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June 2014

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This blog is about noticing and celebrating the extraordinary in the ordinary, the miraculous in the familiar, and sharing how these experiences transform my daily life. About seventeen months in, I can clearly say, this has been quite a ride!

With all the excitement and adventure and joy, there has also been many disappointments, obstacles, conflicts, and losses. Lately I have been feeling very overwhelmed, fatigued, dis-eased,  confused, and sad. This weekend I have taken some time to work on my mood.  I meditated, took a walk, listened to an interview about Angels on the Hay House Summit, prayed, talked with friends,  chilled with Dexter, and watched Super Soul Sunday. I asked Source to solve my latest array of inevitable problems for me as I know they are beyond my control. I also asked for signs of guidance.

Yesterday a sweet red bird came up on my terrace, but Dexter reacted quite strongly and the bird took flight in a hurry. Then just a few minutes ago, I saw a rather large squirrel-like creature walk across my back yard. Upon further investigation, I noticed it was an otter.

About 1 year ago around The Summer Solstice, I had my first otter sighting and blogged about it here. It has become one of my more popular posts, thanks! So I am taking this opportunity to re-post some otter information, and then combine it with a random passage from Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth  to gain some clarity into my current situation.

Here’s a picture of an Otter and some background on its nomenclature and symbolism:

Bernard Landgraf


The word otter derives from the Old English word otor or oter. This, and cognate words in other Indo-European languages, ultimately stem from the Proto-Indo-European language root *wódr̥, which also gave rise to the English word “water”.[1][2]

An otter’s den is called a holt or couch. A male otter is a meowter, a female is a queen, and a baby is a pup.[3][4] The collective nouns for otters are bevy, family, lodge, or romp, (being descriptive of their often playful nature) or, when in water, raft.

Otter Power Animal

Otter’s medicine includes woman’s healing wisdom, sensibility without suspicion, guidance in revealing ones talents, psychic awareness, faithfulness, recovery issues, understanding the value of playtime, primal feminine energy, joy, playfulness, prognostication

There are 2 kinds of Otter, the river and sea otter. They are linked to the primal feminine energies of life – the elements of both Earth and Water are present in Otter medicine.

Otters are regarded as the masters of play by the Native American and Celtic cultures. Observing an individual otter or a family of otters shows us that it’s possible to view life as a game to be enjoyed, rather than a burden to be endured. Living is not painful, it’s a gift. Life is too short to worry so much. When you were younger, like most children, did you feel like you didn’t want to become old and didn’t want life to get serious, or maybe you wished you could grow up and then once you became an adult wished you could relive your childhood as life was too serious now? Are you now too serious? If yes then otter is just right for you for you will be shown how to play again, it will help you find your inner child.

Native American Zodiac Meanings

Otter: Jan 20 – Feb 18
A little quirky, and unorthodox, the Otter is a hard one to figure sometimes. Perceived as unconventional, the Otter methods aren’t the first ones chosen to get the job done. This is a big mistake on the part of others – because although unconventional, the Otter’s methods are usually quite effective. Yes, the Otter has unusual way of looking at things, but he/she is equipped with a brilliant imagination and intelligence, allowing him/her an edge over every one else. Often very perceptive and intuitive, the Otter makes a very good friend, and can be very attentive. In a nurturing environment the Otter is sensitive, sympathetic, courageous, and honest. Left to his/her own devices, the Otter can be unscrupulous, lewd, rebellious, and isolated.


Eckhart Tolle ~ A New Earth Passage

On page 148 in caps it reads, HOW THE PAIN – BODY FEEDS ON DRAMA

Pain – bodies love intimate relationships and families because this is where they get  most of their food. It is hard to resist another person’s pain – body that is determined to draw you into a reaction. …. It is raw emotion looking  for more emotion.  The other person’s pain body wants to awaken yours so that both pain – bodies can mutually energize each other.  ….  It is almost unbearably painful for a young child to have to witness the emotional violence of their parents’ pain – bodies, and yet that is the fate of millions of children all over the world, the nightmare of their daily existence.  That is also one of the main ways in which the human pain – body is passed on from generation to generation.


So what is the healing take-away from the otter symbology and Eckhart Tolle’s understanding of the pain-body? I immediately recognized that I can be way too serious and left to my own devices, my pain-body can run a muck and create more drama. I am afraid that I have also inflicted my drama onto others as a result of my pain-body being triggered. I see that adding more play into my daily routine, harnessing water and earth energies, stopping my tendency to worry in its tracks, and continuing to nurture my inner-child are strategies that will help me be calm and centered.

get-attachment (13)

Spring 2014 © litebeing chronicles

I want to leave you with this statement taken from Native American Zodiac Meanings for Otter: “In a nurturing environment the Otter is sensitive, sympathetic, courageous, and honest. Left to his/her own devices, the Otter can be unscrupulous, lewd, rebellious, and isolated.”

May we always remember, especially in times of perceived darkness, that we are never alone and do not have to resort to actions because we feel we have no other choice and are left to our own devices.


header image – wikimedia public domain

otter image by Bernard Landgraf at

25 comments on “Spiritual Development: The Otter Returns!

  1. I don’t know why no one has asked this, but are otters just normally walking into people’s yards? I mean, this seems like a very rare event unless your town is known to have an otter walking around every now and then. The universe sent this otter to you! I am slightly jealous and I want a cool and rare animal to come see me. I hope I can consult with you on the animal when this happens because I am sure to not know the symbolism. You are truly lucky, my friend, to notice this otter again and then know its purpose and its message.


