Earth Day 2015: Savor the Splendor

wikipedia public domain

My love affair with Gaia has intensified this year. Immensely..

How? An enchantment with animals, communion with plants, discovery of earthing, and the epiphany as to why Astrology operates so seamlessly: We, Gaia and the Divine Source are intertwined and created from the same “stuff”.

Maybe many originated from another galaxy, but we are embodied here. This is home, and I love Earth with all that IAM. 

Let’s heal ourselves so we can heal all consciousness. Haven’t you heard, Gaia is alive!

wikipedia public domain

May we remember we are interconnected and responsible for one another today and always!

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image credits:, public domain
header image by  © litebeing chronicles

7 thoughts on “Earth Day 2015: Savor the Splendor

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    1. thanks Sue! I typically go to wikipedia for public domain photos, but prefer to use my own when possible. When I attract more funds, I will buy a smartphone so I can take better shots. Still it is so cool to always have a camera on hand with my phone. Initially I was not a fan of people taking pics at will… ❤ Linda


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