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Monet 1874 ~ A Slice of Time

Hello litebeings!

Welcome to all the new followers and thank you for witnessing my journey. You are now “official” litebeings.  No strings attached. Just breathe and be you.

I am doing well today, the ” I” being my physical body. I have plenty to say, but my drafts need more time for refinement and digestion.  And yet, I want to share something now.  So I considered that Spring is twinkling on my part of the planet and Monet’s art is such a representation of Spring. Here are a few pieces completed in 1874. Why 1874 you ask?

Why not

zaandam-the-dike.jpg!Large (1)sunset-on-the-siene.jpg!Largethe-allee-du-champ-de-foire-at-argenteuil.jpg!Largethe-railway-bridge-at-argenteuil-1.jpg!Largegeese-in-the-creek.jpg!Large

Wishing you iridescent goodness wherever you find yourself in this slice of time.

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Art is My Medicine ~ The Sequel

Hey litebeings,

I am still on meds and feeling better today. One of them was discontinued because of side effects, but the remaining antibiotic seems to be helping. My doctor is also very encouraged by my blood test results. Yet, this health challenge has triggered so much old sludge.. More on this later.

So why not share some more art, I say? While I do have plenty of tales to tell, I need more time to sort out the details. Let the paintings do the talking on this Flowing Friday. These gems from Monet are ready for launch.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, BLASTOFF!!


impression-sunrise.jpg!HD (1)




 Have a whimsical weekend!

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Monet Break

Howdy Litebeings!

The moon is void of course tonight in Pisces. This is a great time to relax and leave your mind behind. Dive into the sumptuous splendor that is Monet. Jump right in, the water’s refreshing and not cold at all. Here is the perfect remedy for the Holiday Hangover:








Best to be-dazzled by shimmering light. Watch your stress just melt away as color and form prepare you for gentle dreamtime.


This is also a lovely lunation for catching up on your blog challenge reading. I have the links for all posts up through today right here.


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Harvest Moon

Ready for the last SuperMoon? On Monday September 8th we have the Full Moon in Pisces conjunct Chiron. I am feeling lazy (very moon in Pisces) so this won’t be a lengthy, informative astrology post. I will refer you to some great ones at the end, I promise. My interest of late has been to go underground and heal and sit and reflect and dream and purge and release and not use my intellect quite so much.  I have been Chironed so I am stepping up the self-care. Just got the new issue of TMA in the mail with an interview by Robert Hand, oh my! You gotta get this magazine, I am telling you. I may write for them someday, but irregardless, this is the gold standard.



It isn’t officially autumn yet, but we are getting there.  I chose Autumn by Monet because it has such a Piscean feel and a Virgoan touch. What a wonderful representation of the imminent energies !

Amidst all the collective and individual loss and angst, there is magic ever-present and opportunities for alchemy beckon. In fact, I am currently embarking on an adventure that may lead me to use my talents and gifts in a way that was decades in the making. This venture I have been preparing for since my teens. It would not be an exaggeration to say that virtually everything I have lived through has prepared me for this chance to serve with passion and purpose. This possibility is HUGE and quite unexpected, as many of them are. I am mentioning this so you, my readers can keep me in your thoughts and prayers. The Quakers will say To hold in the light. I am asking for help in this fashion, which is quite appropriate for this coming lunation.

By Roadcrusher at en.wikipedia [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons

When I decided to post about this time period, Neil Young immediately came into my consciousness. I am introducing 2 songs for your listening pleasure, bookends for the duality, mutability on which we will embarking shortly.

First is Harvest Moon, so romantic and soulful. It was featured in the film Eat Pray Love, which was among the best scenes in this underwhelming film. Read the book, meet the author, travel to either Italy, India, or Indonesia ( or all 3).  I did and so can you.  India and Bali are still on my list, but Italy, yeah was that a trip of  a lifetime. Trust me, Liz Gilbert is a breath of fresh air and I was enchanted with the idea of her book before it was even popular. And then I read   it. Much later I met her at a book tour in Bryn Mawr, PA and I got to ask her a question. Don’t recall what I asked, but it had to do with spirituality. I am so digressing, and typically I wouldn’t permit it – but Venus is in Virgo and my retrograde Mercury is in the 9th house and my moon is in Gemini and I adore rambling so today I allow it!

Here is the link for Harvest Moon, so precious..

harvest 1

Next there is simply, Harvest, the title song from Neil’s 1972 album Harvest. Neil clearly likes this theme. Boy did I give this record a workout my senior year of high school. And no, I was not a senior in 1972, I am younger than that. For some reason I got hooked that year on this battle- scarred, melancholy, world-weary, uber – melodic collection of classics. This piece is the opposite of romantic ; rather dramatic, sad, painful, and alienating.

While also brilliant and beautiful.

harvest 2

Which do you prefer?


astro resources:

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second image ~ By Roadcrusher at en.wikipedia [GFDL ( , from Wikimedia Commons

I Got 99 Problems But The Blog Ain’t One

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I planned to write a Sun Neptune poem to complement this lovely Monet for you guys a few days ago, but life has thrown me a few curve balls. Some have been nasty. Now that Mercury is direct, I think the time is right for a brief update. On the same day that I discovered my friend / neighbor had suddenly and tragically passed away, I received some upsetting news from my doctor.  A few days later I went on a job interview. The following day, I started my new job. Boom, boom, boom. This kind of pattern has occurred in my life once before. Unexpected death, sudden job change. I know the circumstances are different, but to say I feel overwhelmed is insufficient somehow. The word overwhelming is underwhelming in this case. Can someone suggest a better adjective?

I may blog about the health issue; perhaps when it is behind me. I just want you lovely people to know that I may have to take a brief hiatus. I love love love blogging , yet I have been warned that when life gets too busy, my motivation may wane. Is this hiatus business contagious? A few of my bloggettes have receded into a non- blog state of being this winter. I may be joining them. I am just not sure. I will make an announcement if I take a break. This I promise you.

I need some time to collect myself and adjust to this new reality  that I have just entered. It is a mixture of grief, giddiness, sadness, fear, and excitement. The job is amazingly awesome and ridiculously demanding, so I don’t know which end is up. I have been slightly sleep deprived, anxious, and confused – recipe for Pisces pie. Have you tasted it? It is fishy, mushy, and topped with a flaky pastry crust.

I think of you often and hope you forgive my lack of reading, liking, and commenting. It has been sporadic at best because I simply lack the energy. It is comforting to know that creative magic in the form of imaginative, heartfelt posts awaits in my reader. The world continues to bubble with passion and juiciness while I work to regain my footing.

Pisces, it’s all about the footing……..


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