeping Worlds Collide.

Most readers know I changed my tagline on 1-11-15 to Pieces of a Dream. It is also a name of a local band, but I did not recall this when I made the change. I just knew I heard the phrase somewhere before. While visiting AOL on Wednesday I looked at the local news  headlines and found this article:

The title reads Curio Philadelphia – pieces of dreams.

Here is an excerpt from the owner of the Curio Shop that I found quite inspiring:

“I like to take compromised things and not let them go, not let them end up in the trash,” said Taft, protectively. She rescued the forgotten carousel horse, reposed in dirt, at a sale in an old hotel in Schwenksville. She spoke of this prized fellow and all her “found, redefined and repurposed” treasures with the eyes of a child and the loving whisper of a mother. “Have nothing in your home that you don’t love.”

Again, like a dream weaver or fortune teller looking into the future, Taft sees things no one else sees.

“Every object has a story,” Taft said. “While in Italy I see fragments of the Roman Empire coming out of the earth. All the things here in the shop are fragments; what represents me or someone else.”

With the heart of a self-described “survivor,” Taft is called to see the potential of the whole, where others see the uselessness of the broken.

I believe I found confirmation that my new tagline is a keeper!

update: The address of the Curio Shop is 8113, which equals 1111.

image credits:
header by, public domain,  gold image by ,
tree by litebeing chronicles © 2015

18 comments on “Pieces Of My Dreams

  1. Just catching up again Linda.. and as I digest your encounters both of the Dream Kind and the Human kind.. I can see how ‘we’ are being nudged to take a second look at how we perceive our reality..
    So many of us ‘connect’ by a chance encounter where our energy just gels and we seem to ‘Bond’ in an instant.. And yet still your mind was holding back.. Your logically brain kicking in not revealing too much.. Being evasive.. Wanting the conversion to end.. As you did not want to be preached to or have another’s view thrust upon you………

    (We are ALL of us like that.. I know in my post ” Things we Can’t Control.. I wanted to be right.. and so did the person I was in debate with.. For we both had our own views upon the subject in question….And no one likes to be told your views are not my views for we get very defensive over our own view points)

    ….Like when you evaded the Group of people selling pamphlets … You said ” So on my stroll I saw a group of people gathered holding religious pamphlets. I immediately walked the other way because I did not want to be bothered. “…
    Yet the Universe spoke to you again in the form of the Lady with more pamphlets you said ” The woman to my right said hello and smiled like she knew me, but we were not acquainted. I liked her energy, but preferred to eat in silence. A few minutes later, she began to engage me in conversation and began pulling out a pamphlet from her purse.”…

    Maybe the Universe is asking you to open up a little.. Not to blinding follow another’s beliefs but to gain a difference in perspective? As your Rabbit totem in the dream.. Rabbits love to chew.. And at the moment you are chewing over your options.. As chewing “implies repetition, contemplation, and breaking concepts down into component parts”… You are very analytical as I tune into your post.. You break down many things and give them compartments to live in. 🙂

    Rabbit also loves to burrow and make tunnels which “symbolize connections with primal energy as well as Mother Earth energies. The rabbit encourages us to retreat within, get warm, and collect ourselves”..

    But Rabbits are also very social animal.And is of course connected to renewal, rebirth, Spring, and the moon is connected via the Mayan to rabbit as they thought the Moon phases Jumped like the rabbit.. ..

    You said ” I am totally down with abundance, or a-bun-dance, as I have thought ( obsessed) of little else lately. Which brings me to an interesting encounter…”…

    Maybe as your dream was of a kind of fantasy water park with out the water.. Water meaning the flow… So there was a lack of fluidity of flow in your dream.. No water… There is no life without water..
    Pink the colour of nurturing self and love and compassion.. And 444 O and Om.. have just given you a wonderful response here to that..

    So yes all in all Like Debra said there is a lot going on here..
    Hope you do not mind me interpreting it with my ‘Perception’ LOL…
    Sending you Loads of Love and Plenty of HUGS as your nurture yourself Linda… I know by Spring you will have turned a corner in your road…
    Blessings and Love
    Sue xxxx ❤ ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. litebeing says:

      Hi Sue,
      Thanks for such a thoughtful and extensive comment. I need to marinate on this awhile before I respond. I feel your love across the ocean and the energetic field, and love you in return..


