16 thoughts on “Grounded – The Act of Earthing

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  2. Great film Linda, thank you for sharing. I have shared it forward. Yes as Sue mentioned doing Qigong barefoot on the Earth is a real plus. I loved the film and it brought an occasional tear to my eye. I am going to do it, why not? Walking barefoot on the earth is free. ❤

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    1. It is a great film. I am not walking barefoot outside in winter, but that is besides the point. For me the point is that our planet is so much more than we know, and that applies to all we think we understand. So much more power and magic and energy, etc….

      Sweet Amanda first led me to this film awhile back. This chick is a true renaissance woman, love how all of you rub off on me , usually in a very good way.


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  3. Hi Linda,
    I posted a comment on Higher-density’s blog. I may not have the time to watch this video. I do believe I saw it already when I decided to get my earthing mat, but I’m not 100% certain. I’ve had my earthing mat for over a year. Your post reminded me to get my mat out and lay it under my feet while reading/studying. I can’t say that it’s done anything miraculous for me, as was described in a video I saw, but… this is definitely something to be said about being barefoot. Your body knows it. I enjoy walks on the beach when I have the time!
    Love, Ka

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    1. Hi Ka,
      It may be the same video you already saw. Wow you have a mat, so Californian of you, hehe!
      See this is the thing. Does it work for everyone and how does it work for everyone? still I think there is something here, I get it intuitively…

      Maybe more research will come about to look further into this.

      xoxo ,

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    1. Hey Sue,
      I bet as a Taurus this is really in your wheelhouse. 🙂 For me, walking on the beach barefoot felt so right, natural and unencumbered. I often feel I was born in the wrong time period, either I should be living way way back, or in the future when we return to correct ways of being and living.


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  4. This is such an interesting documentary, isn’t it Linda? No wonder we feel better after walks ‘in Nature’ or bare feet on earth and grass. Such a great reminder (and of how off-kilter our energy can feel with ‘over tron’ exposure!). Definitely a ‘divine play’ wink that’s it’s come up a couple of times for you. 🙂

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    1. This movie really jump-started a new way of understanding nature and matter and how little I know about anything and everything and no-thing. It also, surprisingly was a catalyst to expanding my awareness on the mechanics of astrology. I hope to blog on all of this going forward. glad it showed up today in my reader so I could share it with all the litebeings!

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