Elevation ~ Lee Harris Energy Update


The weather has been frigid with snow on and off today. I am enjoying the winter feeling and new breeziness of February. Happy Imbolc to everyone! I find the cross – quarter days fascinating, especially those that coincide with my sun and Ascendant/Descendant axes. The lovely Brigid, featured in the image above is associated with this holy day that celebrates the crossover from Winter to Spring. Funny how Groundhog Day falls during this same time period, right?  I can also report that my health is so much more improved today. I feel freer and more energized and I want to sustain it and build upon it. Yes!

Please check out Lee Harris discussing the energies of February 2019. He speaks of the ending of clearing and the introduction of more light on the planet. He uses the term elevation and abundance frequently and I am taken with this idea.

How about you? What does elevation mean to you?



Lee is such a gentle soul who brings forth such rich material consistently. It is a joy to take in these messages and carry them forward. Imbolc has a Celtic and Pagan history and Ireland is the home of the magical band U2.

Please enjoy this video of their hit song, Elevation:



Brigid image courtesy of wikipedia.org, free domain

11 thoughts on “Elevation ~ Lee Harris Energy Update

  1. We have the same tastes, Also follow Lee’s updates, and he is usually spot on with what is going on in the world of energy..
    Good to read at the time of writing this Linda you were feeling upbeat and freer..
    Elevation to me means lifting my spirits, finding light hearted things to concentrate on at the moment..
    Sending Much love Linda…Take care in the winter storms Linda.. I hear they are brutal.. ❤
    Love to you ❤ ❤

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    1. yes we do. Lee, Dr Joe, Matt Kahn and Marianne Williamson are folks I find to be consistent and inspiring. While Marianne is the oldest? and most famous I am surprised to see she is running for President. If she won that would indicate Ascension to a New Earth is imminent.
      xx Linda

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