    2. litebeing says:

      Hi Sue.
      I now have the time and composure to respond to your thoughtful comment. I am quite analytical and it is a trait that I am grateful to have. It balances my overly sensitive emotional tendencies. It is a strength so let’s just agree to disagree here. Your point regarding opening up more with regards to the “people with pamphlets”: I do agree that it is usually for my highest good to be more open and less categorical, YET it is progress when I avoid people or situations that I see as negative or toxic via life experience. You do not know how I arrived to this point and not repeating the same patterns is progress!

      I love the chewing aspect of rabbits. I am considering adding rabbit to my list of potential power animals because I am noticing them more and more. I think there is much to learn there. Also appreciated the lack of water observation, you are on point 🙂
      I know you mean well because of the person that you are. And I love how you took the time to write out all your observations and impressions.


      Liked by 1 person

      1. It was never my intention to sound as if I were ‘preaching’ or anything Linda.. and I am so sorry if my comment offended you in any of its well meaning intentions… I just say things as I see them and type my thoughts.. Maybe I should take a leaf out of your own good book Linda and learn to wait until I voice my responses after composing my own thoughts in a much better way not to offend..
        Much love to you.. I am taking a blogging break for a few days 🙂 so will see you very soon my friend..
        Love and Hugs
        Sue ❤

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Rajagopal says:

    Delightful read of your train ride to pension paradise and your adjustments with planetary transits, Linda…wish you stay hale and hearty so I can continue to enjoy your worldview…best wishes… Raj.9

    Liked by 1 person

    1. litebeing says:

      Hi Raj,
      Love the word play ~ Train ride to pension paradise 🙂
      Thank you for your kindness and appreciation of my blog.
      best wishes and peace to you,

      in light,


    2. litebeing says:

      Hi Raj,
      Love the word play ~ Train ride to pension paradise 🙂
      Thank you for your kindness and appreciation of my blog.
      best wishes and peace to you,

      in light,


  3. Dear Linda,
    I will start my comment with my understanding of this moment in your story, I can relate to it. “The woman to my right said hello and smiled like she knew me, but we were not acquainted. I liked her energy, but preferred to eat in silence.” Here’s to peace, my loving sister, and that ‘knowingness’ that we can be alive and be peacefully aware of our connectedness, at-one-ment.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. litebeing says:

      such a beautiful thought dear astro sister, may peace prevail!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. ptero9 says:

    Lots going on here Linda, but I particularly love your description of downtown Philly and the urban train ride. Reminds me of NYC.
    I love that our posts were published almost at the same time!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. litebeing says:

      Yes, we are on the same track tonight! I did throw in a lot of stories into a single post ( I actually had more but will save for later) but they seemed to fit in with the pieces of a dream theme. So many elements comprise a singular moment. Remember the theme ” There’s something about a train” ? hugs, Linda

      Liked by 1 person

      1. ptero9 says:

        Not sure about the theme, help me out here! I may not know that I know it. Was this an Amtrak thing?

        Liked by 1 person

  5. ahhh,
    the 444 has appeared. here’s the long of it..
    444: Home base calling.
    Four is the number of home and family. In astrology, the fourth house governs the feminine realm so if you see 4:44, an important woman may have just come into your life. What are your loved ones up to? Your inner circle could use your attention. You may have just met someone who is a soul sister or a friend who will achieve ersatz family status in the days ahead.
    Your body is your soul’s home: are you honoring it with proper rest, exercise and nutrition? 4:44 could be a reminder to eat more live, organic greens and purge your environment of toxic stress…including people who you don’t really trust. Listen to your heart: are you getting the warm fuzzies or feeling panicked when you think about the people around you? This might be a wakeup call to protect your space and the loved ones who inhabit it.
    In tarot, 4 is The Emperor card, the wise, protective father figure, seated firmly on his throne. The appearance of 4s may also call you into protector-provider mode. What do you have to share with friends and family? How can you make life safer and more secure for your brood or entourage? Be a leader.
    – See more at:

    Liked by 3 people

    1. litebeing says:

      love this o and om incorporated. Well I am home sick ( on the mend though) and I initiated a meetup group today ( before the moon went void of course and life gets fuzzier) Perhaps you are the wise woman? Great info, thanks again 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Feel better soon!!!
        Hugs and we’ll wishes.
        O and company

        Liked by 1 person

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