    1. Hey Shelley,
      Leave it to you to put it right on the table, lol! I live near a creek so it is not totally rare for a sea otter to cross my path. In fact, a few years ago I would sometimes see some creatures at night that were too big to be squirrels. Probably otter or raccoon. Deer reign supreme here with tons of birds and horses in the park ( not wild ones lol)
      Yet, I have only seen these two in daylight, relatively up close. I do believe there is a message there, just like when a bird hits my window and boomerangs or bees start buzzin ( don’t get me started on my annoying bee nitemares..)

      I am free for consult but usually I google to get my info. I knew nothing of otter before last June when I documented my otter sighting. Rather see otter than the dead squirrel I saw the other day. It broke my heart to see it frozen in place.


      1. I think I would fall over if an otter came in my yard. How awesome to have all that wildlife around you! I know how you feel about the squirrel. I was standing outside of my sister-in-law’s apartment in Dallas and a bird just out of nowhere started squawking and flew straight up about ten feet in the air and then just dropped on his back! He was shaking and obviously in distress and I ran in for the hubby and SIL in to come help and I turned around just in time to see a car drive right over him!


  2. cynt5525 says:

    Hi Linda, Thank You for liking my Painting!!! 🙂 *Cynthia


    1. Welcome back Cynthia!


  3. I never knew anything about otters… How interesting that you blogged about it before, and that’s back in your life again. A good sign I think!
    It is really great that you took time to work on your moods. While it is important to allow different moods to surface from time to time, it is not healthy to just let them linger. As you said, there must be something bigger going for you. You are intuitive and very good at reading signs, how about doing an inner reading for yourself? Just an idea 😉 xox


    1. I am an otter newbie, but for the past 2 Junes, otter is making its annual return to my home. Great suggestion, but my readings for myself are rarely as accurate as the ones I do for others 🙂

      xx Linda


      1. Ha! Isn’t it funny how we always seem to know others, or at least know how to help others, more than ourself…
        I figured this is because we have difficulties stopping the incessant inner chatter – it is not so distractive when we focus outward but it’s definitely in the way when we focus inward. Takes some practice to learn silence. No, wait, a looooot of practice 🙂 xox


      2. you got that right 🙂


  4. Dear Linda, You are such a source of “lite” to so many here, and it is beautiful to see you reconnecting to a playful lightness of your own (through Otter!) in this post. Thank you for your rawness and honesty. Also, I find more and more that Body is Guru and paying attention to the wisdom of the body is not always easy, but it is always rewarding. Thanks for such a creative and honest post! I’m lucky to know you here.
    Much Love,


    1. Hi Amanda,
      My body is very determined to get my attention and it often results in bizarre symptoms. Perhaps it is genetic, I don’t know.
      I am pleased to hear that I am spreading lite with my blog to many.
      BTW, honesty comes naturally to me. I have been around much dishonesty so I know the difference and strive to be as direct as possible.

      I am also quite lucky to have met you ❤



  5. alohaleya says:

    beautiful post, linda. i could feel the emotion and i love the sweet otter coming back to visit you. the universe hears us and loves to play with us, if we only listen. sending you lots of joy and lightness today! ❤ aleya


    1. Hi Aleya,
      Being very visual, when an animal crosses my field of vision out of nowhere, it usually gets my attention. Otters are rare so when one visits me I do feel guided. Thanks for your kind comment.

      xx Linda


  6. Wonderfully written. I believe you wove so much together in such an elegant way. Glad the otter came back 🙂


    1. Glad you enjoyed it Ka. It wasn’t the same otter of course – or was it?? 🙂


  7. Yea! The return of the otter, a good omen indeed.


    1. Thanks Blue Sindy Sue 🙂
      How are you enjoying the Deva Premal and Miten series? I preferred the first one which had more emphasis on the chants and all the words spelled out. However, I find her voice to be so soothing.


      1. I agree, I liked the first one better. But yes I still love them.


  8. Dear Linda, I LOVE Otters, and they are such beautiful creatures. .. I also love how you put this post together.. sensing how you have been feeling, Otter is again teaching you to be playful.. and take time out for yourself which you have done.. I am so pleased you have taken time out to tune back into your being… It seems to have worked.. For Otter is not only playful but as you say also

    “….the Otter has unusual way of looking at things, but he/she is equipped with a brilliant imagination and intelligence, allowing him/her an edge over every one else. Often very perceptive and intuitive, the Otter makes a very good friend, and can be very attentive. In a nurturing environment the Otter is sensitive, sympathetic, courageous, and honest. Left to his/her own devices, the Otter can be unscrupulous, lewd, rebellious, and isolated.”…

    Dear Linda, you have to believe you are Very well equipped and I know your path is about to broaden as you use your intuitive abilities as you will forever remain Honest, Sympathetic, sensitive but also Courageous… One thing you never be .. at least from me, is Isolated..
    For you are in my thoughts often.. Love and Blessings.. Sue xoxox


    1. Hi Sue, so you are also an otter fan! Until last year, I knew nothing about them. Plenty can change in a year! Thank you so much for believing in me. Like our friend the otter, I blossom when nurtured by friends like you ❤

      xx Linda


      1. Yes I loved the film the Ring of Bright Water… And have captured an otter picture somewhere in my picture library at home..
        The other week too I spotted some Deer too in the wild.. but they were far to quick to take a photo… They made my day though..
        Bless you Linda.. you say the most lovely things.. and the feeling is mutual .. Big hugs your way as you start another week..
        Love Sue ❤


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