Its a Groundhog Kinda Day

Lotsa activity in the skies and inside the soul: Imbolc, new Aquarius moon ( almost smack on my Ascendant), Chinese New Year of the Pig, and the last days of Chiron in Pisces…

And yet,  I often feel like no-thing has changed and the ground beneath me is quaking. But I continue to soldier on, knowing deep within that all is and has always been and will all-ways be, well.

I continue to sample meditations from Dr. Joe Dispenza and look for ways to connect with the Universe, where all is possible and here for the enjoyment of all. It occurred to me that the film Groundhog Day will reveal some new insights for me at this time.  After-all, we just had Groundhog day here in the States and I do live in Pennsylvania, and don’t they look like  otters ? I have seen it several times already, but it contains so many layers of complexity.

Here is a clip for your viewing pleasure:

I plan to watch the film tonight and take my cues as guided. I see this new moon as a second birthday of sorts and my present to me is to be Present.


love to all, litebeing

header image courtesy of, public domain

7 thoughts on “Its a Groundhog Kinda Day

  1. I hope the ground is less shaky Linda.. and Dr Joe indeed a great teacher and I follow his YouTube channel.. So many good testimonials of healing. I wish you well in your meditation practice my friend..
    Good to be back, for a while in WP again.. I have been enjoying more crafting time.. I will put up on my Garden blog what I am making and have made soon..
    I hope you are keeping warm,, I hear the weather is getting worse again, and record lows and snow levels.. Don’t know if you are badly affected or not..
    I heard lots of power outages..
    Mild here.. 🙂
    Sending LOVE and well wishes Linda..
    ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. Hi Sue,
      You clearly picked up on my condition as we had a power outage on 2-12 in the late afternoon and the heat went off! Fortunately it was restored in 2 hours, but my complex is prone to these, but not usually in the winter. My meditation practice is inconsistent except in late 2012 early 2013 I kept it strong for months, Different mindset. But I keep trying. I just found a show on Netflix called Russian Dolls that is also about reliving the same day. I like this premise and am very fascinated with both time and space/place.

      Sending love back <3, Linda

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