Art is My Medicine ~ The Sequel

Hey litebeings,

I am still on meds and feeling better today. One of them was discontinued because of side effects, but the remaining antibiotic seems to be helping. My doctor is also very encouraged by my blood test results. Yet, this health challenge has triggered so much old sludge.. More on this later.

So why not share some more art, I say? While I do have plenty of tales to tell, I need more time to sort out the details. Let the paintings do the talking on this Flowing Friday. These gems from Monet are ready for launch.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, BLASTOFF!!


impression-sunrise.jpg!HD (1)




Β Have a whimsical weekend!

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image credits:, public domain

19 thoughts on “Art is My Medicine ~ The Sequel

    1. The last painting inspired the entire post. Was looking for the painting that inspired the film Vanilla Sky. The exact one I could not find via public domain, so I chose a close second. Synchronicities abound between us πŸ™‚


      1. I see the head as the small white cloud just left of the center large cloud. The body detached just below the head with outstretched arms, and the two bicycle wheels just below that.


  1. Thank you for assembling these beauties here, Linda. I probably wouldn’t otherwise take the time to seek them out, but in my passing through here they do so enrich my day… Good to know you are mending inside and out…


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  2. Hey Linda,

    One wonders if there is more light now shining again from you than there is in the exquisite Monet collection you’ve presented here. It’s wonderful to sense that Litebeing glow emanating from your thoughts Linda. All is crossed for continued and rapid progress to wellness.

    Keep smiling between those shimmering sunbeams πŸ™‚


    DN – 24/04/2015

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    1. Hey Dewin,
      That is quite a lovely thought. My moods and vibrations seem to wax and wane. More dramatically now than usual. since I am still dealing with pain and discomfort. The awesome weather and Spring blooms does make a difference though.
      Keep crossing and keep creating. Your art is medicine too πŸ™‚

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      1. Hey Linda,

        Thank you Linda, but really my comment was telling it just the way it is…winter’s demise has seen you blossom in a timeless way πŸ™‚

        And I’d very much like to see more of your art-work alongside the choice pieces presented across your site, especially at this time. You may find that freely associating structures and forms externalises your thoughts and assists a little in harmonising the fluctuation of your vibration. On occasion, the recurrence or persistence of pain can be balanced and ‘managed’ as effectively when externalised and invested in the creative endeavour as it is whilst being treated internally. Perhaps this is psychosomatic or ataractic thinking, but I’d rather see pain furnished with vibrant colour and defined externally in shapely form than have it remain in the contained vessel of the body as an uninvited and troublesome intruder. So perhaps if the inclination is there to whip out your paints and relieve the tension one should strike whilst the iron is still hot? The inclusion of a gallery might also be a consideration and a purposeful objective for you…and who knows if that might become yet another much appreciated and warmly regarded dimension to add to your rich and multi-faceted Blog?

        Happy healing visions Linda! πŸ™‚


        DN – 27/04/2015

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      2. Dear Dewin.

        Aspiring art therapist right? Actually you have motivated me with a somewhat subtle nudge to do some art. Just started a crayon pice yesterday. Wish I had paints, but none presently. I agree that the time is ripe for me to actively work on whatever I am harboring inside.Eventually I will write more on my healing, but it is all too fresh.

        As for a gallery, not sure. Most of my readers politely nod when I present my art here. As much as I love the visual arts, my writing does seem to be stronger and more impactful to those who live outside of my ego ( except you and a small group perhaps).

        Thanks for your care and concern with my wellbeing. peace, Linda

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      3. Hey Linda,

        πŸ™‚ Crayons are direct, responsive, and determined implements of visual creation: every colour a rich banquet of possibility, every stroke a mark imbued with deliberate intent and purposeful endeavour….absolutely perfect for the Scorpionic mind-set…

        I always find the quality of your writing to be exemplary regardless of its ‘point of origin’, ego or otherwise, and the impact, and fascination of either is equally as strong. Words have a life of their very own, as do the minds of your readers who may deduce their own significance from their meaning by personalising the content or experience πŸ™‚


        DN – 29/04/2015

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    1. Hi Sue,
      My enjoyment of Monet has increased with the advent of more art sources online. They have allowed me to view so much more art than I could offline. I am feeling better this morning. I take it moment to moment as my condition hasn’t appeared ( to me) to have stabilized yet.

      love, Linda

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